US Open Cup Match Day - Fire v Kickers

The Fire will resume their pursuit of a fifth US Open Cup title tonight against the USL Pro side Richmond Kickers.  With a break in MLS play until September 10 look for Frank Klopas to field the best possible line up available.  This should be the same eleven that has won the last two matches over Toronto and Colorado.

The one exception could be Pavel Pardo who strained a calf muscle in the first half of the Colorado game and was substituted at intermission.  After the match Pardo indicated that the move was more precautionary than anything and seemed to be walking without much difficulty at the reserve match on Sunday morning.  His status is likely to be determined at game time.  If Pardo can't go I would expect Daniel Paladini to slot into position next to Logan Pause.

The Kickers have advanced to the Semi Final by defeating the Columbus Crew and Sporting Kansas City.  They won't be a pushover despite losing to Orlando City in the USL Pro playoffs by a 3-0 score on Saturday night.  Richmond typically deploys a 4-3-3 formation and are lead by forward Matthew "Deli" Delicate, and native of England who attended Virginia Commonwealth University.


Fire 2 Kickers 0 and another trip to the US Open Cup Final against either FC Dallas or Seattle Sounders FC.



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  • Bryan Ruiz -> Fulham is reportedly a done deal. That was the domino that supposedly needed to fall for the Pappa -> FC Twente move to happen.

  • In reply to iron81:

    Don't see that happening.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Exactly! That's why it is such a big transfer. Fulham is my favorite (tied with the Fire) team. Sky sports confirmed that Twente accepted Fulham's offer. Bringing in Ruiz, Gignac, and Grygera will be huge for the team. And the Fire's Open win only made my day even better. After August, Oduro seems like a completely different player. some of his goals lately have been tremendous.

  • In reply to ChiT8:

    Sorry, I got excited by the Ruiz talk and didn't read the part about Pappa, ignore the first line

  • The transfer deadline is tomorrow so there should be plenty of last minute speculation and news.
    Right now, I say GO FIRE! I like the prediction, but maybe 2-1 Fire, and I hope Pardo can go, at least for a half.

  • Here's the Fire line up:

    Segares, Anibaba, Gibbs, Gargan
    Pause, Paladini, Pappa, Grazzini
    Oduro, Nyarko

    Bench: Conway, Mikulic, Husidic, Bone, Videira, Barouch, Chaves

  • the feed sucks resolution so bad...

  • 1-0 Fire at the half. Richmond has done well to keep things tight and make the Fire work for possession but Grazzini's PK gives the Fire the lead.

  • kickers roughing up on oduro...

  • In reply to Adam25:

    He has taken a beating. Chaves coming in for him in the 89th.

  • good game, kickers gave the trouble. but I'll take the win...

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    I'm so GD pissed off right now. US Soccer want a lower team to advance so bad they allow a dirty, old, no good, snot hole, blood sucking Kicker fan to ref the game. Blatant forearm to Nyarko on an advantage run should have been a straight RED. A couple yellows were borderline red. Oduro knocked down in the box was a RED, but instead he was fouled. I hate soccer reffing. ONE person basically has control of the entire GD field, and it has to be a dirty, no good, snot piece, blood sucking Kicker lover, the GD ref. I hate this ref.

  • In reply to waam:

    as they were commenting on bigsoccer - it looked like a WWF ref, the only thing missing was the folding chair being smashed over oduros head

  • 3 wins in a row?!? WTF? I'll take it. Lovely goal by Oduro. He and Nyarko wreaked havoc on their backline all game. Too bad the ref didn't give them - especially Nyarko - a little more protection.

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    In reply to Modibo:

    thats an understatement lol. the ref was basically asking Richmond to after them. Grazzini as well. they were given free reign to knock anybody down at anytime.

  • pause looked awesome tonite. lots of forward passes that connected. he even made a few runs forward himself. he seemd to be all over the field. even took a pretty good looking shot that was saved

    oduros goal was pure class. he and nyarko tore up richmonds backline once the initial 15 minutes had passed

    was grazzini taken out at half to rest him for the next match?

    pappa still looks lost. one of his corner kicks was just pathetic. he had a few glimpses of decent play, but generally just wasnt able to accomplish much

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    In reply to CountChocula:

    Paladini played well in place of Pardo. PLayed defense well, although we did miss Pardo's passing.

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    yeah, next match that won't be played in over 10 days.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    I agree, Pause takes a beating on the internets every now and then but he was pretty good tonight.

  • looks like seattle is gonna win 1-0 unless dallas pulls some more late game magic out of their rear end

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