Have Your Say : This Day In 1981

From FireStingDoug:

The Central Division champion Sting beat Dallas 3-1 at Comiskey Park to sweep the four game season series from the Tornado.  Sting goals were scored by Arno Steffenhagen, Karl-Heinz Granitza, and Pato Margetic.

Granitza's goal was scored from a direct free kick and he also figured in the other Sting tallies with two assists.  This was the last ever meeting between the two sides.  The Dallas Tornado folded after the 1981 season.


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  • As bad as Fire fans are feeling today, they have nothing on Dallas fans in 1981. That Tornado team was likely one of the worst pro soccer teams to ever grace the pitch!! Earlier in the year they lost 20 consecutive games and ended their existence losing their last 5 games as a franchise. They only scored 27 goals in 32 games!!

    This Sting-Tornado game was tough to watch. Dallas relied on an offsides trap that caught the Sting 17 times - but besides Milton and Njego Pesa, this team was woeful on offense.

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