Fire v Whitecaps Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Pause, Mikulic, Cuesta, Segares

M Pardo, Paladini, Pappa, Nyarko, Grazzini

F Oduro

Bench: Conway, Gargan, Anibaba, Husidic, Videira, Nazirit, Barouch


GK Nolly

D Harvey, Rochat, Boxall, Leathers

M Salinas, Vagenas, Koffie, Thorrington

F Camilo, Hassli

Bench: Cannon, Brovski, Janicki, Khalfan, Salgado, Chiumiento, Teibert


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  • This team deserves to be watching the playoffs from home.

  • Oduro scores with his left foot!

  • OMG caps score one right back

    defense picked a good game to sleepwalk *sigh*

  • I wonder how much money Cuesta has on Vancouver today.

  • 2-1 Vancouver at the half......madtown is probably correct in his assessment

  • Did these guys ever practice together, saw AYSO teams play better
    than this, no pace or spacing, everyone scrambling around going
    nowhere. The ref appears to be a complete tool.

  • Nothing like getting crushed by the worst team in the league. Oh wait, we are the worst team in the league.

  • oh well, EPL season starts next week....

  • Sigh .......
    Glad I TIVO'd this so I could fast forward through the carnage.

  • That's all folks , it is all over. The rest of the year is just to see who wants to be here next year.
    Fire is 0-3-1 against the 2 expansion teams this year and they were only 1-1 last year against Philly.

  • Probably the worst game they played all year.
    For a somewhat defensive oriented midfield, the defensive effort was terrible, no one looked sharp including Johnson on the defensive side, the offense wasn't much better. He should haven't started 7 midfielders in the first place.
    For the next game Klopas should put Orr and Nazarit on top,
    the midfield Oduro, Grazinni, Pappa (or Nyarko), and Pardo.
    For the starting defense, any four players willing to put some effort and energy in playing defense, though Anibaba deserves a shot.
    We're one more loss from not making the playoffs. Only two players stood out today Oduro and Orr.

  • Bye bye playoffs

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Today was very hard to watch I kept switching to watch transformers cause i could take looking at those passes. Today the Fire really pissed me of nobody played for the team everyone played for themselves.. Shame

  • Is it time to get rid of the architect of this crap farm yet? Bye Frank, you are the Alexei Lalas of Chicago soccer! Time for you to go...same stupid mistakes week after week..

    Can we get some people with a plan to run this team, the band aid method does not work. Agree with Lonecoyote, I have seen better play at the AYSO field down the street.

    This is the worst I have ever seen this team.

  • thing that frustrates me is, they play with 2 d-mids and still give up 4 goals (5 if they convert pk)

    put 2 strikers in and screw the extra conservative formation

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    That is indeed disturbing.

  • Pardo cannot cover the field like Pause does in the middle. Paladini is not a holding midfielder and it showed today when the entire middle of the park was wide open when we lost possession. This team played so much better on Wednesday and I left the game thinking so highly of the team and what they could do. I'm hoping that Grazzini and Pardo did not play well because of the surface and it probably being the first time of them playing on it. Thats wishful thinking, I know but Im hoping for that.

    Eric Hasili is a beast and that is really the first time I have seen him play and that is what we are missing on this team. Someone to play up top and dominate everything in the game.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    yeah Hassli is a great finisher. give him a bit of space and time and he will bury the shot in the corner

    pappa can do this too, but he needs much more time and space to execute than Hassli - & MLS defenses rarely give you that

  • Part of the problem is the Fire doesn't display much discipline on the field, both the Union and the the Whitecaps held their positioning and shape much better than the Fire.
    Maybe it's time to bring up the Reserves, or maybe the Fire could join
    the USL and rename themselves as the Bridgeview WeSuck.

  • Looks like the best thing about this game was that I was not able to watch it. This season is now officially a shambles. I withdraw my support for Frank K as coach.

    I still think they have an interesting young staff with potential. They seem to be having problems finding the coaching staff to develop and direct them. And, of course, they're missing a key player or two. Can't seem to find this year's Blanco.

    For me, the fact they've played their best against the best teams and their worst against the worst, is telling. This team lacks leadership. They rise and fall on emotions. They get determination and stand shoulder to shoulder against the impossible foe, yet are lackadaisical and stunned by the most inept of opponents.

    This season began with a rebuilding from the ground up. Next season should start today with an overhaul from the top down.

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