Fire v Union Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Pause, Mikulic, Gibbs, Segares

M Nyarko, Paladini, Pardo, Grazzini, Pappa

F Oduro

Benc : Conway, Anibaba, Gargan, Husidic, Barouch, Chaves, Nazirit


GK Mondragon

D Farfan, Califf, Valdes, Farfan

M Torres, Miglioranzi, Carroll, Mapp

F LeToux, Paunovic

Bench:  MacMath, McInerny, Mwanga, Richter, Okugo, Daniel, Nakazawa


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  • Pause gets the start at right back and Pardo is in the first eleven. I can see Pardo subbed out for Anibaba half-way through the second half since he's not 90 minutes fit with Pause sliding back into D mid. Another sub would be Nazirit or Chaves for Paladini.

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    The front office is as eager as us to see this unfold. lol. I may be biased, but our team looks pretty good stacked up against theirs, or is this my lack of knowledge of other role players on recent expansion teams?

  • In reply to waam:

    I agree with you on the Union.....I'm not particularly impressed.


  • My substitution theory is blown apart in the 6th minute as Anibaba replaces Gibbs with what is being described as a lower leg injury.

  • As usual, not a bad first half but still somehow come out trailing 1-0.

  • i missed 1st half

    pappa has made 2 outstanding passes thru the middle to oduro and both times mondragon has made the 1v1 save

  • our keeper is solid, our d is solid, or mid is looking a lot better with grazzini and pardo. it's too late for this year, but for next can we PLEASE get a forward that can score consistently? oduro has to bury at least one of those. we need a serious upgrade up top with someone who is a natural born finisher.

  • thought the line up as odd, and was missing a CF who could get on the end of crosses. Then the Nazarit for grazzani was odd for me too, thought Palladini should have came out. Well it is better then a loss, but still not a win.

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    I thought the same thing but Grazzini said after the game that he came out due to a knock on the right leg. Klopas said he was a bit tired as well.

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    I know Oduro is reading this too. I support you buddy, but PLEASE SLOW THE GAME DOWN IN YOUR HEAD!!!!! You have so much God Given ability to get behind the defense with your speed. You are faster than them, all of them, so LOOK > SET > FINISH!!!!! I know that kicking it hard, very hard everytime you get the chance will result in scores here and there, but please........ next time you get a chance, do the matrix, and score.

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