Fire v Toronto FC Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Gargan, Anibaba, Gibbs, Segares

M Pappa, Nyarko, Pause, Pardo, Grazzini

F Oduro, Nyarko

Bench: Conway, Cuesta, Husidic, Paladini, Barouch, Chaves, Nazirit

Toronto FC

GK Kocic

D Eckersley, Iro, Frings, Borman

M Stinson, de Guzman, Marosevic

F Martina, Johnson, Plata

Bench: Frei, Harden, Morgan, Robinson, Dunfield, Sturgis, Yourassowsky


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  • Decent enough first half sees the Fire with a 1-0 lead at the intermission. Toronto got a little better of the play after Oduro's goal though.

  • as usual the Fire seem more than satisfied with their 1 goal lead and sit back & let Toronto do what it can to try & tie it back up

    love the halftime shot of the guy in the crowd wearing the TIE

  • Well there's that second 2 goal lead! Feels great too!

  • In reply to Arklow:

    and on a corner of all things

  • Ahhh... Break out the good stuff.

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    Gargan gets his old team back. How fitting.


  • the only thing i'd change from this match is i think i'd put in barrouch at forward and take pappa out of the starting lineup.

    pappa is pretty much just mailing it in lately

    oh one other thing. after about the 80th minute i woulda had either sega, pardo, or gibbs go after eckersley and break his neck

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Agreed, the biggest negative I thought was seeing Pappa coming into Grazzini's space. Orr should have started with Pappa on the bench. The energy level seemed to increase after Orr came in.
    I still maintain that having Nyarko, Oduro, and Pappa on the field slows the team down, mainly do to Pappa. He'd make an adequate
    sub but shouldn't start.
    Probably the best job of subbing by Frank since he took over.

  • Fire win 2-0. The first home win since March 26.

    Back later with post game.

  • I told you the mysterious "F" factor rules, predicted a 2 goal Fire win.
    Should be a confidence builder for the team.
    Although I particularly don't like Frank as coach, have to give him a thumb's up for getting Oduro for Carr and getting Gargan, plus a high draft choice for Robinson. No wonder Toronto is in such bad shape with that type of trade. So far Gargan appears to be our most solid defender.
    Actually thought the Fire played better against DC. than tonight.
    Play seemed somewhat more ragged and at a slower pace tonight.
    At least they played good enough to win for a change.

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    Tieing to DC was just sad after tonight's display. Still mad at Oduro for missing two EASY!!!!! chances on Thursday. Tonight's goal was a lot harder than either of those two misses. Let's only give him hard chances for now on. Should be leading the league in goals easily if you ask me.

    Anyway, this is a great win. Next Saturday won't be easy. But I feel pretty good with advancing to the US Open Cup Finals. Let's win one for 2011.

  • In reply to waam:

    yeah maybe he should be leading the league in goals

    but i dont see anyone else on the fire scoring many goals. oduro has done well for the Fire. he works hard, gets beat up a lot, creates quite a few chances. rethink some bad decisions in the box and a little more refinement on his finishing and he actually would lead the league in goals, plus have several assists most likely

    having oduro has certainly done better than having calen carr this season, who, incidently, actually did get subbed into a match last nite!

  • A Fire victory? I will have to buy a lotto ticket on the way home!

  • Grazzini is absolute class! The team got a good win today, even tho toronto came real close a few times.

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