Fire v DC United Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Gargan, Cuesta, Anibaba, Segares

M Pause, Pardo, Pappa, Grazzini

F Nyarko, Oduro

Bench: Conway, Mikulic, Paladini, Husidic, Barouch, Nazirit, Chaves

DC United

GK Hamid

D Kitchen, Jakovic, McDonald, Woolard

M Najar, Simms, King, Pontius

F DeRosario, Davies

Bench: Cronin, Wolff, Brettschneider, Quaranta, da Luz, White, Burch


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    22- Oduro!!! Wait, what?

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    In reply to waam:

    43 - Oduro!!! What!?!? How the!?

  • Very good first half for the Fire, dominating possession and scoring chances but somehow it's still 0-0.

    Oduro having a, shall we say unfortunate night.

  • So we're lulled into a false sense of complacency with our good chances (hello Oduro)... So now DeRosario is going to take over when we're napping for a minute in the 2nd half and put the nail in the coffin. Pappa pulls one back and it's a wrap with another tie, breaking the MLS season record.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    OK... so I got the goalscorers wrong, but I did get the score right... 1-1, and we are the champions of ties. Hooray.

  • Shots
    Fire 7 DC 0

    Shots on Goal
    Fire 3 DC 0

    Corner Kicks
    Fire 3 DC 0

    Fire 58 DC 42

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    59 - Oduro? Wait, no. Grazzini... GOAL!!!

  • don't get the starting line up or the subs. Grazzini didn't seem tired, and why go defensive right away? Why take out Nyarko who was dangerous and leave in oduro when adding 2 forwards. Why is Cuesta starting? I just don't get any of it.

  • I wonder who will take play of Seagers?

  • absolutely infuriating draw. complete chicago domination up until the score. after the score, they allow DC to dictate possession and pace. DC had took way more shots in the last 25 minutes than they took the first 65 minutes

    its not that chicago has poor players, less talent, or even really bad tactics overall

    its mental toughness, the mentality of playing to win instead of playing not to lose. kicking the other team when they are down instead of giving them a chance to comeback

  • I'll have the post game wrap tomorrow, but Klopas said in post game that Grazzini asked to be subbed out due to being tired and not being able to work his way back to full fitness yet.

    In an interesting twist, I asked Grazzini if he was tired and he said no but he had a conversation with the coach and they decided that since they have alot of games coming up in a short period of time it was better not to overextend him today and take him out in the 70th minute.


  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    And one parent brought a juice box and cookies for every one on the team and was nice enough to bring extra for the coaching staff. Afterward they talked about the trophies they would order for the team so no one's self esteem would be damaged. A seasons end pizza party was also discussed, this way they could use the photos from the party (where every player was given 20 tokens for games incidentally) to show the potential new head coach and a forward who capable of scoring on a regular basis what a "nice" team the Fire is to play for...

  • Klopas' post game is up on the podcast page.

    Here's Grazzini's quote when asked if he was tired........

    “No, the coach and I had talked and since I joined the team later in the season and didn’t do preseason , and considering we had played four maybe five games in a two week period, he wants to be in better shape for Sunday’s game."

    "Game after game I’m feeling better, I’m getting back in rhythm and I think I did better tonight and the coach had told me he would take me out so that I’ll be available for the next match."

  • Klopas has to be the dumbest son of a bitch on the face of the earth.
    He should be fired, he doesn't know the strength and weakness of his own players. Putting Paladini in for Grazinni is one of the dumbest moves I ever seen. He should have taken out Pappa and put in Chaves or Orr in. Had the same feeling at the US/Mexico game when Bornstein went in. When Paladini went in, I told my friend there goes the win, except I didn't expect it would happen
    that quickly. I'm not blaming Paladini for losing the lead, the problem is that your taking out a play maker, then replace him with a mid fielder with limited offensive skills.
    The tie is bad news in view how well the team played in the first half, a lot of strong play by Grazzini, Nyarko, Gargan, poor Oduro who plays great but still sucks. The game should have been over at half time, Idiot Klopas has to learn it's though to score goals without strikers. Would like to see how Nazarit, Orr, or Chaves would work out with Grazzini on the field. Dumbass Klopas can't figure that out.
    It's pretty disgusting to lose, but even worse tying a game you should have won by several goals.
    The Fire seemed somewhat flat in the second half compared to the first but were able to hold their own until the substitution.
    I thought that Pardo was the one who needed to get fit, but it's been
    Grazzini who is being subbed out around 65th minute.
    A winded and tired Grazzini is still more dangerous than a fresh
    Paladini. I thought that no coach could surpass De Los Moron
    in stupidity. Tonight's game proved me wrong.
    A good team effort gone wasted by poor team management.

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    In reply to lonecoyote:

    Oduro should have ended it in the first. First one, I can forgive, he created his chance, and then shot it straight at the keeper. Second one? How in the world do you miss that one? Third one pissed me off. How, how, how?

    Josh had the same chance for DC, and he put it away. Up and over.

  • In reply to waam:

    There is a reason this is Oduro's 4th MLS team, he is fast, can create his own opportunity, but he seems to finish one out of every 12-15 chances. The six midfielder with no true forward up top keeps producing the same end result. This is now officially DLC part 2. Let's finally put 2 up top, but neither one is a pure finisher. Fast but cannot finish, should strike fear in the heart of the opposition.

  • In reply to waam:

    I thought that Harkes's analysis of Oduro's second shot was pretty good. Instead of timing his lunge to redirect the ball with his left foot, he stuck out his right. It's just a much harder shot to make if you want to put the ball on frame - it's much more likely to roll over your foot or your ankle, or to just stop as you go flying by. Really poor technique by Oduro on that one.

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