Fire 1 DC United 1 - Recap and Ratings

Fire 1 DC United 1 - Recap and Ratings

Incredibly, the Fire haven't won an MLS home game in almost five months.  The last home victory on March 26 seems light years away as frustrations continue to mount in Bridgeview.  The one glaring bright spot is the continued impressive play of mid season acquisition Sebastian Grazzini, who seems to be the playmaker that the team has been lacking for the better part of the last two seasons.  Grazzini was subbed out in the 72nd minute and the team deflated immediately after his departure.  Substitutions were a big talking point after the match as the Fire felt they let another chance at three points slip away yet again.

Player Ratings

GK Sean Johnson (5) - He wasn't tested all night and only faced one shot on goal but it was unfortunately Wolff's equalizer.  Made a spectacular save to deny DeRosario in the 42nd but the offisides flag was up so I guess it never really happened.  His distribution and goal kicks must improve.

D Dan Gargan (6) - Another solid outing from Gargan after being acquired from Toronto.  Did a solid job on Pontius and denied him on back to back tackles in the 20th minute.

D Jalil Anibaba (6) - Seems more at home at centerback than he does on the right side.  Another good outing for Anibaba in helping to stifle DeRosario and Charlie Davies for most of the match.

D Yamith Cuesta (5) - He wasn't terrible but leaving Josh Wolff unattended (although he may have been offsides) is inexcusable.  There really is no good reason why Josip Mikulic should not have started this match given Cuesta's recent struggles.

D Gonzalo Segares (6) - Did well to contain DC's speedy youngster Andy Najar and chipped in with some combinations going forward.  "Every game we have to keep fighting back.  It doesn't get any lower than this but we just have to keep pushing," said Segares after the game.

M Pavel Pardo (5) - Solid outing for Pardo in the holding mid role behind the trio of Grazzini, Pause, and Pappa ahead of him.  DC United seldom challenged in the offensive third and had little space to operate in, unlike the New York game.  His one free kick attempt in the 39th minute was weakly aimed right at Hamid.  Commendably played 90 minutes for the third straight match after coming directly off of his offseason in Mexico.

M Logan Pause (5) - A good night for Pause as well and he even managed a solid shot on goal in the 52nd minute. Started on the right of Grazzini but freely moved back into a holding position next to Pardo.

M Marco Pappa (5) - Highlight of the night came on a very well struck free kick attempt in the 30th minute that forced Hamid into an acrobatic save.  Why is he still taking corner kicks?

M Sebastian Grazzini (7) - Easily the Fire's man of the match.  The team is completely different when he is on the pitch and the flow through midfield is night and day when he is off.  After playing a full season in Argentina, which ended in July he should be fully fit but he has only played approximately 70 minutes in each of his three appearances. During his post game press conference, Klopas said he asked to be taken off because of fitness but Grazzini's take was slightly different.  When asked if he was tired Grazzini responded, "No, the coach and I had talked and since I joined the team later in the season and didn’t do preseason, and considering we play four maybe five games in a two week period, he wants me to be in better shape for Sunday’s game".  Grazzini continued, "Game after game I’m feeling better, I’m getting back in rhythm and I think I did better tonight and the coach told me he would take me out so that I’ll be available for the next match."

F Patrick Nyarko (6) - His effort was good again tonight as several dangerous crosses could easily have resulted in a score or two particularly a 43rd minute pass onto Oduro's foot that somehow didn't end up in the back of the net.  Subbed out in the 86th minute.

F Dominic Oduro (5) - Involved in three great scoring chances in the first half which saw him come up empty all three times.  A 9th minute shot after a good move to get free was stopped by Bill Hamid.  A 14th minute shot after a great feed from Grazzini ended up hitting the inside of the post and bouncing away and he somehow missed a wide open net after Nyarko's pass led him to the door step in the 43rd.  You've got to like the ability to create and be involved in chances but this is a clear example of how the Fire have dropped points all season.

M Daniel Paladini (5) - The offense went limp when he entered the match for Grazzini in the 72nd minute.  One minute later he was unfortunately involved in the play which lead to an equalizer when he unwittingly guided a DC pass to Quaranta.

F Diego Chaves (5) - Came in for Pappa in the 86th minute and had one decent run in a passing sequence late.

M Orr Barouch (5) - Entered the match for Nyarko in the 86th and had one relatively weak shot on goal in stoppage time.

C Frank Klopas (4) - Once again the initial game plan produced a very good first half but questionable substitutions doomed the Fire to their usual fate.  At this point in the season it's time to play for every game as if it's a do or die playoff game, consideration for the next match should be secondary.  Grazzini at 50% is better than Paladini at 100% and the Argentine needed to stay on the pitch until at least the 80th minute.  Substituting Barouch and Chaves at the same time for Pappa and Nyarko seemed a bit odd when there were still two holding midfielders on the pitch in Pause and Pardo.  One of which is 35 years old and has played 90 minutes in each of the last three games while not playing since the Mexican season ended in May.  Is Cuesta really a better choice than Mikukic?

Klopas addressed the blown offside call, the frustration of a record breaking 15 ties, and substitutions on his post game press conference.  Listen to it here.

With regard to the Grazzini substitution Klopas offered this response, "I wanted to push him more today but he couldn't go, he told me he needed to come out.  It's just a matter of fitness with him and unfortunately when you bring players in during the window sometimes they finish playing and they've been off for a couple months and they miss preseason.  I wanted to push him more today but he gave everything he had.  It's a big difference when he's on the field.  He makes things happen when he gets the ball.  We're a different team when he's on the field."

Next Up

At home against Toronto FC.

Not so sweet 16?



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  • Ugghhh. Can't wait for 2012. This will be Grazzini's team. He could be the next Schelotto. They should get whatever players (and coach) can allow this guy to be the engine of a top-tier MLS club.

  • Pretty much agree with your ratings except Klopass probably deserved a 3. If I was the owner I'd fire him after the game. The reason the Fire didn't win was due to terrible team management.
    Not starting Mikulic was a mistake, how many opponent's goals
    have come from Cuesta's side. Gargan seems to be a great pick up,
    second game in a row he looked solid.
    If Oduro, despite his hustle, continues to miss shots, a normal I.Q. fan would expect the coach to address the issue.
    Can't win without strikers, even though both Nyarko and Oduro created several chances, would like to see Chaves, Orr, or Nazarit start the game while Grazzini is in the game.
    Still feel having Pappa, Nyarko, and Oduro on the field at the same time is counter productive.
    Would rather have Pappa on the bench and come in as a sub later.
    Then if he had to sub out Grazzini Klopass could put in a midfielder with more offensive skills than Paladini. When I saw Grazzini come out and Paladini come in had a "Oh shit" feeling and knew another win went by the wayside.
    As far as Frank's reason for taking out Grazzini to save him for the next upcoming games is dumb. A victory in hand is worth 2 in the bush. He should quit worrying about tomorrow and take it game by game. Most current MLS coaches if they had the Fire's talent would have the team in contention. The Fire have shown they can play with the big guys, but seemingly find a way not to win.
    I thought DLC was pretty much out of it, but Klopass makes him look good. Time for Frank to take a hike.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    DLC was struggling but he didn't have the players required to play the system he was looking to implement, specifically in central midfield. Grazzini and Pardo would have fit what he was looking to do.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    With all respect, I keep hearing from multiple people that DLC struggled because "he didn't have the players required to play the system he was looking to implement". I reject that opinion. Okay fine, he didn't have certain players. But then it is his job as a coach to come up with a new system that suits his players and he didn't do that. If I get named the head coach of the Fire tomorrow morning, I may want to play a 4-3-3 the way Barcelona does, but the fact remains is that I have Logan Pause and Daniel Paladini on my team and not Xavi and Iniesta. DLC had a had close to a season and a half to get things done. He failed and his failures are his own and can't be blamed on a lack of players required to play whatever system he was trying implement.

  • In reply to fcoba85:

    Absolutely valid point fcoba, that is ultimately why DLC isn't around anymore. He stuck by his system even though he didn't have the players necessary and didn't really adapt to what he did have in order to make it work. Just pointing out that Grazzini appears to be the piece he was missing and he's here after DLC is gone.

  • i felt segares played one of his better matches of the season. he did have one bad giveaway that led to a few minutes of DCs best possession in the 1st half, but other than that, sega didnt make any other major mistakes that i remember

    nyarko played one of his top 2 or 3 matches this season. his passing, moving the ball forward, and his defensive work was outstanding.

    oduro played very well up until the finishing shots. the first opportunity, i just wish instead of taking the shot right then, that he had moved toward the center of the box (the 2nd defender would likely have run right by him) and taken the shot from a more central position. its a shame, he does work so hard to get those great opportunities, he gets more chances than the rest of the team combined... still on balance a very good piece of business to have gotten him for calen carr at season start

    pause had a pretty good game as well, IMO he looked more comfortable in possession for once, and broke up a number of attacks

    i agree that pappa should not be taking corners. chicago just looks terrible on corner attempts. i wonder if they even see getting a corner as being a good thing anymore...

  • Sorry, your ratings are off. Paladini gets a 3 at best. Nyarko was outstanding—and 8. Oduro's passing and finishing are a disgrace. No wonder he's never made it anywhere else. A 3. And Klopas is clueless: 2.

    Lost in all this is that Wolff was unquestionably offside. Chalk this one up to classically poor MLS officiating.

  • In reply to tribhater:

    Take a look at the "ratings" page tab. It will give a pretty clear explanation of how I arrive at the ratings numbers.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I have. Perhaps you should read the page yourself. Once you do, you'll discover that my numbers are more accurate than your own. Is there any doubt that Nyarko was Man of the Match? Or that Klopas takes his best players off the pitch and changes tactics inexplicably? Or that Oduro can run but seems never to have played in a football match?

  • In reply to tribhater:

    Lol......if Paladini was a 3, Cuesta must have been a 0 in the last two games.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Cuesta certainly was horrible in last week's game. One of the worst performances I've ever seen. He was subpar against DC, too—probably a 3.

  • As Grazzini is being "saved" for the. TFC match it is pretty obvious some of the tentativeness shown by the team emanates from the coaching staff. Call me old fashioned but that seems to me to obe the official throwing in of the towel by Frank. Each game at this point should be played like the team is facing elimination or relegation not being cautious and playing it safe. At this point you should play for the win every match. DC is against the ropes and you pull the player leading the attack and do not put in a similar player?

    Now that the towel has been metaphorically dropped and there is no post season for the team, do us a favor and play our TRUE forwards to see how they mesh with Grazzini and our wingers. That way we know what moves to make in the off season so we do not have to bring in players who are out of shape mid season. And, while youu are at it give the young pups some minutes as well. Game performance will provide you with a better picture of where the team stands with our bench players. In fact, give any bench player who has not seen any playing time a start against TFC.

    Oh and by the way, make sure Oduro works on nothing but finishing
    drills for the rest of the season in training...

  • In reply to DerSting:

    Agreed, Oduro needs to work on shooting drills, you could blame this on Klopass, but you would think that Oduro would spend some of his own time doing this.
    Peyton Manning on a regular basis spends at least 90 minutes after official practice is over working with various receivers. This dedication produces class, not also rans. It's a matter of pride and professionalism.
    There still is a slight chance to make the playoffs taking at least 8 wins and 2 ties. Still after seeing what happens on the field using the same lineup game after game, when I heard the starting lineup I figured the Fire were playing for a tie.
    The True forwards should start because it makes sense to do so.
    All winning teams start forwards, I thought this was common knowledge, but apparently not to the Fire staff .
    Whats so frustrating is that of all games played this season, the Fire has been significantly outplayed in less than a handful of games, yet they been able to turn ties into losses, and wins into ties. One wonders what this team would do with Nowak at the helm. At least we wouldn't see the same mistakes game after game. The team should have at least have 15 more points then they have now, mainly due to repeated mistakes generally on the defense and poor decision making on top and by the coach.
    We still don't know how good our true forwards are because they haven't been given a chance to display what talent they have.
    What makes Klopass the dumb ass he is, is that he continues using the same lineup and expects a different result. Mainly starting Cuesta instead of Mikulic, playing Oduro, Pappa, and Nyarko at the same time, with no true forwards. It shouldn't take two third's of a season to figure this out.
    Perhaps DLC would have done better than Klopass, if he had Pardo and Grazzini at the get go.

  • Very typical of the Fire. Player ratings high for all the starters yet cannot secure a win due to poor field management by Klopas and Leo. What gives with the Oduro experiment up top? He is a Ferrari without a steering wheel. This team has several good players but coaches are showing no faith in them. The two midfielders have been in camp for several weeks they must be playing all 90 no excuses. Why is a tie acceptable? Has is become the norm for this team. Strap on the helmet, pull up the jockstrap, put in the mouthpiece and get it done. A few choice words to help out my friend Frank as he struggles to communicate with his players.
    Oduro, you miss another shot from the 1 and you will come out of the game, pass the ball to Nyarko who is always open when you are shooting. A blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then.
    Grazzini, you are the engine of the team and will not come off the pitch for the rest of the season. Get in shape.
    Pardo, you were hired to be apart of the offense get up the field you cannot just sit in the circle thats why we play Pause.
    Pappa, I seen cold streaks but this is ridiculous. You will not start but come off the bench and play with intensity all the time when you do. Your stock is dropping and maybe we could in a trade get a bobble head doll in return.
    Cuesta, another mental mistake,what else is new. we cannot have you on the pitch, you are a liability, let Mikulik show you how.
    Hauptmen, get me out of here! I feel like Obama, no matter what I try it doesn't work. But i will have a plan next week.

  • Despite the awful record and continual frustration, this team is still not devoid of talent. They do have enough quality on the side to be better than what the standings say they are. They're still lacking a big time finisher at forward now that they appear to have found a #10 but that problem won't be answered anytime soon. I didn't have much of a problem with starting Oduro and Nyarko up top since they appear to have a chemistry together but they do have to find out what they truly have in Barouch and Nazirit before the season ends and options for 2012 are decided. They're both young players that will need some time to develop and they already know what they have in Oduro so it's probably time to get them on the field with some regularity. Unless they've already decided that neither one will be better than Oduro it's time to look towards who will actually be on the roster in 2012.

    Klopas has done well enough in finding some of the young talent on the squad but they're also going to need to find a full time coach during the off season who is capable of fitting the pieces into place.

  • Don't forget to vote today.........

  • Klopass, I have to agree has identified young players with potential.
    I wonder who they'll protect in the expansion draft, hope they don't expose Barouch to the draft to protect Paladini, Banner, or Cuesta.
    Made a huge mistake last year by not protecting Lowry. While he might not have started, he would be a far better choice than Paladin coming off the bench and for being essentially a holding player he still managed to score 5 goals in 24 games.
    It can't be determined how good Orr will be, but he is still 19 and is still developing. He may turn out great or after several years plateau
    out and become a journeyman player, much as Pappa.
    I wonder how many goals Orr would have scored if he had as many open shots as Oduro. Somewhat the same for Nazarit and Chaves.
    With Grazzini maybe Chaves won't have to drop back as far into the midfield like he had to earlier in the season.
    It's time to march FOWARD.

  • Are you in charge of the Klopas fan club? Be impartial here please. This man has been responsible for all of the players currently on the rooster and traded, released or waived for the past two years. Bringing in players that are not in shape or ready does what for a team that needs wins now. A coach he is not! CDLC has a better record winning games. Klopas and Leo should be held accountable and be shown the door when new coach is hired. He has had all of the puzzle pieces but cannot seem to put it together. I regress this team does not need any more players just accountability from the ones we have.

  • In reply to bigdog:

    Not sure what would imply a "fan club" presidency in anything wirtten above, I did say they needed to find a new coach and have pointed out that his record after 11 games was only one point better than De Los Cobos after 11 games this year.

  • In reply to bigdog:

    I think that that is somewhat an unfair statement.
    Guillermo has a balancing act to do, while being an advocate for Fire fans he also is a reporter getting information about the team
    that Fire fans cannot get anywhere else.
    We can trash talk anybody we want about any player or coach without restraint. Guillermo has to be somewhat more restrained than we can be in order to get the news the Fire fans want (or don't want). He can't trash someone on the blog, then the next day ask them how they are doing.
    I always find Gillermo calling things pretty much as they are,
    and regarding the Frank thing he has made bad calls and apparently is not the one to coach the team, he also has made some good calls on talent also, that doesn't make me a member of the Klopas(s) fan club.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Thanks Lone, I do try to present everything as fairly and evenly as possible (at least I think I do).

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    well said lonecoyote. Here are my takes of yesterday game. Giving Klopas a 4 is pretty much a tossup and IMO I would have given him a 3 for several reasons:

    1. Subbing Paladini in for Grazzini was a sign of a red flag of the lead quickly evoporating.

    2. Grazzini not being 100 percent in total fitness coming from a Aregintina Primera Division season finished in July is inexcusable. If that is the case, explain why Pardo, that is 5 years older than Grazzini, is playing the full 90 each of his first three games since he has joined the Fire and hasn't played the full 90 since May when he last played for Club America.

    3. Instead of Barouch and Chaves coming in the 86th minute, they should have came in as soon as Josh Wolff scored the game tying goal.

    4. Pappa and Nyarko provided service on the field and both of them should have never been subbed out. Barouch should have been subbed for Oduro (which had an awful game) and Chaves should have subbed for Logan Pause which doesn't provide anything.

    5. Cuesta has had a bad month and was awful again against DC United; I can't fault 100 percent of the blame on his shoulders. Since Mikulic has been praised for his defense in the backline and I still scratch my head why he is below Cuesta in the depth chart.

    Note: Since the season is a wash, start Nazarit on top to pair him up with Barouch/Chaves. Nazarit is only 20 years old, they have to make a decision if he is part of the future. Team will never find out until you give an opportunity to showcase his talent.

    Speaking of Oduro practicing on shooting drills, you can erase that thought. He is a one dimensional player; he has world class speed that has no aim or touch of the ball along with his strength of playing the ball on the right side. That is why teams like FC Dallas and Houston cut him loose. He is a servicable player that comes off the bench that brings energy to the offense.

  • It was strange seeing former Fire players last night playing against us last night. DC had three. It seems every week, we see 2 or 3 former Fire players playing us these days. While Josh Wolff is understandable, seeing King and Woolard out there is frustrating. Those guys should be playing for us.
    Anyway, it is clear that Frank is not the guy to lead the team or a tactician. So...who should the Fire seek? Should they go for a European like RBNY, Portland, Colorado etc.? Should they go with someone who knows the league and what works here? Should they go young or go with someone with a proven coaching record? Now the Jesse Marsch is already take (another classic Fire front office blunder), I really think the Fire should investigate other former players as coaching candidates. What about Blanco as coach??? I would love that. I am thinking who could draw a free kick from the sideline.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Blanco as a coach would be insanely entertaining but I'm thinking that would end in disaster. Thinking selfishly, I'd love to see how he reacts to having to talk to the media every day though.

    I believe CJ Brown could be a head coach some day but I also think he still needs a few more years of seasoning and learning how to operate as a coach before being asked to take on this task.

    Eric Wynalda would be entertaining as well but I'd still prefer someone with some coaching experience on the MLS level at least.

    They'd be silly not to approach Bob Bradley and gauge his interest in a return to the sideline here.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Krasov:

    Great Idea actually, although I actually think McBride would be an even better idea. Possibly Chris Armas as well. But in the end, I really think Bob Bradley needs to be lured back with big bucks, and it will cost more than $200,000 a year. A figure I know we have never come close to, otherwise we may have hired that Spencer dude out of Houston a few years back before naming Hamlett the coach. Man those years were a total waste of the talent we had with the coaching we chose. Should have easily bagged atleast one trophy 2007-2009.

  • In reply to waam:

    Though its never been disclosed, I've heard that CDLC was the 2nd highest paid coach in the league behind Bruce Arena.

    That $200,000 figure you're talking about may not have been shelled out for Spencer, someone with zero head coaching experience, but have a feeling it was for CDLC given his previous jobs and the way the club built him up.

    RE: Bob Bradley... I don't think Bob's coming back and I think it has little to do with money being offered. The old boys talk... This is not the Fire they knew from 1998-2005...Really wonder what Josh Wolff felt when he scored that goal on Thursday night...

    There would have to be some strong overhaul at the highest levels to lure Bob Bradley back...there are always those rumors of Andrew selling the would take something like that, IMO.

    Until then, look at the various assistant coaches around the league, come the offseason, domestic and foreign out of job coaches not named Preki and I suspect you'll have your list.

    Would really hope though they go with someone with familiarity in the league, it seems the Fire place a pretty high emphasis on "foreign being better" and we've seen how well that's gone here and for the most part league wide.

  • Is there talent, yes. The crux of the problem is we have let good talent go and the talent brought in as a replacement is not the same caliber. This has been going on for the last few years. Our existing talent is raw, very raw and our current technical staff seems to be unable to get those raw players to the next plateau. Nyarko is a prime example, loads of potential, not much growth. If he could finish with regularity, he would be elsewhere now. Still relys mostly on his pace. Don't get me started with Oduro...

    Who do the Fire bring in as coach who has a reputation for finding and developing talent, or who is willing to adapt a style that best suits his roster instead of the pig headed other way around. We had some good talent that we got rid of that is now the benefit of other MLS teams because they did not fit into DLC's plans

  • The "recent comments" feature of the blog is back and located along the right side of the page.

  • Wynalda was working with the US National teams for awhile as a part time coach. Does anyone know how he did with them as developing talent? I think he would be a great draw with the media.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    He certainly would be entertaining and good for sound bytes.

  • Please folks this team is terrible. They are on the verge of breaking two records the most ties and the least amount of wins in the history of the MLS. There are very few goods things happening with the club. If the fire was a business they would have closed the doors years ago. The best thing that could happen is the Hauptman sell the team. Short of that he should appoint a complete new staff that has a history of success in the MLS. I will not be renewing my season tickets if a name like Klopas or jefferies are attached with the team. As fans we should vote with our wallets and demand a better management team. I have played coached and generally enjoyed Soccer my entire life. I am absolutely embarrassed to say that I am a fan of what is happening on the field. At this pint I am looking forward to the UIC season.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Broker, there were plenty of things last night that were terrible (Pause's, Pappa's and Oduro's passes for one, OK three), but there were several things to look at there were good too. This season is over as far as looking at it as anything other than developing the team for next year. But if you look at the young guys, they are fun to watch. Anibaba is a great player. He will be a great defender for a long time to come. Cuesta has shown promise and lapses (often in the same game). Oduro is just plane outrageous to watch when he is flying free forn a ball. Grazzini is wonderful to watch. Pardo is a true leader and should be captain next year if he comes back. He clearly is directing traffic all over the field. With a new coach, the likes of Nazarit, Ferrari (who does not get a chance to see the light of day), and Barrouch will have a chance to play and develop into a powerful attacking presence. I don't disagree with you about Fire management or ownership, but the team as poorly as the results have been has a chance to be really good sooner than the record would indicate.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Krasov:

    I agree +1. It's only been a pain to watch Oduro. I know, I can't let it go.

  • In reply to waam:

    tbh, oduro has been chicagos best player this season, IMO

    sure he can be agonizing to watch as far as finishing/decisions in the box.

    but he has created more real chances to score than the rest of the team combined

    i could live with his misses, if chicago just had another scorer up there with him. Barrouch would be my choice, rather than Nazarit, who honestly has shown very little in the box this season

  • since oduro is playing F, i don't particularly care if he can produce chances if he cant finish. his touch and finishing are poor, so to me he should be a 2nd half sub. i think he could be ideally suited for that in mls.

    i'm actually shocked that mikulic isn't starting. he's been as good of a center back as we've had when healthy, yet somehow lost his job to injury.

    there is a lot to be disappointed about, but i actually feel we are quite close to strong team. like i've said before, i think the backbone of this team is set, and just need one difference maker up top and perhaps an upgrade or two at the holding mid and right back spots. otherwise, i'm happy with anibaba, gibbs, sega, and mikulic in back, pappa and nyarko on the wings, and grazzini in the attacking central mid spot. this is why i think we will have a MUCH better year next year with signing 2 dp's (c'mon hauptmen, open the wallet!) and a 1st rounder in the top few picks who should be able to start and be an upgrade over gargan or nazarit/chaves/barouch.

    furthermore, we do have a few young players that might just step it up one of these days, let the kids play and see what we have.

    ps...keep reminding us daily to vote for you and i will do so guillermo.

  • with the talk of coaches that are available, i would love to have bradley back but my gut says it will never happen as long as andrew owns the team.(i hope he proves me wrong about this) but it seems that since he owns the team and he has leon in charge of things there will always be a disconnect from this team's past. look at what they did with the ring of fire. it was supposed to be that the ring of fire decides who goes in, not the front office with advice from the ring of fire. he also doesn't seem to be willing to spend the money when it has to be spent to improve this team on the field. because the only way imo to put butts in those seats is to make a winning team. i've had non soccer people come up to me at work and say they just read in the paper that the fire just set a record for ties and only have 2 wins on the entire season, and all i can say is "i know", while they go on to ask me that if it is kind of embarrassing to be a fan of just plain "blah". another disconnect is if you check out the Fire's roster page on their website go ahead and look at the alumni section. it says "no players to display", last time i checked we have plenty of alumni. i would like to see andrew sell the club to someone who is willing to invest in it, who has respect for the teams history and honor, who is passionate about the team, and who wants them to be a dominate force in the league once again. i just see andrew as someone that bought the team because it was the cool thing to do after he saw americans buying teams in europe.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    The alumni section on the Fire site is like the alumni section on all the MLS team sites, it appears to be a bug that still hasn't been fixed from the league website switchover... Just two examples:

    Every MLS club has plenty of alumni they could list in that area... How long would that list be and why would you want it on the roster page? It would be 8 times the size of the current roster and drag on forever.

    Its poor site design that unfortunately most of the teams in the league have to deal with. I get where you're going but its a bug, not a reflection about how the team feels about past players. Tweed had a post about the team website stuff at the beginning of the season that explained some of the difficulties.

  • I give Klopas a ZERO in the ratings. He is an embarrasment to the Fire, somebody in the front office should open their eyes and see what the man is doing to this team and he thought that he could have replaced De Los Cobos. NO WAY!!! If De Los Cobos was still around, the Fire would have had a better record than what they have now with Klopas. At least they wouldn't have set a record for most ties in a season and Klopas is ABSOUTELY worthless. I can't bare to see this man coach one more game. De Los Cobos is probably sitting at home enjoying his money and laughing at the stupidity Klopas is pulling. At least De Los Cobos looked and dressed SHARP!!!

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