Robinson Traded to TFC

The Fire have acquired defender Dan Gargan and a second round draft pick from Toronto FC in exchange for defender Dasan Robinson. Gargan is a right back who can also fill in at central defense.


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  • I liked Dasan. I really think injuries hampered him for most of his career with the Fire. Early on he looked like he's be a solid right back if he wanted the spot. Good luck north of the border to a good guy.

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    He seems to have lost some speed since his rookie year. Seems to be a pretty good trade to get an additional pick.

  • Seems like a good deal for the Fire, Gargan has been a starter for
    Toronto and has played a lot more than Dasan in the last few years
    , plus Robinson seemingly hasn't been as fast and sharp as he was earlier, whats in it for Toronto?
    The Fire, at first glance, has really strengthen themselves during the past week, depending who starts, Nyarko, Orr, Chaves, Oduro, Pause, Pappa, or Mulic, could be coming off the bench at one time
    or another . Adding Gargan to the mix gives the team probably the
    best and bench in the league.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Should have said the best and deepest bench in the league/

  • It seems like in other forums (MLS site, SBI, etc), TFC fans have left a lot of negative comments about Gargan. It's true that TFC has sucked pretty hard all year, so probably almost anybody is going to catch negative press from that, but I don't expect him to be anything more than a backup. That being said, who knows, he might perform well in a different setting. I feel like overall this is a good opportunity for both players to start fresh.

  • In reply to Mateu:

    Gargan won't do much more than be a back-up here either.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    The Toronto defense is absolutely the worst in the league

  • fb_avatar

    Dasan looks like he has been running on a few busted hips lately. I would rather have a healthy Gargan as a backup, than an injured Dasan who can't do anything. TFC really don't know what they are getting I think. Anyway, the 2nd round draft pick could be very useful, and certainly, we could get a player better than both Gargan and DR.

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