Pavel Pardo In Red?

Numerous reports have surface today that Club America midfielder Pavel Pardo has signed with the Fire.  While discussions have taken place with Pardo the reports are premature.  A source with knowledge of the situation informs me that a deal has not been reached and nothing has been signed at this time.

Pardo was spotted at Toyota Park this past weekend and he reportedly told a Mexican sports radio program today that he was working on a deal with MLS and Chicago.  While all signs seem to point to an imminent signing Pardo's signature and final contract details have not been completed.


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  • back to the 4-2-3-1 ? but then that puts one of nyarko, pappa, or oduro on the bench if grazziani is to start. Interesting.

  • In reply to lijien:

    Interesting indeed. Would he play next to Pause in a 4-2-3-1 or in place of Pause and behind Grazzini?

  • Here is a crazy thought, any chance we sell Pappa since he already stated he wanted to test Europe at the end of his contract?

  • In reply to lijien:

    That's a thought that has crossed my mind but I'd be surprised to see that happen. He does have another season left on his current contract.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    true, but the fee will substantially drop as it gets closer to the end of the contract

  • In reply to lijien:

    It's an option but I'd really like to see what Pappa can do with two real center midfielders in place. If Grazzini can play he'll relieve him of the pressure of feeling like he needs to dribble through five defenders in order to create a chance. I think they're better with Pappa on the field in combination with Grazzini and Pardo. Both should be able to find him on the pitch in good position as opposed to what we've seen so far this season.

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    THEY will play 3-5-2

  • I think they've got to sit Pause (assuming Pardo actually signs). This season is probably trashed already, but draws certainly aren't going to take us anywhere. We need goals (and wins). Sitting back with two d-mids isn't going to cut it.

  • On another Manchester note, mcbride is in the cosmos squad to play at the Paul scholes testimonial match at ot.

  • The 3-5-2 could be an interesting option to return to, especially considering that Sega may need a rest at some point in time. This would probably be a better setup for Chaves, too, who has functioned better with a strike partner (and best when that partner was Puerari...) The 4-2-3-1 would allow the team to maintain its attack down the wings, where virtually all the offense has come from of late. The system could benefit from the fact that Nyarko and Pappa both play as wings who like to move into the center, as does Oduro occasionally. However, we don't have a proven target forward, unless having quality service from the middle were to change that (and it might).

  • In reply to Mateu:

    It's going to really depend on how good Grazzini is. His season's been done for five weeks and he's going to need a little time to get 90 minutes fit. Pardo is also coming off of a break. There are only 14 games left in the season so there's not much time left to find out and keep switching formations in an attempt to find one that works.

  • I know he's not Blanco, but what kind of draw will Pardo be for the Mexican fan base?

  • In reply to Doug:

    You pretty much said it Doug.....he's not Blanco.

  • so any updates of this situation?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Expect some news by mid week.

  • I like Logan Pause he is a great person.
    As a player he should be on the bench we need
    players to go forward and not most of the time pass the ball backwards.
    With Grazzini and Pardo hopefully we can
    create more scoring chances and "Start Wining Games"
    Starting with a win against Manchester United.
    "Just dreaming I think." What a come back that
    would be from a disappointing season so far.

  • Maybe Klopas can serve Manchester United
    Players some of that Good Greek Wine "before
    the Game that he promised their coach after the
    the game. That wine before the game should
    improve our chances for a good result.

  • In reply to Juergen:

    Beating Manchester United might be a tad bit hopeful. ;)

  • ESPN reporting that Javier Hernandez will not be in Chicago. He will join Manchester United in New Jersey for the All Star game.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    That's Good News,
    Maybe Manchester with some Greek Wine
    served to them by none other than Frank Klopas before the game, and without Hernandez the Chicago-Fire will have
    a better chance to delight the Fans
    with a good performance tomorrow.LOL

  • I am fairly certain Frank will keep his back four in place. Cuesta will sit out the next game because of the red card, but other than that the usual suspects will be back there. In the middle the will have Pardo and Grazzini. He will use Pappa and Oduro on the wings (unless he forgts and uses Oduro up top). He will have a choice of Chaves, Nazarit, Barrouch up top. If he starts Oduro on the wing, he will sub in Nyarko and push Oduro on top for Chaves. Paladini would come in for Grazinni and Pause could potentially come in for Pardo if he is able to start. That my guess for what its worth. So far this yera, my guesses have been 15% accurate.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Sounds about right but I think Nyarko should be in the starting eleven.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    If Nyarko starts, then would you move Oduro up top and sit either Chaves or Nazarit?

  • i hope i don't sound like a broken record, but unless this is to find out if pardo still "has it" and can play for the fire next year, i just don't see the point. if we are honest with ourselves, it is clear that the fire isn't going anywhere this year. i'm tired of these midseason the cash and make 2-3 DP level (talent wise) splurges at the beginning of next year so they can play all year together, get top 5 draft pick that might be able to start and be a force for years, and a high allocation pick that could start as well. then you'd be talking about a completely different team, maybe 3-4 players that would be an upgrade over players currently starting - now you're talking about a team that should definitely make the playoffs and be damn good. let's not shoot for mediocrity, please. i'd rather be bad for the rest of the year with hope for next year then trying to provide some fools gold for the fans.

  • In reply to Drew:

    btw, when i say i'm tired of the midseason moves, i mean by not starting the year with some top end talent instead of trying to fix things mid season, when it's way harder to get these players up to speed and have the players jell together.

  • In reply to Drew:

    I like the Pardo move because, from what I've been able to gather it won't be for DP money. This is also a guy who has been a leader at both Stuttgart and Club America and understands what a team concept is. He is no Nery Castillo.

    I agree with you 100% on waiting until midseason to make moves and adjustments. It's a scramble at the end of the year and it's too difficult to incorporate players into your system in that short period. Bringing in a difference maker/DP is something that should be done in January not July. They do have a pretty decent young nucleus and Grazzini is only 30 so I'm anxious to see what he can do.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    as long as the signing - if it happens - doesn't impact $ that can be spent upgrading the roster next year and if they think pardo may be part of the solution for next year as well, then i can understand the thinking. otherwise, i just think cutting your losses and going for it next year is the way to go. we'll see, however it plays out at least it will be interesting to watch unfold.

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