Mid Season Grades

Mid Season Grades
2011 Season Player Ratings To Date

Now that the Fire have completed their 18th match, the MLS season is more than half way over and a review of the overall ratings for each player when averaged out over the entire season doesn't produce many surprising results.  I've accumulated the player ratings doled out here after each match in order to come to an "average" performance rating for each player.  Here are the individual results:

Player                                     Average Rating

Josip Mikulic                                       6.00

Marco Pappa                                       5.83

Sean Johnson                                      5.83

Yamith Cuesta                                    5.62

Dominic Oduro                                   5.53

Gaston Puerari                                    5.53

Diego Chaves                                       5.50

Patrick Nyarko                                   5.50

Cory Gibbs                                           5.40

Gonzalo Segares                                 5.39

Corben Bone                                        5.38

Cristian Nazirit                                   5.33

Jon Conway                                         5.33

Gabriel Ferrari                                    5.33

Logan Pause                                         5.31

Orr Barouch                                         5.31

Baggio Husidic                                    5.27

Jalil Anibaba                                       5.21

Daniel Paladini                                   5.18

Mike Videira                                       5.17

Bratislav Ristic                                  5.00

Davis Paul                                            5.00

Marko Maric                                        5.00

Dasan Robinson                                 4.80

Coaches                                  Average Rating

Frank Klopas                                       5.14

Carlos De Los Cobos                         4.91

Josip Mikulic ends up with the highest average rating per game but he has only appeared in seven matches, a smaller sampling than either Marco Pappa and Sean Johnson (12 apiece).  None of the usual eleven that have taken the field in starting roles for a majority of the season have averaged at least a  "6" rating although the aforementioned Pappa and Johnson are close.    Interestingly enough, this was also the case last season as Johnson finished the 2010 campaign as the only player able to average above a 6 or better. 

Marco Pappa and Dominic Oduro have come through with a handful of outstanding isolated individual performances but their overall consistency hasn't been enough to propel the team past an astounding 12 ties in 18 matches or elevate themselves into a position of being truly considered difference makers.  Pappa is undoubtedly one of the more talented young players in MLS,  but has he shown enough to earn a position as a perennial MLS Best XI player as many believe he can be?  Oduro has shown he is a better finisher than what the Dynamo may have believed but he has still missed numerous chances that could easily have been converted and should have been the difference between a draw and a victory. 

Diego Chaves has cooled considerably since a torid early season run due to goal posts and a move out of necessity into a withdrawn role moving him further away from goal and limiting his chances.  Chaves may be believe he is better suited for an underneath forward role but the results don't back that up. 

I don't think we've seen the best of Cristian Nazirit yet but his improvement in the second half may rely on the front office's ability to add a true playmaker capable of getting the ball to the front runners in a position to score.  The Fire's offense currently consists of players attempting too much individually in an effort to find a scoring chance or long through balls intended for Oduro as he attempts to outrun defenders.  Seldom are we witness to legitimate build up en route to goal scoring chances and even more rare is the sight of play producing anything productively from the center of the park. 

Defensively the team has improved under Klopas but I felt going into this season that the side would be solid defensively while struggling to score if the Uruguayans weren't big time producers.  It was only a matter of time before the side started to come together defensively, particularly after the nonsense with Johnson and Jon Conway was resloved.  Half way through the season, the same problems that many predicted remain painfully evident.  The Fire are a decent defensive unit in dire need of a team leader capable of igniting the offense and taking advantage of the talented Pappa, Nyarko, Oduro trio and what they bring to the table.

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  • Good article by Steve Davis on the state of US Soccer..........

  • SKC won the soony saad lottery

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    They have a ton of forwards on that roster.....

  • Reserve game score at the 70th. minute mark, Fire up 3-0 over Dallas.
    The game started out slowly, mainly for the Fire, they looked pretty much like the first team, sloppy passing, disorganized play.
    Dallas had the better of the play with Duffy making several great stops,
    but the Fire later on a goal by Nazarit, from a pass by Ferrari.
    Later Orr scored on a P.K. towards the end of the half.
    At least the Fire were able to score on the several quality openings they had, although the play was starting to even out towards the end of the half.
    The lineup included "Pants", Orr, Nazarit, Paladini, Bone, Ristic,
    Videria, Duffy, Robinson, Ferrari, and Mikulic.
    The second half started out much stronger for the Fire, Ferrari was subbed out, don't remember by who, but the play was much more open, played at a faster pace, with improved passing.
    Nazarit scored his second goal early into the second half, from a great feed from Orr. I had to leave at approx. the 70th. minute mark
    so I don't the final score.
    However saw some very positive things from the reserves,
    primarily from the 30 minute mark on.
    Nazarit and Orr can't create goals totally on their own, but if the Fire
    can obtain a quality playermaker at midfield that can open up the field, the Nazarit/Orr combination can become deadly as they seem to play well off one another.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    5-0 final in favor of the Fire over FC Dallas, but it was Conway in goal.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    i like barrouch, i think if they can get him some semi-consistent service, he'll score goals. he's young yet, so if he works hard, he'll only get better

  • More Pardo and Grazzini rumors: http://www.hottimeinoldtown.com/2011/7/2/2256462/grazzini-and-pardo-to-the-fire-imo

  • In reply to iron81:

    Why are these the only options? I would really like to see somebody below 30 with talent. Is it too much to ask?

  • In reply to iron81:

    The Grazzini and Pardo rumors were addressed in the comments section of one of the previous posts, but let's review again.

    Grazzini appears to be their top choice at the moment (at least as of last week) to fill the "cam" role. According to Klopas, he was one of several options that the team was looking at. From what I can gather, Grazzini is still a legit possibility for joining the team on July 15.

    Pardo is no longer in the picture. The Fire did have exploratory conversations with Pardo's rep but the talk never proceeded to a point of contract discussion or salary. At this time, the Fire are looking for a more dynamic/playmaking option than Pardo can offer. Pardo is very interested in MLS but he may have to accept a much lower salary than he can get elsewhere if he wants to be in Chicago. Not likely.

    They are also interested in a young "underneath" forward who is currently on an FMF roster but he is not as accomplished as Grazzini.

  • My mistakw about Conway, just assumed it would be Duffy,
    Dallas was 3 and 0 before today's loss
    Fire reserves are now 3-0-1 with a 9 goal differential.
    Wonder how this team would do against the starters from the last Fire game.

  • Would make sense to get both Pardo and Grazzani, would help both defense and offense, would assume Maric would be the odd man out
    with this scenario.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Every player on the current roster has survived the July 1 non guaranteed contract deadline. I don't see them just cutting Maric and eating the rest of his salary/budget hit for the remainder of the season. The only way this would make sense is if he's involved in a trade or transfer.

  • 30+ & talent costs money
    30- & talent costs huge money
    Depends how deep your pockets are.

  • 30+ & talent costs money
    30- & talent costs huge money
    Depends how deep your pockets are

  • so any news yet on our CAM? only 10 days away.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    I would have liked to have seen whoever it's going to be already with the team in training in preparation for being ready to go come July but obviously that hasn't happened. The last thing fans want to hear is "he needs time to learn his teammates, get in shape, learn the league, etc, etc".

    No news yet.

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