Fire v Timbers Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Cuesta, Gibbs, Segares

M Pappa, Pause, Paladini, Nyarko

F Oduro, Nazirit

Bench: Conway, Ristic, Robinson, Bone, Husidic, Videira, Barouch


GK Perkins

D Hall, Goldthwaite, Danso, Wallace

M Nagbe, Jewsbury, Marcelin, Chara

F Alhassan, Perlaza

Bench: Brown, Horst, Purdy, Moffat, Cooper, Johnson, Zizzo


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  • vamos arriba fire!

  • 1-0 Timbers at the half. The Fire need two goals in the next 45 minutes to avoid an embarrassing season sweep by a struggling expansion team.

    On the bright side....they almost scored on a corner kick.

  • baroch on, palladini off at half.. pappa stays in the middle.. still think a speedster needs to come off, Timbers playing back not much room to exploit on flanks

  • has nazarit ever not hit the wall on a fk?

  • Hey look, yet another incredibly soft penalty call by an MLS ref.

  • Klopas players, Klopas coaching, still terrible results, and now can't even score.. but at least they stopped drawing =/

  • The man of the match should be the "ref"
    Can't believe that many yellows for soft fouls.
    Fire could have won if it wasn't for the red card;
    have seen worse obstruction plays without anything called.

  • Just for the record...losing twice to Portland is not a good thing. Grazzini's going to have to be REALLY good to turn this around.

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