Fire v Red Bulls USOC Matchday

Starting Line-Ups

GK Johnson
D Anibaba, Mikulic, Cuesta, Segares
M Paladini, Pause, Nyarko, Pappa
F Oduro, Nazirit

Bench: Conway, Pantazopoulos, Robinson, Husidic, Videira, Barouch, Chaves

Red Bulls

GK Condoul
D Albright, Keel, Lassiter, Jones
M Kassel, Ballouchy,Rooney, Schneider
F Da Luz, Hertzog

Bench: Horwoth, Hot, Paulo


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  • Where's the web-cast or hasn't the game started as yet

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Just kicked off

  • Did the change in start time cancel the web stream? Thought I saw the streaming was still planned in a press release earlier...

  • Looks like technical issues with power in the building has unfortunately nixed the video feed.

  • Well that makes sense enough. Let's do this! I hope Rooney doesn't score. 2 rooney's will have scored against us in back to back weeks! ha

  • this kind of dominance by the fire, of the NY reserves, should quiet the play the reserves talk. Big difference between the reserves and starters.

  • In reply to lijien:

    I'm hoping the play the reserves talk has been in jest. ;)

  • Fire lead 1-0 at half time on Oduro's 7th minute score.

  • can we get brandon to call all the games.. i like how he actually gets excited, it isn't all monotone like most the espn and fsc guys

  • Fire trend.....3-0, 4-0 scores on the reserve games and US Open Cup. Wish they can bring that same intensity in the regular season.

  • I like his call too. He is far better than our current play by play man.

  • Another solid game for Orr, I liked tonight's starting lineup, only change would be to start Orr on top with Oduro at mid and moving Pappa to the bench. I feel this would be the Fire.s most dynamic lineup.
    Then replace Paladinni with the alleged arriving CMF could give the Fire a very potent offense and grab a playoff spot.

  • 4-0 final on goals from Oduro, Barouch (2), and Cuesta

  • Klopas says there will be an announcement on a player shortly.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    incoming? outgoing? shortly as in the length it took to announce diego and gaston? or when the transfer window opens on friday? yeah i know i'm being rather pesamisitc, but thats what happens when i see this team play to a 2-5-12 record so far this year. no more ties.

  • The game just was a pleasure to watch, even if it was Vs reserves.
    Ordoro should be hattricking. Barouch owns NY. The boys were able to string passes together. A couple of bone headed passes were made, bit it did not hurt us.
    GR- if you get the chance, I'm interested in what Klopas would say- about 70th minute or so, Bagio had come in for Nyarko, then Frank gestured around, then Bagio seemed to be playing left (or at least more central then he was) - I wonder what Frank was looking for in match ups or "trading places".

  • In reply to ChrisConnolly:

    You're right Husidic did play on the left. Klopas brought in Chaves and Husidic at the same time for Pappa and Nyarko so he was indeed looking for some positional switches. I think Chaves moved up and Oduro dropped to right mid. Paladini and Pause stayed in the middle.

  • Looks like it will be the Richmond Kickers, up 2-0 with 6 minutes left in the game.
    Counting all the games the Fire has played including exhibitions hasn't
    Orr scored the most goals on the team.

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