Fire v Manchester United Match Day

Starting Line Ups

GK Johnson
D Anibaba, Gibbs, Cuesta, Segares
M Pappa, Paladini, Pause, Nyarko
F Oduro, Nazirit

Bench: Conway, Dufty, Mikulic, Pantazopoulos, Robinson, Banner, Husidic, Grazzini, Bone, Videira, Ristic, Barouch, Ferrari, Chaves

Manchester United
GK De Gea
D Evra, Jones, Smalling, F. Da Silva
M Carrick, Obertan, Cleverly
F Berbatov, Welbeck, Diouf

Bench: Lindegaard, Amos, Ferdinand, R. Da Silva, Evans, Anderson, Giggs, Park, Nani, Owen, Rooney, Young, Macheda


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  • I like that Sir Alex is sweating, only its more the temp than the play. Good luck with the 2nd half.

  • Good first half for the Fire carrying a 1-0 lead on a goal by Cory Gibbs.

  • Fire has played well today and could still be tied or even leading if they could only finish the chances they create. I'm especially impressed with the play of Gibbs today.

  • this game could of been 3-3 if not for the post and Baggio missing an easy goal...

  • *Baggio had a terrible game today and not just the wide open shot...I feel bad for him though, how brutal to miss a sitter like that in your home city with 65k watching
    *Damn it was hot n sweaty in that 1st half
    *Grazzini looked alright...looks to have some decent technical abilities
    *The field was pretty bad, just like at Bears games, lots of slipping out there
    *Sean J looked good, Conway...not so much
    *Overall, the Fire played a respectable match, though some of the touches and shots were awful (nothing new there)
    *I'm really happy for all the Fire players, what a treat to play against Man U
    *Go Fire!!!

  • GR, Was Bone's nose broken he looked like he was bleeding pretty bad?

  • GR, Was Bone's nose broken, he looked like it was bleeding pretty bad?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I don't think so, but I didn't see Bone after the match.

  • For 65 minutes the Fire gave a excellent account of themselves, rather seen Paladini taken off rather than Pappa who was having one of his best games of the season, Grazzini looked a bit rusty, game was somewhat in doubt until the 3rd. goal. Fire could have won 2-1, or tied 2-2. The same mistakes which cost the Fire the game are the same lapses and errors they have been making virtually in all their games and not playing good enough to win.Still overall more pluses than negatives, apparently the Fire's reserves are far better than Seattle's.

  • Conway is really done.. why even drag him out there? I'd rather see the 3rd stinger. Embarrassing to get megged from 6' away.

  • I have a much better take on what we are missing on the bridge between the middle third and the final third. Yesterday, you could see that every time United had possession in midfield, two or three players would make runs off the ball whether diagonally or straight upfield. Also, every time a pass was made, the United player making the pass would almost always continue with a run or run to a space for an outlet pass. Meanwhile with the Fire, there were no runs made in that bridge area between the middle third and the attacking third. Our wings always stayed wide waiting for a pass. Our forwards stood still looking for a pass. We relied 100% on someone beating a player one v. one in order to generate an attack, whereas United simply ran people forward in numbers and relied on ball movement and player off the ball movement to generate the attack. It was beautiful to watch. Is there any way we can get a United youth coach to come over and train the Fire for a year? It would be nice to see. In the first half, United system generate many open shots, the fact that the shooters in the first half were not Rooney, Giggs etc, was why we were in the game. You could see each shot develop from midfield. It took them 3-4 passes to generate the position and shot they wanted. It was the youth and lack of skill of the B players starting the first half for United that could not finish that foiled several of their attacks, not the Fire's defense. It was a really fun time and great to see the Fire make Sir Alex stand up a few times. I glad I saw Sir Alex pounding his jaw chewing that gum hard yesterday, that way we know his TMJ will be acting up today. So at least the Fire caused some pain!!! Go Fire!!

  • In reply to Krasov:

    to be fair, the fire's inability to finish was also a big reason they didn't score more, so that could be said for both sides.

    @lonecoyote...i thought the same thing, i would have taken off paladini before pappa, partly out of respect and seniority. was surprised also that chaves didn't come on until like the 87th min.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Excellent observations Krasov. Reliance on 1v1 play with little movement is a problem that stands out with the Fire offensively. Maybe if Grazzini is the guy to keep the ball moving and has enough foresight to envision passes to players on the run things will pick up.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Grazzini's movement off the ball stood out to me in his 25 minutes of play. It was very refreshing. Krasov, I think you're right, and I think it's a problem that a lot of MLS teams have. I watched a lot of soccer yesterday and found myself often wondering out loud why players weren't following through on runs and passes.

  • I think the Fire played better overall than United did yesterday. We had the better of the chances and held possession just as much as they did. Their "B" players arent really that. Cleverly is widely wanted by other EPL teams on loan and so is Wellbeck. Jones and Smalling have played in a lot of EPL games last season too. The only players out there that didnt get a lot of minutes were Obertan and Diouf.

    Our problem was with finishing. That has been our down fall all season. We get so many chances that we get lazy around the box. United gets 6 or 7 chances and puts away 3. We get 10 or 11 and put away 1. Thats the difference in the scoreline right there. That and Jon Conway in net. Grazzini looked pretty good yesterday. He was always wanting the ball and when he didn't have it, he was opening up for a teammate to give it to him. Haven't had that since Blanco. I just dont know if he has the vision and skill to be our #10 type player that we need desperately. Baggio struggled hard yesterday as did Cuesta. I can understand because that is probably the biggest crowds they have both ever played against. IMO, yesterday was the best we played all year. It was a good showing for us and gave us a lot of positives and only reminded us of the things we need. Movement and finishing.

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