Fire Reserves Win Again

The Fire reserves improved their record to 4-0-1 after a 2-1 victory over Sporting Kansas City this morning.  Orr Barouch opened the scoring in the 13th minute and Academy product Manny Guzman provided the winner in the 76th minute.  Academy players Peter Beasley and Brady Wahl also saw action.

Fire Starting XI


Ristic, Robinson, Mikulic, Pantazopoulos

Husidic, Videira, Bone, Pineda

Chaves, Barouch


Beasley for Videira 46'

Rivas for Chaves 54'

Wahl for Ristic 54'

Guzman for Bone 66'

Cautions: Robinson 68', Rivas 86'


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  • GR
    I thought Klopas wanted to use Sebastion Grazzini
    what happened??? Shouldn't he have been used
    to see what he can do ahead of the huge game on Saturday?

  • G.R.
    What happened I thought Klopas was planing on
    using Sebastian Grazzini for this Reserve Game to see how he fits in ahead of "The Big Game on
    Saturday against M.U"???

  • In reply to Juergen:

    They decided to keep him here to train with the first team today.

  • no grazzini?

  • MLS attendance is up 6.3% from last season......

  • Grazzini attended practice in Chicago with the 1st team.

  • So is the reserve record a matter of our reserves being awesome, or just that we're using more quasi first-teamers than the opponents?

    Also, I can't wait until Barouch's obvious goal-scoring prowess starts translating over to MLS games. Any know when his loan expires, and what the odds of the Fire exercising the transfer option are?

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    I believe Barouch's loan deal was for one year but the Fire have an option to extend or buy.

    I think the success of the reserve squad is a bit of a combination of your two theories. The Fire have decent depth for the reserve matches and some of the players used in the reserve games are guys that have started for the first team (Mikulic, Ristic, Barouch, Robinson, etc).

  • How did Victor Pineda look with the reserve team?

  • Probably a good idea not to have Grazzini travel to KC after having traveled from Argentina on Thursday/Friday just to play in a reserve match. I think the Fire would be making a huge mistake not to extent Barrouch's loan or buy him out right if they have that option. Are there playoffs in the Reserve League or do they crown the champion based on the regular season?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    I beleive best record wins...

  • In reply to Krasov:

    There are playoffs in the reserve league. 8 teams will qualify.

  • Sam asked Klopas about Pardo after training today and he had this to say........
    "He likes Chicago, his wife loves Chicago,” Klopas said of Pardo. “It was good to see him. I’ve met him in the past and he’s a good player and that’s all I would say. But we’re always looking to add good players to the team that can help us win.”

    That certainly sounds like there may be something brewing.

    It's possible that Pardo is willing to play in Chicago for less than DP money. The Fire would need to make room for another international if this deal comes to fruition.

  • Pardo is a great player but he is 34 years old. I have to question why he wants to play for the Fire? Does he want to play more than one year and does he have more than one year left in the tank? Seriously, if you were Pardo, why would you want to come to the Fire this year? I can see why someone would want to come to the Fire: great city, great fans, great stadium, great restaurants, great soccer blog (OK that's pushing it a bit), but given the performance of the team and the likelihood of the team not making the playoffs, is this really where you would want to come to? I'm just curious? If he wants to come, I say let's grab him before he changes his mind. GR, who can the Fire trade to get an extra IR spot?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    I can't see them just dumping Maric at $200K per but he would seem the most likely to go if one of the current internationals is moved to make room for Pardo. How they clear the spot for Pardo will be interesting.
    I would have to check out the rest of the league rosters to see who even has an international spot to trade. Very good question though.

    At less than DP money, Pardo would be hard to pass up if he truly does want to play in Chicago badly enough. I didn't see a lot of him last season with America so it's hard for me to really say how much he has left in the tank.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Pardo's 2010-11 season with Club America 33 games played.

  • Guillermo,

    Any chance you know if the Fire are going to get a new shirt sponsor during the Man U game? I remember there was rumors that they were going to unveil it during that game. Any thoughts?

  • In reply to TKing:

    I know that's something Posada is spending a lot of time on. I'm not sure what the timeline is for naming a jersey sponsor. I've talked to a few people about a jersey sponsor and I got the impression nothing was done yet.

  • i'd like to see a game between our reserve team and our 1st team. i'm pretty positive either the reserves would win or it'd be a draw.

  • Nazarit and Barouch are tied atop the Reserve League golden boot race with 4 each.

  • are the fire going to be wearing their home red for the match against man yoo? or will they be treated as the away team?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    I would hope the home team wears the home kits.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Is the ManU away jersey black? That could be murder on Saturday afternoon.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    well i have a strange feeling that the fire will be wearing their away kits. i hope i'm wrong. how does grazzini look in practice? is he gellin like magellan?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Yes, Penapirata! I've also been waiting all week for practice observations. Wondering at the same time... In this heat, can they be practicing hard enough that GR could even see enough to be worth commenting on. Can we expect to see Grazzini against Manchester? Don't think there will be anything better than seeing him in action for ourselves.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    The Fire trained yesterday but it wasn't a full squad and Grazzini participated in 7v7 drills. I wasn't able to catch training yesterday but Sam did mention that he liked what he saw "good touches, good turns, tricky". And you're right's way too hot today to really gather much from a training session ;)

    Pretty sure we'll see him on the pitch against Manchester United at some point.

  • With a 1-0 win over DC United tonight the New England Revolution have moved past the Fire in the Eastern Conference standings with 19 points.

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