Bradley Out - Chicago Next?

US Soccer announced today that head coach Bob Bradley has been relieved of his duties with the US Men's National Team.  The Fire's coaching search for the 2012 season just got a ton more interesting.


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  • Maybe he can bring Bornstein with him to solve our defensive woes!

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    He does love him some JB.

  • interesting indeed. bring bob back!

    btw, i'd like to suggest chicago now make it easier to scroll through your blog posts. once you click on one post, you have to go back to the home page to get to another post...or am i missing something? it should have a forward and back button to scroll through the posts more easily.

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    That would be a nice feature. I will suggest.

  • Bring back Bob and Peter Wilt. Relive the glory days of yore.

  • Althought fimilar with the MLS I don't know if he would be the best fit for Fire.

  • Yes! Maybe he can bring the team back to where they should be. I would also think that he could help with player recruitment too, with his new knowledge of the international scene. I would also assume that young aspiring Americans would want to play under the former USMNT coach.

  • Whatever flack he's taken as USMNT coach, the Fire could certainly do much, much worse. I'd like to see them really look at all the options, but I personally would be happy to see Bob back in Chicago.

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    We'll see how the "coaching search" goes for next season. It's possible that Klopas decides he wants to stay on the bench.

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    I like Frank as coach and would not be displeased at all if he stays there.

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    Klopas is the builder of the second worst team in the league. Bob Bradley and maybe Peter Wilt would rebuild the fire to where it was many years ago

  • A) Any chance we get Bradley and his son, too?

  • Under frank the team is on the verge of being the worst team in the league. He might look good on the side lines but if he coached any other Chicago team he would have not made it thru half of last season. Bring on Bradley.

  • Sign Bob.

  • It would be great to have Bob back as long as he doesn't drag Bornstein with him.
    Would love to have his son also if Michael decides to grow up and act like an adult instead of a spoiled brat.He picks up to many needless fouls, wish he had the attitude of McBride. If he did he would be much further along in his carrer.

  • Pardo said yesterday that his deal with the Fire is for six months. If all goes well the two parties will sit down again after the season and talk about additional terms.

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    that sounds like a pretty smart deal on the fire's end. also i can't see hauptman paying a salary for coach that bradley would be asking for.

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    Isn't he still getting paid for the balance of his contract from the USSF? I think he might come for a reasonable price, though you'll have to wait out the offseason. I remember there being interest from England for his services in the EPL. Maybe a team has a bad first half and he's waiting in the wings, who knows?

  • I think BB was rumored to have been considered by Aston Villa as manager, but in reality, he was never really seriously considered. When you think about it, can you imagine an EPL team hiring an American manager. I think that most English fans would think that to be the ultimate embarrasment. It was hard enough for many teams to accept an American player. Anyway, I think the Fire would probably be a good fit for BB and the team because right now they need US name recognition and BB would bring that to the Fire. Bringing in Pardo gives the Fire marketing material to people who already are into soccer. BB would give the Fire marketing material to people who are casual fans or maybe even who are not fans at all (yet).

  • Klinsmann is the guy for U.S. soccer, wish him well.
    Hopefully, he'll get the authority he wants and develops a new playing style for the U.S. instead of the rather bland and generic style they have been playing for the past number of years.

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    I'm back! totally forgot my last username and password. but oh well.

    anyway, i would welcome BB back if only for the reason that we have tried everything else, why not go back to what worked so well before?

  • In reply to waam:

    Now all we need to do is locate Janjo, Frank Flopas, and some of the other long timers.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    like papa bear (dating back to the red card)

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Nice, your persistent sprinkling of common sense on these threads like (Fire Denis Hamlett Now!) or whenever Sam got flamed has earned you the right to man the site. Congrats. Picked up a few peeps did you? lol. :)

  • Who was on BB's staff besides Denis Hamlet? Are any of the current-soon to be let US MNT staffers former Fire coaches? What about BB bringing former Fire players back to be on his staff. That would be a good thing.

  • You mean like Jesse Marsch? Who knows, the Fire might even interview him for the head coaching position this off season.

  • Good bet that Jesse Marsch is in the mix some how.
    During a "meet the players" event years ago, there were
    more than several younger Fire players goofing off, that is,
    until Jesse Marsch walked in. The players suddenly shaped up
    and walked over and shook his hand. The transformation was
    amazing, like if the Pope had walked in the room.
    Thats respect and maybe that's what the Fire needs

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    I agree. And to tell you all the word, shouldn't he be in the Ring of Fire?

    Still, I would like Bradley back. Rebuild your dynasty.

  • Interesting article about the state of U.S. soccer by Grahame Jones
    in Friday's Tribune.
    In part, I feel that part of the reason for not producing better players
    is that college is one of the major producers of U.S. soccer talent.
    In most other countries players are developed through academy programs and club programs, whereas in the U.S. many of the elite players (particularly from the suburbs) end up recruited by colleges.
    When they get out of college they are 21/22 years of age before even playing in a pro game at any level. College is just the wrong way to develop to develop players capable of playing at the international level. For some players it can be a difficult choice of going to college and having a backup career if soccer doesn't work out versus betting the future on playing soccer.

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    He's right but that is changing with the increased resources MLS is putting into the academies.

  • If anyone is listening in the fire office. Please restore the team to it's old success and bring back Bradley. These past two years have been a disaster but due to a change T the US coaching job you have a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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