Puerari Headed To Mexico

Reports have surfaced out of Mexico that Gaston Puerari has been transferred to Atlas.  According to two spanish football media outlets, Atlas manager Ruben Omar Romano identified Puerari as a new reinforcement for this upcoming FMF season and the forward will report to the club this coming Sunday. 

Puerari did draw some interest from teams in Mexico this winter before signing for Chicago.  The reports have not yet been verified by the club but the report appears to have some validity.  A move to clear an international roster spot was imminent if the Fire are to add another player during the July trasfer window as expected.  Although the player's union listed Puerari's salary as only $50,000.00 for this season I suspect the actual number was considerably higher. 

If the reports are true the move will clear salary cap/budget space as well. 

UPDATE : Sources have verified the move.  Announcement expected shortly.

UPDATE 2 : Here's the official release.


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  • goddamnit

  • sad to see him go, he looked dangerous. Only reason I see this happening is because they plan on bringing in someone else. Good luck to Gaston, i really liked him, both on the pitch and off.

  • Probably good move for both.
    He played hard, but seemingly he wasn't all that effective
    and never really quite to fit in (those traits could apply to several other Fire players).
    Over-all given the number of outside midfielders and with Pappa returning later,
    it should not be detrimental for the team. Wish him the best.
    Hope the Fire sign an attacking CFM.
    Now get rid of Banner for another roster opening

  • i am guessing they know they need another player (at A-mid) and so of the choices of players that were expendable, puerari was one that was in demand that they could get something for. banner, ferrari, paul, KWS, & maric are probly not hot commodities right now, so dropping them nets you nothing in return.

  • It is kind of sad to see Gaston go... even though the team hasn't fared well and he's struggled a bit, I felt pretty invested in the group having watched them come together in the off-season. But the move makes sense and definitely indicates a fairly big international signing. I'm not sure if 35 midfielders live up to that tag, even if they are some of the best Mexico has ever produced / developed (in the case of Sinha). Still, either of those players would be a classic Fire FO signing a la Blanco.

  • I agree. I thought Gaston worked very hard every minute that he was on the field. No one can say that he did not give maximum effort. Results were not there, but I felt that the goals were going to come eventually. Doesn't this give them two open roster spots now? Best of luck to Gaston!

  • i agree- he was a hard worker, and showed he could be dangerous at times. but if barouch is gonna get more time (and i think he should since he has a nose for goal) and nazarit (since he is a big target) that leaves puerari or chavez as the odd man out. puerari probly had more interest from other clubs, so he was sellable.

    players i'd have no problem seeing go even for nothing in return: banner (at least based on his play last season) maric (based on his injury issues). both are still redeemable, however. i'll give em one more shot once they are back in playing shape

  • I really like Puerari (the butcher) I think if all those attempts that went of the post he could of had like 6 goals. I think given that Fire don't have jersey sponsor and money will be running tight there will be one more player to leave the Fire and it just might be Pappa...

  • so, revs play tonite i think, and then have to play chicago saturday. lets hope its a hard fought game tonite, with lots of extra time added on :)

  • fire still gotta be kicking themselves for not beating toronto.

  • Who less can the Fire get transfer money for besides Pappa?

  • Hopefully not, they need more of an attacking MF rather than a defensive one.
    Someone who knows 1 touch, 2 touch, 3 touch soccer, and who can pass accurately
    getting the ball to the forwards.

  • and Kansas City.

  • In reply to manyou07:

    well they played like crap vs KC, & it was their stadium opening day. the other 2 games mentioned, chicago clearly outplayed their opponents & shoulda won

  • In reply to manyou07:

    I understand the move and even think it's probably best for both the Fire and Gaston. But I think we all hate to see him go because, more than anyone else, Puerari gave this Fire team character. In a season of disappointment there was always that satisfaction, the scrappy hard-playing and immediately likeable everyman's workingclass hero. He will be missed and I hope very good things happen for him wherever he goes.

  • In reply to manyou07:

    I wonder how Freddie would have worked out with the current Fire team if he was placed at CMF,
    while at times he didn't look that great, he was probably the most effective player the Fire had,
    I think he had 4 goals and 7 assists in a half season.
    If he was still here, with the younger and faster forwards the Fire might be above the middle standing wise.

  • In reply to manyou07:

    If the Fire do not take Gaston's money to get a top notch creative center mid -- I will be waiting till next year to worry about tickets. The time, effort, and money that were expended to be just p----d away after playing him out of position half the time or not playing him at all is indicative of massively poor judgment!! If they don't get that super AMF then I hope Frank starts looking for a spot in Mexico too.

  • Ok, I too am sad to see the butcher go.
    My question becomes how and where does this place the other players? For starters and subs?
    F - Chaves with Nazarit/ Barouch/ Ordoro
    Mid - L Pappa / C Ordoro /R Nyarko
    Or Pappa in the middle at CAM? Very curious

  • Soto see to see
    gaston leave.. They really do not have anyone to replace him.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    i think papa starts playing as a second striker at times

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