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An interesting bit of news surfaced a few days ago when Club America's coach Carlos Reinoso mentioned that midfielder Pavel Pardo was not likely to return to the Mexican side for their upcoming Apertura season.  America begins pre-season training shortly and Reinoso was not certain of Pardo's status saying " for Pardo, he's looking at options with Chicago but as of today, I don't know."  That was on May 30.

Today, news surfaced that Pardo is apparently negotiating a move to MLS and will not return to Club America.  Although no club is mentioned Pardo has been previously rumored to have interest in Dallas, New York and Houston as well as Chicago

Pardo was a talismanic player at Club America from 1999 to 2006 before departing for a fairly succesful stint in Germany and returning to Mexico in 2009.  He's not exactly the prototypical "attacking midfielder" that most envision when discussing the Fire's immediate needs but he is still a solid two way player with excellent passing ability.  The question is at 35 years old is he still a marquee player worthy of DP status in MLS. 

Seems that several teams might be willing to find out. 

All Star Voting

MLS announced the list of players on the ballot for this year's All Star Game against Manchester United in July.  Fire players on the list are Segares, Pappa, Pause, Gibbs, Chaves, and Oduro.

Neville In Chicago

Manchester United legend and recent retiree Gary Neville will be in Chicago for the next two days and meeting fans at the Globe Pub on Friday afternoon.



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  • pardo would probably not be a good idea if he is asking DP money. sinha might be worth it.

  • Fire has the tools needs just need the right chemistry on pitch. Another second tier mexican or south american player will not do the trick. Nazerith, Chavez and Barouch do are not game fit and Diegos fitness is short lived. Are any of these strikers assist men I ask? This team needs an unselfish number 2 forward who includes others, not a Pappa or Oduro maybe a Nyarko. Also another mid to play with Paladini like a Bone.

  • I could see him in the middle but I like what paladini is doing, and cant see Klopas sitting pause.. also, i think bone on the left can be just what the doctor ordered. Sega is good at getting forward and can keep the width as Bone plays a bit pinched in.

  • andres mendoza pulls a nery and takes a pk that cunningham was supposed to take. looked to me like the team was not happy with mendoza, but cunningham backed off rather than create a scene. he made the pk, but was subbed off about 5 min later, with a few boos from the crowd as he came off. lets hope there is a bit of discord on the team when chicago plays there :)

  • When does the new ChicagoNow blog interface launch? Thought it was sometime early summer... and we all know that Nyarko will be back and better than ever once he's done with the Banner Jinx.

  • "Mendoza said through a translator that he did not know Cunningham was shooting for the record of 133 goals held by Jaime Moreno, nor that Cunningham had been designated before the game to take any penalty kicks."

    that tells you all you need to know about Mendoza as a teammate right there

  • yeah he was very classy. he just backed off, even while Mendoza was ignoring a few other columbus teammates as he stood at the penalty spot. i think cunningham even waived chad marshall away as marshall was walking up to speak to mendoza. i think by that point cunningham just figured it wasnt worth getting into a row in front of the home crowd.

    Mendoza claims didnt know he wasnt supposed to take the pk. then what did he think all his teammates that came up were talking to him for? he was being a prick, not looking at them, just ignoring them. i was kinda surprised he wasnt yanked from the game immediately after that. if i was coach i woulda pulled him and sat his ass.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    ROFL this is priceless

    Mendoza said he was unaware that Cunningham was chasing the record and that he didn't know Cunningham was the designated first-choice penalty taker.

    "I don't mean to be disparaging, but maybe the fans aren't knowledgeable," Mendoza said of the boos.

    who is the unknowledgeable one in these two above sentences?

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Two questions ahead of the preview

    1. Whys is kickoff at 9pm? Isn't KC on Chicago time?
    2. What happened to Anibaba? For awhile, he was an automatic starter.

  • Both Pardo and Sinha strike me as the kind of Blanco-esque signing that the FO would be likely to make. I'm not super familiar with either player, but both seem very talented. Age is obviously a big concern, though.

  • i think thats a way to say that he is benched for being a jerk but we dont want the fans to know that, they hate mendoza enough as it is

  • Can't miss a second of the Atlanta Dream. Whoopie!!!

  • Pardo is(?)/was a great player but he is not he player the Fire need. They need a player who can finish and they need a player who can make plays in the final third, in tight spaces. Where will they get that player, I don't know, but he is not a 35 year old defensive midfielder from Mexico even if he was a great defensive mdefielder in his prime. The Fire need a player like (I say like because they will NEVER get) Luka Modric from Tottenham in the EPL. That's the role the Fire need filled. That and someone who can shoot on frame.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    as a tottenham fan, i agree about modric being most excellent! my favorite player to watch. would love him in chicago in 8 or 9 years when he is looking to wind down his career :)

    and Manchester Utd better keep their grimy stinky hands off him grrrr

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Better yet, when he's here let's have him marry an American, stay here in Chicago, raise his kids Fire fans, have little Lukas play midfield for the Fire before they move to Europe. How can 'Arry turn down 25 Million from Sir Alex? I say the Fire should sign Robbie Keane now! 50 goals for Ireland. He'd be great in MLS.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    keane would be a good addition for MLS. but the MLS probly wouldnt want to pay his transfer fee, and i think he still has some opportunities in EPL next season - i think one of the promoted teams is interested in him. cant remember if it was QPR or swansea?

    if i were spurs, i'd turn down 25 million for luka. he is worth more for sure. if liverpool can pay 20 million for jordan henderson, modric is definately worth more than 25 million. plus, do the spurs want cash or do they wanna compete for the EPL title? they can sell a bunch of players that are not in their first 11. i think palacios is on the way out for about 10-12 million - theres almost half your modric to Man Utd right there! really hoping they get falcao, as spurs need a top striker badly if they wanna compete for the EPL title

  • GR, I saw the smiley, and I don't care at all for women's b-ball. However, the WNBA averaged 269,000 viewers for their ESPN games last season and MLS averaged 249,000 on ESPN. With numbers like that, MLS fans should refrain from making snide remarks about other sports.

  • wow.

  • As far as TV ratings go, both leagues suck.

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