Nazarit Suspended For 2 Games

MLS will announce a two game ban and $500 fine for Cristian Nazirit as a result of what the MLS disciplinary commitee has deemed as a play that endangered the safety of his opponent in the 59th minute of the New England match this past weekend.  Nazirit received a yellow card for an elbow/forearm thrown near the head of Revolution defender Franco Coria. 

The two game suspension seems a bit harsh but MLS is apparently selectively cracking down on questionably rough play.  After reviewing the play it seems to me that a fine would have been sufficient if the league felt that a yellow card wasn't enough punishment.  One game may be too much and two is ridiculous for a play that wasn't extraordinarily dirty or blatant.  Real Salt Lake forward/midfielder Jean Alexandre has also been suspended for one game after a tackle against DC defender Jed Zayner that did not even draw a yellow card during the match.  Alexandre will miss the Fire game while Nazirit will miss RSL and the New York Red Bulls on Sunday. 


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  • This is absurdly harsh. How can an offense that didn't earn a red card in game result in a two game suspension? Even if you argue that the ref should've given a red instead of a yellow, this doesn't make sense to me. If Nazarit's swipe was excessive, it didn't seem to risk a serious, long-term injury.

  • Ridiculous. If an injury had resulted, maybe, but let the refs call the game. And prepare better refs. But after the fact calls diminish the confidence the refs have. It also could encourage refs to avoid controversial calls, since the review board will just fix whatever it was they missed. This is not a good road to go down.

  • On another topic, guess I

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    Love the Fire, but I'll be watching the USMNT. Not even a close decision.

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    Well, what would you except from the MLS crew, there were more vicious plays committed against the Fire in previous games, with no action taken, the Ref in the N.E. game seemed to be inconsistent at times. That's what happens when the league is run by amateurs, who seem to lack a grasp on officiating then make up things as they go along, whether it makes any sense or not.

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    The suspension would not really bother me if there was some sort of precedent or standard in place--or at least if it didn't seem so random on who/how they punish. The only other thing that is a little arbitrary is the assumption of intent and how they use that in their adjudication process with regards to the duration of punishment(s).

    As far as Nazarit goes, it did seem clear that he meant to nail Coria. The ref in match gave him an appropriate yellow for the action--which resulted in no actual harm--so a 2 match post-fact ban IS harsh, given some of the duration of punishments for ACTUAL damage to players involved in other plays.

    This is another example of MLS erring on the side of (what they feel) caution, rather than dispensing their post-hock justice according to the acts as they occurred. Just a sad statement about the disconnect between the refs and what MLS wants to see on the pitch.

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    Feel MLS on this one is a little dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. People always say punish like it does injure even if it doesn't. But then when they do, the same people often say he didn't hurt anyone why is it so stiff.. I think 1 game would have been fine, 2 seems a bit much as I am not sure he meant to do it, but he has been leading with the arms and elbows far out and maybe he was warned..

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    eh, it was a pretty dumb foul by nazarit, and i was a bit relieved he didnt get a straight red for it, because he could have. 2 games suspension is a bit harsh, but i also want to see MLS crack down on the unnecessary rough play - as long as they are consistent - not favoring "favored" teams like NYRB & LAG, or individuals like beckham, donovan, henry, etc

  • Big Soccer is usually a wasteland for me, but I read Bill Archer's blog consistently. He has been providing a lot of info on this scandal.

    Archer notes in the above post that Warner's resignation automatically closed the case against him, as per Swiss law. Although it looks really slimy, the law allows Warner to get out while he can and he wisely took that route.

    The stuff in the tweet that you cite may be used against Warner in T&T, however. Tbe local police apparently are opening an investigation on him.

  • pretty much need to get a bunch of big soccer countries to band together and issue FIFA an ultimatum - clean it up or we'll pull out and start a new soccer organization. FIFA will wither and die if they only have carribean, asian & middle eastern teams competing

  • right, but Americas FA alone will just make FIFA say "F U, we won't miss you"

    need to have Englands FA, Spains FA, Italys FA, Brazils FA, Germanys FA on board - or at least most of them.

  • What baffles me is Sepp Blatter still in charge.

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