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The Sting travelled to San Diego on June 7, 1981 to take on the team that eliminated them from the NASL playoffs in 1979 and 1980.  The Sting scored only one goal but it was enough to beat the Sockers this time. 
Arno Steffenhagen scored midway through the first half cutting in towards goal from the right wing to place the ball past San Diego goalkeeper Volkmar Gross.  The victory improved the Sting's record to 10-3.


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  • A record of 10-3. Dreaming of days gone by, to come back again.

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    I agree

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    if memory serves, Gross and Strffenhagen had been involved in a betting scandal in Germany and had served some kind of a Ban. This was thought to be a reason why Steffenhagen, a great player, had only one cap and had enjoyed somewhat of a gypsy footballer career, with a stop in South Africa among others.

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    The betting scandal played a part, but Steffenhagen hurt his knee early on ... I think that played a bigger part. Many big clubs - including national teams - didn't shy away from players with less than perfect backgrounds ... a perfect example from that time period was Paolo Rossi.

    Rossi received a three year ban in 1980 that was "surprisingly" reduced to two so that he could play in the 1982 World Cup - scoring six goals to lead Italy to the title.

    Paolo Rossi would led Italy to the 1982 World Cup title despite

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    This is off topic, but does anyone know if there's anything to all the rumors swirling around Pappa's supposedly imminent departure from Chicago? MLS Kick Off linked an article in Spanish reporting that everyone in Chile is sure he has been signed to Colo-Colo, other reports say that MU will look at him on their US tour, and that he will trial with Villareal and Newcastle.

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    The game against San Diego marked the debut of Paul Hahn. I remember Howard commenting on WGN that Hahn looked lost at times but overall had a good debut against San Diego.

    I wasn't all the impressed for a player wthe Sting touted as one of the final pieces needed to win the Soccer Bowl.

    The other piece was Dieter Ferner.

    Ferner's stay with the Sting started with him sitting on the bench behind Paul Coffee but eventually he would become a fan favorite.

    I don't know if I'd put Hahn in the group of aging European players who came to the NASL for a paycheck, but he just never seemed to warm up to his stay in Chicago; never really living up to the billing of a 10-year vet of the Bundesliga.

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    Hahn did ok but I think he as a better indoors than outdoor with the Sting.
    I can not remember for sure if the reason Hahn was brought in was because they were unhappy with the late sweeper back Ivan Miljovic.

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    The word the Sting used over and over again was "flexibility". Not only would Hahn compete for Miljkovic for the sweeper position, but that he could also fill a defensive midfield role.

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    And get this , they even used Hahn up top for some reason in game 3 of the series against Seattle.

  • It does seem rather over the top. I just wondered if having so many different rumors of him heading somewhere else didn't mean that there might be something to at least one of them.

    I've read a few people arguing that the Fire played their best without him this last Saturday, but I find it hard to believe that the team would really be better overall without him. If he is selfish at times, his skill and fairly young age counterbalance that. That being said, if he really did have an opportunity for a big move, I'd be happy to see him take it and be successful elsewhere.

  • Would he even make a difference if he came to Fire?

  • Any word how the new trialist midfielder is working out.

  • For instance, if the Fire sign Pardo, who will grab some bench? Pause? Paladini?

  • any predictions on the game Thursday, any major changes?

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