Fire v Sounders Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Ristic, Cuesta, Gibbs, Segares

M Oduro, Pause, Paladini, Bone

F Chaves, Nazirit

Bench : Conway, Anibaba, Robinson, Husidic, Nyarko, Barouch, Puerari


GK Keller

D Riley, Parke, Kennedy-Hurtado, Wahl

M Rosales, Evans, Alonso, Neagle

F Fucito, Jaqua

Bench : Boss, Gonzalez, Ianni, Scott, Carrasco, Levesque, Montero


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  • gotta say, i generally like what i am seeing so far. less dicking around passing it back n forth in the back four. more decent chances at goal. corners have actually looked dangerous. corner defense has looked pretty solid. the midfield is actually further up in the offensive third and when the sounders defenders knock it away from our strikers, the fire midfield is in position to win it back sometimes. rarely saw any of this under CLDC.

    still nothing to show for it at halftime, but to me this is more attractive soccer than what we've been seeing.

    oh - and sean johnson has actually made some very good saves - he looks like the SJ of last season.

  • cuesta is my Man of the match unless something happens these last 5 min

  • last 10 min fire musta been tired - just started booting it upfield with no purpose

  • The lineup we played is such a better lineup than DLC's. Nezarit is a good target man and Chaves plays well just behind him. Paladini played really well tonight because Logan gives him a lot more freedom.

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