Fire v Red Bulls Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Cuesta, Gibbs, Segares

M Nyarko, Paladini, Husidic, Pappa

F Oduro, Chaves

Bench: Conway, Mikulic, Ristic, Bone, Videira, Chaves, Ferrari

Red Bulls

GK Condoul

D Solli, Keel, Mendes, Miller

M Richards, Tainio, Ballouchy, Lindpere

F Henry, DeRosario

Bench: Sutton, JOnes, Schneider, Da Luz, Kassel, Rooney, Hertzog


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  • Was Cuesta taking notes on last night's MNT collapse?

  • If not Pause, does Bone or Ristic get the start? Or is there another possibility?
    But as far as today goes, I see Barouch or Ordoro scoring.

  • looks like another draw...

  • I just want a win on Tuesday!!!

  • The most frustrating part of the game was seeing our guys create so many more opportunities and fail on them all.

  • the Fire still looked better than San Jose did the night before they couldnt even get a half decent shot on Mike Magee in goal despite being a man up for the whole 2nd half - pathetic!

  • frustrating thing is the Fire have clearly outplayed their opponents in the 2nd half lately but just cannot get that winning goal

  • also dont think you can fault klopas coaching too much for this - they are not bunkering in, and the subs are all attacking players. they are also for the most part doing a good job getting the ball to the speedy wingers of oduro & nyarko, which is what the strategy should be. a bit disappointed with a lot of the goal kicks that SJ punts to the opposing keeper tho

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Does any one know actual number of shots, shots on goal, goals? This group cannot score goals. Its that simple! Open chances must be finished. Bench players when they miss golden chances. Was it 15/4?

  • Its not that we dont try its just the percentage of shots taken vrs shot on frame are bad too. The chances are not very good quality and thus the poor goal ratio. This team must have it put on a tee in front of the goal, oh yea Oduro and Nazarit would still send it over the crossbar. Bad shots equal bad results. Quantity means nothing!

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