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  • My vote goes to Barouch, if not for his shredding defenders, Nazarit would have not had the shot to take. Husidic and Puerari had similar games in terms of aggressive shots and advancing the ball. Nyarko was just being careful and then turned on the burners. Gibbs and Cuesta, not quite Conde and Soumare... but hard to beat all the same.
    At least for this week it's fun to be a fan again. I dont know the last time I was excited about a vote. I know Pappa's only been out for a quick minute, but at least for right now, it feels like we have depth at the outside spots, and while Baggio and Paladini and Bone may not be EPL quality, I don't think CAM is problem with the style of play we saw Sunday.
    Fire til I die.

  • well there is still a lot of work to do, but if they keep up the effort, at least they won't be a team other teams look forward to playing

  • Count - true what you say a lot of work and a lot of season left. And I don't really know what goes on behind the scenes, but Frank's post game comments, where he spoke on camera of his pre game comments in the locker room seem to have gotten the "all 90 all in" message out.

  • In reply to ChrisConnolly:

    almost unfortunately, the team took that a little too literally, and after the goal was scored, and play restarted it was past the 90 minute mark, and the team relaxed a bit it seemed. nearly cost em in extra time

  • I went with the CB tandem because they did all game. Orr was good once he settled but it was a smaller time frame, Nyarko was bad in the first half, Johnson had nothing to do, Nazarit scored the goal but other then that just ok, and gaston and baggio both gave a good effort made good plays tried to take shots and push the game but no shots on goal and another shut out this one was about the defenders

  • In reply to lijien:

    No self respecting pollster would ever create a poll with a number of single options and then one option with 2 options. I demand a recount!!! This was rigged! ;)

  • i'd love to see pappa stay outside and make crosses into the box more often.

  • mikulic back in full training is a good thing. me like very much.

  • Couldn't watch but based on comments it appears we have a lineup that can not only play well but can win --- hope Frank doesn't keep messing with it like DLC did. Give these guys a couple of games with the same people next to them and the passing might even improve. Obviously room needs to be made for Pappa!!

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