US Open Cup Play In Tuesday

The Fire will need a win tonight to avoid missing the knock out stages of US Open Cup play for the first time ever in franchise history.  This game, along with the previous win against Colorado are considered "play in" games and not part of the tournament proper. 

San Jose manager Frank Yallop says he's going for the win with his best line up

Unfortunately there will be no video stream of the match but an audio call will be available through the Earthquakes site. 

The official US Open Cup site will also be hosting a live chat during the game.  It won't be the uncensored Fire related fun that we featured during the pre-season's Fire Confidential Live Chats but it may be worth checking out nonetheless.


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  • Injury Report:

    CHICAGO FIRE -- OUT: MF Mike Banner (L Achilles tendinitis); DF Steven Kinney (R Achilles repair); MF Patrick Nyarko (concussion); DOUBTFUL: MF Marko Maric (L deltoid sprain/talar dome contusion); QUESTIONABLE: DF Josip Mikulic (L biceps subluxation); MF Michael Videira (concussion symptoms); PROBABLE: FW Diego Chaves (R foot contusion)

  • continued mistakes, from the broadcast it sounded like the Fire were fairly competitive for the most part, at least until the second goal. Another loss on Saturday could be the nail in the coffin for DLC.

  • Why Robinson and not Corey Gibbs?
    Looks like we will be saying Adi'os To CDLC and hopefully Frankie Klopas too. Those two are destroying the Soccer Fire Fan Base.
    Also Julian Posada is as useless as a tit on a bull.

  • Now 2-1 , the combination of Oduro, Barouch, and Nazarit could be the future for the Fire.

  • 2-2. Sounds like the Fire are dominating, plus Nazarit had a goal called back for offsides (harshly according to the Fire twitter feed).

  • Could be worse. At least they're not quitters :)

  • The ref seems like he is a " homer" from the broadcast.
    Stupid play by Segeres, sholud have better self control

  • Hmm. We're usually not too good at those.

  • Why is Pause in our top five penalty takers? So predictable that he would miss.

  • FIRE WIN DLC is an ass to send in Pause, he can't judge his teams talent

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Did they learn from the 2009 MLS Eastern Conference championship game? I rather have Mia Hamm or Brandi Chastain to take PK's than Logan Pause.

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