Monday News and Notes

A round up of some of today's headlines:

Gold Cup

Marco Pappa has been called up for the Guatemalan National team so it is likely that he will miss most of the Fire's games in June.  Seattle 6/4, at Kansas City 6/9, at Columbus 6/12, at New England 6/18, and Real Salt Lake on 6/22 are all games that could see the Fire without their leading scorer over the last two seasons.  Davis Paul, Patrick Nyarko, and Bratislav Ristic are all candidates to fill in on the outside but Nyarko is recovering from concussion symptoms and a timetable for his return hasn't been determined yet. 

Bob Bradley announced his US roster for the Gold Cup and seven MLS players are included. Former Fire defender Carlos Bocanegra is on the squad, as is Downer's Grove native Eric Lichaj.  MLSers include Agudelo, Donovan, Wondolowski, Ream, Rimando, Rogers, and Feilhaber.

US Open Cup

The Fire take on San Jose in California tomorrow night in another USOC play in game.  There is no video feed unfortunately but an audiostream will be available through an Earthquakes outlet at

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  • I will try to make it for live chat, not sure if I can or not yet.

    Kinda scared about Pappa missing. With us not scoring right now on a regular basis, this is gonna hurt. I have seen a few people passing around the idea of getting rid of Marco recently. That is a horrible idea. I think his absence will show these people how integral he is to the team.

  • He certainly has some deficiencies as a player, but it's not like he's starting in barcelona's midfield. if i was starting an mls team, pappa would be the first player from the fire i'd take, considering his age, talent, technique and scoring ability (the combo is pretty tough to come by in mls). to suggest getting rid of him, imo, is ridiculous.

    anyway, since i brought it up, i wonder who others would pick first from the fire if starting an mls team?

    at the beginning of the year, i may have said sean johnson, but now i don't have the same faith that he'll pan out as i thought he would. another mystery, is nyarko. i thought going into the year he was one of the top 2 players on the team. i know he's currently hurt, but man, he really hasn't developed much over the past couple of years. it's pretty disappointing considering his draft status and his generally solid play at the beginning of his career that he hasn't developed further and into more of a scoring beast. he's a solid player, but he's a borderline starter at this point, which isn't what I had expected from him.

    damn, the more i write on this blog, the more frustrated i get with the current fire squad. >:/

  • I would probably say Pappa too. Despite his shortcomings, he can make plays no one else on the Fire can.

    As for Nyarko, I also agree he could net some goals if he can get past him hesitancy to take shots. He certainly has the speed.

    Another player who has impressed so far is Oduro. His lack of finishing aside, he has really made things happen so far and Nyarko may have a hard time getting his spot back when healthy. I am not saying I would choose Oduro to start a team, but he would be a good pick if you are not relying on him to be your top scorer.

  • count me as one of those that gets very frustrated watching pappa play. i think he is a pretty talented yet selfish player.

    IMO pappa is the Fires best player, but IMO he is in the wrong position. as much as he wants to be in the center of the field, yet he is always played as a winger

    if i were to build a team, i'd probly pick him first of the Fire players, but have him at withdrawn forward maybe (or A-mid? kinda selfish for a playmaker, but he has made a few brilliant passes this season that led to excellent chances IIRC) i'd probly pick oduro second, he has done well as a winger IMO, and its probly a better position for him than forward like he was at Houston

  • This actually saddens me. Now I have to decide between staying up to watch the game and go to bed frustrated with the Fire's play, or get a decent night's sleep only to start the next day with depressing news.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Positive mental attitude. Envision this as the game that turns around the season.

    Also pray for good weather or my wife won't let me bring the boys to the game on Saturday.

  • Oh good. I'm spared.

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