Klopas Takes Over As Interim Coach

Frank Klopas wrapped up his first training session as the "interim head coach" of the Chicago Fire this morning by answering questions regarding the immediate future and direction of the team after yesterday's dismissal of Carlos De Los Cobos.  Klopas explained that the move was a "soccer decision" and was not an easy move to make considering that as Technical Director, De Los Cobos was his choice in January 2010.  "The decision is not something that happened in one day or two days," said Klopas.  "It's a process, we looked at many different things and just felt that we had to make a decision but it's the right decision for the team to move forward.  Carlos is a great human being.  I have tremendous respect for him but sometimes things just don't work out."

Klopas also addressed the timing of the move, who made the decision, his role as Technical Director and various other topics:

  • De Los Cobos was notified of the decision on Sunday
  • Soccer people made the soccer decisions
  • With regard to formation and line up changes Klopas feels that drastic changes aren't in order at the moment.  "This is not the time to experiment.  You do stuff like this in preseason when you have two months to try things and figure things out.  I think we just have to fine tune certain things."
  • As far as staying on as head coach, Klopas was not speculating on how long he would hold the position.  "It's not something I wanted.  I'm the technical director and I love what I do, what I did, and what I will continue to do but we felt when this decision was made and moving forward we felt that the team needed continuity.  I'm responsible for bringing the players here and I'm very familiar with the players.  They know me and I think that transition would be very smooth instead of bringing in somebody new at this point in the season."
  • On the search for a permanent coach, "We'll put a list together of candidates.  The evaluation process will begin once the list is put together.  Mike Jeffries, myself...then we'll start interviewing and evaluations."  The club has not had any talks with coaching prospects. 
  • The attitude of the team is still very good and he believes in this team.
  • Klopas does not feel that this seasons results are "make or break" for him as Technical Director but the team has issues to address.  "I'm from the city so for me it's more personal. I will do everything humanly possible that I can."
  • The Fire is still considering a move for an attacking midfielder during the July transfer window. 

You can listen to the entire Klopas interview here

De Los Cobos addressed the team this morning and wished them well while thanking them for the support and opportunity.  "It takes some pretty strong character to get up in front of the group that just decided to let you go and face your former players," said Logan Pause. 


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  • Ok, if Frank did not say, then I'm curious, what formation will we see? I'm fine to wait for game day, no reason to tip off Seattle to what we will do. I'm all kinds of anxious for game day.
    Now looking back does not really matter as much as looking ahead... but who made the call to let Busch go? I feel that Sean Johnson should be our starter now... But my asking about JB comes from looking at SBI where this was posted: Player of the Week-
    Justin Mapp has shown flashes of attacking brilliance throughout his MLS career, but on Saturday he put together what may have been his best performance as a pro. The Philadelphia Union midfielder scored a pair of goals and contributed to three other Union goals in the Union's 6-2 thrashing of Toronto FC. The virtuoso performance made Mapp the clear choice for SBI MLS Player of the Week honors.

  • I was fine with letting Mapp go to make room for Freddie, and Chad Barett for BMB. But hind sight shows former players being successful post Fire, well I just hope the current players are due for their own success.

  • We had to get rid of cabos . This move should have been made last year. The thing that bothers me is that frank has not coached one single out door game in his life. Can you imagine hiring say an engineer to build a building that had absolutely 0 experience as a lead guy. Does this smell of just plan being cheap. They have to cover the just departed coaches salary and figured the season is dead anyway so why add to the expense and just move in Klopas until next year. I had heard a rumor that for a price the team could be purchased I hope someone with some brains purchases the team. Chicago would look like Portland with the right management

  • It's amazing but not surprising the attention and pontificating going on re. the Jim Tressel resignation while this FIFA business is thrown out as a sidebar. It's a shame the sports media in this country are clueless about the situation because it would be perfect fodder for the talking heads.

  • any idea how long will mikulic be out for with that fracture?

  • GR, Has US Soccer remained totally silent on this? Isn't that also just as shameful? Seriously, is Sunil Gulati afraid of Jack Warner's power within CONCACAF? We should be leading the investigation within in our own confederation especially since the former attorney for US Soccer is the investigator that prepared the report presented to FIFA. This whole thing is disgusting. If CONCACAF thought that we could get a guaranteed spot in the 2018 World Cup or the 2022 World Cup, I think any chance of that is totally gone given our complete silence in this mess.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    There was a suggestion of the North and Central American nations breaking off to form a smaller federation, leaving the Caribbean countries as a unique federation that would get half a World Cup spot (like Oceania). I wonder what would need to happen to bring that to a reality. The CFU would hate it but Jamaica and Trinidad are battling for the 3d and 4th CONCACAF spots as it is.

  • The silence from the USSF may be a calculated move on their part. We can see how Blazer got all of his ducks in a row before bringing the bin Hammam bribery charge to the Ethics Committee. I would not necessarily equate public silence with being gutless.

  • Do we know how the US Soccer voted? Did we vote for Blatter? If we did that is shameful.

  • New question - Frank could have been an assistant coach under DH, or tech director? How is that the case? If they were looking to fill two "vacancies" at the same time, ok... but that's interesting, you could land up here, or down there on the org chart....

  • How about Maric? That guy is the Baltic Thorrington.

  • In reply to fireman451:

    Baltic? He's Croatian.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    i think he meant Balkan

  • Yeah, I forgot where I read that (and I can't find it again) but it conused me, I never knew about the assistant part.

  • I'd say the US Open and Brimstone are about the only cups we're vying for this year unless we pull a NYRB/RSL maneuver by sneaking into the postseason.

  • GR, Was Tom Soehn ever on the Fire's short list to replace Denis Hamlet? (Denis is on Vancouver's Staff now) Tom Soehn played for and coached under Bob Bradley. Was he too connected to the old regime to be considered? Maybe the old regime knew what they were doing. Didn't they win?

  • guillermo you going to join us in c-bus?

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