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Another Sting memory from FireStingDoug..........

On May 3, 1981 the Sting maintained their perfect franchise record at Comiskey Park by defeating the Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-1.  Karl Heinz Granitza, Ingo Peter, and Charlie Fajkus scored the goals for the home side.

The win improved the Sting record to 3-2 but not many people saw it as only 5,857 were in attendance.  Those numbers would soon improve as early season games at Comiskey Park did not draw big crowds.  Regular season games at Wrigley Field were better attended than those on the south side. 


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  • The Sting finally won a game comfortably ... yet they were still out-shot and played without Arno Steffenhagen, who missed a handful of games with a hamstring injury. A red card to Jan Van Der Veen for taking a swipe at Pato didn't help the Rowdies' cause.

    Tampa Bay was woeful at the start of the 1981 season. And it only got worse as they lost their, Winston DuBose to injury. The problem - DuBose was one of their three North American players. With DuBose out, Coach Jago had to shake up the line-up to find another N.A. player - which Tampa did not have a surplus of.

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    Yep , a team that had an American keeper did have a big advantage as far as the North American rule , Sting had that in the few games in 1981 when they started Paul Coffee.

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    I remember at one point counting that the Sting used at least six North American players in 29 of the 42 games. Spalding (naturalized USA citizen), Glenn and Fajkus were pretty much a given as was Hall off the bench. Finding 3 North American players was no problem for the Sting

  • Sorry for the typo ... "as the lost their" should be "as their lost their starting GK".

  • Did it again ... let me try again.

    Tampa Bay was woeful at the start of the 1981 season. And it only got worse as they lost their starting GK, Winston DuBose, to injury.

  • No problem with the typos , I knew exactly what you meant.
    I remember the Sting missing 2 wide open nets in the first half.
    The win avenged their 1980 2-1 Wrigley Field loss to the Rowdies.

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