Fire v Whitecaps Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Conway 

D Anibaba, Mikulic, Cuesta, Segares 

M Paladini, Bone, Pappa, Oduro, Puerari 

F Chaves

Bench: Dufty, Pantazopoulos, Robinson, Husidic, Paul, Ristic, Barouch


GK Nolly 

D Leathers, Janicki, Akloul, Rochat 

M Chiumiento, Dunfield, Koffie, Wagner 

F Hassli, Camilo

Bench: Cannon, Boxall, Brovsky, Khalfan, Salinas, Teibert, Salgado

Patrick Nyarko is out due to illness and Sean Johnson has a quad injury so he is not dressed.


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  • Anyone have a link to a stream?

  • Better possession today but nothing to show for it yet as Oduro skies a good chance and Chaves hits a post.

  • If this team could only finish 1 v 1 against the keeper, the record would be pretty solid.

  • a few comments

    that was a horrible team that chicago just played to a 0-0 draw :(

    mikulic was lucky not to get a red in the early minutes on that breakaway - i thot it was a DOGSO foul.

    these guys need to start hitting their shots lower. i mean, damn near every shot was 20 feet over the goal. put it on frame, make the opposing goalie do some work

    i am still trying to decide if pappa is a benefit or detriment to this team. the goals he scores are great. the passes & disposessions from trying to do too much too often are demoralizing to watch

  • my god that was difficult to watch. I haven't shaken my head that much since... since... yeah i dunno, but it was bad. Yes we dominated possession but where is the confidence?! And I don't mean the "take a shot from 30 yards and put it 20 yards over the crossbar" confidence, because that was certainly there. I'm talking about the multiple Chaves, Oduro chances that were right there for the taking, yet they tried to make it perfect and not mess up... which, like usual, leads to a mess up in front of goal.

    The last 20-30 minutes showed me no urgency to get the 3 points. Vancouver clearly had no interest in anything but a draw, but the Fire didn't look all that enticed by an easy 3 pts for the taking, either! Man, it just looked like everyone was playing some cruel joke out there. Like they were playing the "weak foot only" game from the training ground.

    I think I need a drink.

  • GR- I need the player grades posted, so I can complete my weekly grieving ritual. I gotta get the crying outta my system so I go take care of my wife, and mom, and mother- in- law. ;)

  • Haha, it'll be up shortly cnote.

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