Fire v Toronto Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Conway

D Anibaba, Cuesta, Gibbs, Segares

M Paladini, Bone, Pappa, Oduro, Puerari

F Chaves

Bench : Dufty, Robinson, Ristic, Husidic, Barouch, Watson-Siriboe, Mikulic


GK Frei

D Eckersley, Cann, Williams, Gargan

M deGuzman, Peterson, Tchani

F Plata, Santos, Soolsma

Bench : Kocic, Harden, Cordon, Martina, Gold, Stevanovic, Sturgis


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  • As Iron mentioned in the previous comments.....Nazarit's visa wasn't approved in time for the trip to Canada and he is not with the team.

    Mikulic is still suffering from the effects of that shoulder injury suffered in Colorado so he is not starting.

  • for some reason CSN decided to start showing the game after 15 min had already passed

    not sure how toronto scored their 1st?

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Plata eluded an ill advised tackle attempt from Paladini and found space in front of Anibaba and Cuesta to beat Conway to his left.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Cory Gibbs marks out for DLC at half time comparing him to Steve Nicol and Bruce Arena

  • In reply to cesba:

    if by bruce arena he means plays extremely conservatively, not fun to watch soccer, then yeah...

  • In reply to cesba:

    Bone is my MOTM

  • In reply to cesba:

    So when does Johnson get to start again?

  • In reply to cesba:

    Two comments on this one:

    1. Yet again, failure to convert 1 v 1 against the keeper costs the Fire points.

    2. What was with those time-wasting, defensive substitutions in the last few minutes? Did DLC not notice that his team dominated that second half? Does he not realize that the Fire really need the morale boost of taking three points from a match?

  • In reply to cesba:

    after being down 0-2, a 2-2 draw is a good result

    however, a 2-2 draw is a bad result.... chicago needs wins, draws won't get em into the playoff hunt

  • In reply to cesba:

    and toronto is a BAD team. thats 2 draws in a row against horrible teams that even chicago was able to dominate possession against.

  • In reply to cesba:

    thought Bone picked it up in the second half, Surprised oduro stayed on so long in those conditions, seemed the mud slowed him down in the second half.
    conway made everything interesting, which was more accentuated because Frei looked good even in those conditions.
    I know it was 10 min, but husdic looked decent
    our backline still boots the ball away to much when they have time, also a few times the mids seemed to be keeping possession would pass back to the backline and they would just boot it to toronto. Need to clean that up.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Among the positives- Orr Barouch's 1st goal.

    Is Ristic really only a defensive- oriented player? I remember (and think of) him as fast, aggressive, able to steal, able to distribute. Not Ordoro fast, but I'm wondering if Ristic were in similar spots as Ordoro, near the net what would happen?

    I'd like for Gaston to not be 1st subbed out always. I think he should move up as forward again.

    GR- as to your typing the same type of message again, much respect to you. It's got to be a challenge to do your job - specifically to set a tone of hope, tempered by the facts, and to give fair criticism without hitting the panic button.

  • In reply to ChrisConnolly:

    Thanks C-note. I try to keep it even handed, fair, and objective.

  • In reply to ChrisConnolly:

    Let's see if Nazarit gets the paperwork issues taking care of and get ready against the Union. They need him badly espeically on the free kicks. Their free kicks continue to be horrendous by hitting into a walls whether it is wet or dry conditions. Paladini should had scored on pass where he was all alone. Can't waste wins against bad teams.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Nazirit's paperwork is in order for playing within the US. His visa was not ready in time allowing him to play in Canada.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Some TFC fans working in the Canadian immigration office, no doubt :)

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Fire alum update: Irapuato defeats Tijuana 1-0. Blanco played the whole 90 minutes with no goals but draw few fouls.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    @ Count -agree with your comments. Let me add that maybe if Ristic was used for more time, what he does not have in relative speed, he might make up for in precision passing or shooting. And yes it was a time killer, I too hate accepting that killing time was the plan. (best breakfast cereal moniker ever)
    @ longoria - the Fire need him to fill that set piece role that you observe.
    @GR- 3 points would put some fun back into the fair for you, and for us.

  • In reply to ChrisConnolly:

    the ristic sub was a time-wasting sub. and while he isnt totally defensive player, he is definately not the offensive speed threat that oduro is. even a tired oduro

    CLDC was happy with the draw. if it were against some middling team like houston or new england, i mite have been ok with it as well after coming back 0-2. but it was against a crap team, and chicago was controlling the game and toronto only threatened on teh counter the last 30 minutes. shoulda keep going for the win IMO

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