Fire v Earthquakes Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Segares, Cuesta, Gibbs, Ristic

M Pappa, Paladini, Pause, Oduro

F Chaves, Nazirit

Bench : Conway, Pantazopoulos, Robinson, Bone, Husidic, Barouch, Puerari


GK Busch

D Convey, Hernandez, Opara, Beitashour

M Corales, Stephenson, Ring, Gjertsen

F Lenhart, Wondolowski

Bench : Weber, Burling, McDonald, Ampaipitakwong, Cronin, Morrow, McLoughlin


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  • Not too many touches for Nazarit this half, almost invisible...

  • chicago actually looked pretty good last 10 min of the 1st half - just need a bit more finesse in the box, but i like that they are getting numbers forward for once

  • Good marking on that corner...

  • Nice stat, TheFire have not won since March 26....

  • yay another draw :(

    be nice if this team could figger out how to take and hold a lead once

  • Yay another point! When was the last time the Fire actually had a lead?

  • any way we can kidnap Brad Davis from Houston? that would solve a lot of the Fires issues IMO

  • btw, i'd love to see wondo get a few caps in the gold cup - guy has a nose for goal, he's fun to watch

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    He'll definitely see some action. Only three forwards on the roster.

  • WTF was Cuesta doing on the Wondo goal? He was on the wrong side and about two yards off of him. You can see him make a motion as if he's heading the ball, which isn't anywhere near him. Quite hilarious, actually.

  • Comparing this game to the Whitecaps game, I have to say the play was entirekly different. First, Logan Pause was critical in his ability to control the middle. He allowed Paladini to be an offensive mid. It was nice to see Palladini go forward and be an attacker. The formation also allowed that to happen. Clearly, DLC was playing for his job by deploying a 4-4-2. Also, he allowed the team to mix up the deep balls and build ups from the back. Overall, the Fire played really well last night. Cuesta did screw up on the Wondo header, but overall he played really well because his job was clearly was to harras Lenhard all night and he did a great job of that. Baggio was a great late sub and did exactly what we needed in giving Gibbs the service that had been lacking earlier. Against the Whitecaps the Fire controlled posession in the defensive third. Last night, they controlled posession in the midfield. They need to work on controlling in for a few more touches from the 18 on in and more goals will come. It was a much improved performance last night even though the score line does not show that. I still say DLC should go.

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