De Los Cobos Released - Klopas To Take Over On The Bench

The Chicago Fire have fired head coach Carlos De Los Cobos after 41 games at the helm in just over one season.  A disappointing May that appeared promising at first glance was apparently the last opportunity for De Los Cobos to maintain his position for the rest of the campaign. 

Technical Director Frank Klopas will assume the coaching duties effective immediately and will address the media after training tomorrow morning at Toyota Park.  Much more on this story to follow. 


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  • Adios attractive possession soccer . . . hello to "pushing up the field, agressive trying win dammit" soccer.

    Good luck Klopas, start racking up some dang wins.

    You have my support.

  • BTW, this announcement was properly timed, Memorial Day.

    Good bye CLDC ball, let's bring back some winning soccer.

  • I think it is a matter of personnel and the Fire are just not good enough. Some bright spots, but just not enough quality at fullback, center half, attacking midfielder or overall depth. In addition, they don't seem to get any luck. of course, if you are consistently lucky then you are good, so I suppose the reverse is also true.

  • In reply to Celt:

    agreed. it's on klopas now, interested to see if it was the talent or the coach. or both.

  • In reply to Drew:

    It is both. The job is only half done. Let The clock that marks Frank's departure begin it's countdown now!

  • In reply to Drew:

    I think we need to play with a new formation. I think it's just the style of play that seems to really hurt us. We need to control the middle of the field and win that battle and then the rest will follow. Something along the lines of this:







    I feel like that lineup gives us enough to overload the middle and win the ball and keep it with those players in there. It gives Segares and Ristic the freedom to join the attack when we have it and drop in when we dont.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    fire havent played well with chavez as lone striker. perhaps with nazarit up there... maybe.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Guys one of the main problems is Klopas. He brought in Cobos and is responsible for the complete mess that is on the field. What makes anyone think that he can solve the problem that he created. At the end on the season maybe something will be done to clean house.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    The fire now have the opportunity to pull a Liverpool. ;)

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    GR, do you see this as permanent? I can see it both ways. Frank gives us time to look for a new coach. On the other hand, if he is given the rest of the season, what happens is we do better? Is he made permanent coach? What if we do badly? Does he wonder about his job then too? I don't think we can afford to experiment again if we do end up brining someone in. We need a good candidate that knows the league. Wynalda's name is getting bandied about. Despite experience, he would know the league. I have heard Preki's name before, and I really hope that doesn't happen. I think he would be worse than cdlc. Boring and completely defensive minded.

    Bottom line, I wish Frank the best and hope he does well. But we also need to look at possible hirings too. What do you think gr?

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    koke didnt last long in Houston

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    I think a 4-3-3 suits our players.. will also be interesting to see who plays, with pappa gone for gold cup i would like

    Ristic -- Mickulic -- Gibbs - Sega
    Husidic -- Pause--Palladini
    Oduro -- Chaves -- Gaston

  • In reply to lijien:

    no pappa in that lineup?

    anyways, i like that 4-3-3 idea tho - CLDC always seemed too conservative in tactics. i am all for going balls to the wall for the rest of the season - after all, what do they have to lose?

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    doh - i didnt read carefully enough - lineup is with pappa out on international duty. disregard...

  • In reply to Drew:

    i dont know if this will produce immediate results or not, but i do believe this is the best thing for the team. nothing against CLDC personally, but his system just was not working - whether its understanding the league, the players not able to do what was asked of them, or whatever, it was pretty plain that it was not working. the one good thing he did have going this season is the team did not give up. but they couldnt play well from a tied position, they only picked it up when losing. thats a big problem, whether its tactics or motivation

  • In reply to Celt:

    What to say? Last year the team was past its prime and poorly stocked....we had aged, injured and bad players. The roster was overhauled by retirement, expansion draft and house cleaning. It is hard to pinpoint this season where the exact problems are between coaching and player execution. So yes, now we should see what we have. I hope Frank chooses well his game plan and formation, the starting 11, and subs. When he addresses the team, I want the tradition, honor and passion to be ignighted.
    At the meet the player events, De Los Cobos was a nice enough, really personable guy, I liked his style, so I wish him well. But more so, I want this team to play quality soccer, and win games

  • i'd like to see a coach that plays aggressively. doesnt have to be short pass barca style attractive soccer. but i really dont wanna see sitting back with 2 d-mids and play for the draw style like it seemed CLDC was getting. gotta be getting at least 3-4 players into the box when the ball gets up there on the attack


  • In reply to ChicagoFire8:

    The season starts now for Frank. He brought these kids in for a reason and he must not have seen CDLC employing them the way he wanted them to be used. I hate the way LA plays, but I have to admit having thugs in the back tends to work in this league. We don't have big enough thugs. We let our two best thugs go (Conde and Soumare). Cuesta, I think, is going to be a great player. He did a great job on Lenhart on Saturday. He was late on Wondo's goal but that was because he was looking for Lenhart first. In any event, getting a coach with a connection to the Fire would be great. I like the Wynalda or Marsch ideas a lot. Are there any other players or Bradley assistants that are now coaching that would be good candidates?

  • Yes! CDLC was only part of the problem. Franks needs to clean house and take charge. Assistants need replaced as well. Go Fire

  • how shortly is shortly? it has been almost 2 hours now. what about qoutes from the owner?

  • Glad Carlos is gone he wasn't going to change his approach anyways.
    I wish Frank success although he was part of the problem by
    allowing things to go down hill for as long as it has.
    Leo Percovich success with the B Team should have been an eye
    opener a while ago that CDLC was the problem.
    But that is behind us now "Go Fire and start Winning to bring back
    the disappointed Fans."
    I would like to see Chavis and Nazirit as the dual strike force.
    Pueri as a withdrawn forward.
    I the midfield Nyarko when healthy on the left side Orduro on the right side in the center Baggio and Paladini.
    In defense Segaris as left back Anibaba as right back
    and Gibbs Cuesta in the center.
    On the bench Pause, Bone, Ristic, Barouch,Ferrari, Dufty.
    "We all want the Fire to Climb out of the hole they are
    in and make us Fans proud again."

  • In reply to TigerJMS:

    I like this line-up. I would put Pause in for Palladini though. Am I the only one who thought he played well on Saturday? I thought he was a difference maker and really coordinated the team.

  • In reply to TigerJMS:

    That's a 3-4-4, buddy, and no pappa.

  • Although, like several others, I don't think that DLC was the only problem, he was certainly a big part of the problem. The Fire were in for a couple of tough rebuilding years but I believe that Klopas and DLC made that problem even bigger. Last fall they knew that the Fire needed a center mid and after all of their travels they came up with a -----STRIKER AND A WITHDRAWN FORWARD!!!!! Don't get me wrong--Chaves and Puerari are good and can be quite valuable to the Fire but they aren't center mids!! I don't believe that Klopas and DLC had to come back with a XAVI, but a merely decent center mid would still have been an improvement. For me this incident was indicative of both DLC's and Klopas failure -- they never seemed to focus. Fans wanted improvement not perfection but instead what we've gotten is a shotgun approach attempting to fix everything at once. So now we have a weak defense, a poor midfield and strikers with no service. Wouldn't it have been better to bring in a competent, not great, center mid, and instead shore up and stabilize the defense. Then work on purchasing/developing a strong center midfield pairing. Starting last fall that would have been a two season project -- instead we are nearly half way through this season and are no better off than last fall. I'm afraid that Frank has to bear a large share of this burden and he needs to be the next to go!

  • The coach I wouldn't mind seeing is former DC United player and assistant head coach Richie Williams. He learned from the best coach in MLS Bruce Arena and also under Hans Backe. While he was coaching on an interim basis, he did a good job for NY when Osorio resigned in 2009 and well liked by the fans.

  • Argh! I hate stinking pronouns! Not all of us know exactly what you're talking about. Sure wish I could tell which he fired which him from your statement but I guess I'm doomed to ignorance.

  • My ignorance thanks you as it subsides (slightly).

  • I was pretty sure the plan in preseason was for Pappa to play CAM and for Maric to partner with Pause at DM. Paladini was supposed to back up Pappa. So they did plan to fill the CAM role, but Pappa at CM and the 3-5-2 didn't work out. I guess you can put that on CDLC for not realizing that would happen.

  • Good luck Frank , I am sure you will do well.

  • If Frank does not name himself the coach for next year , I would like to see Jessie Marsch.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    I'd go for Marsch, also.
    Wynalda would be an interesting choice also, except for lack of coaching experience.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    We need winners on this team, players who have actually won something. A title, league champion, state or national champion, someone with ability to close out. Winners find a way to get it done. This team finds ways to loose. Shake it all up, think about it you could put the defenders up top and forwards in back and get same results. Change is needed.

  • Frank coached the expansion Chicago Storm to finish just one half game out of the playoffs in his first season with a team that only had about 4 months to put a team together and he did a great job.

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