Meet the Team 2011

The annual "Meet The Team" event is always one of the nicest outings of the year.  The 2011 version was held today at Chitown Futbol in Pilsen.  A large fan turnout gathered to meet and greet players and staff for autographs, play video games, and other soccer themed activities.  The turnout appeared to dwarf the attendance at previous season's Meet the Team events.   

Reserve Game

The Fire reserves played to  a 0-0 draw against NSC Minnesota in the morning at Toyota Park's practice field.  Both Bratislav Ristic and Marko Maric saw game action.  Victor Pineda also played at right back instead of holding midfield where he is usually slotted. 


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  • Sporting KC blows a 3-0 lead in Vancouver and allows 2 stoppage time goals en route to a 3-3 draw.

    Sporting's forwards are going to be tough to handle but their defense is awful.

  • Great time today. Good meeting you in persona as well, GR (finally!). The event was awesome all around. My son got almost all the guy's autographs, and walked away with an experience he won't soon forget.

  • In reply to DFBJeff:

    Good meeting you as well Jeff.

  • this years team is very approachable, for kids anyway...suggest attending a reserve game where players usally take time to visit with kids. our kids are the future....hope everyone has a great season of fun this year,,,see ya around

  • The meet the team event was good fun. With so many of the players being new, is great to get sense of what they are like. And to see the vets is of course great. I like being able to interact, like telling Pause the armband suits him well. Lots of fun interactive things for the younger set also. i'm enjoying the season so far, with hopefully, the best yet to come.

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    It's still early but the signs are positive. Two big road matches coming up.

  • In reply to cesba:

    i'd be quite happy with 3 pts from the next 2 matches. 2 pts would be acceptable i suppose.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    A tie in Seattle would be ok , but a win in Portland is a must.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Interesting interview with the commish on the business side of selling MLS.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    Thanks for the link. It was an interesting interview... although the commish needs to get out of New York a bit. Virtually every example he talked about, unprompted, was about the Red Bulls, Yankees, and Mets.

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