Davis Paul Officially Signed

He was announced to the crowd as a member of the roster at Monday's Season Kick Off Luncheon but today the Fire officially announced the signing of 3rd round draft selection (51st overall) Davis Paul.  The University of California product showed well during the preseason while playing with the starting eleven as a midfielder despite playing mostly as a forward in college. 

"We've been pleased with Davis' skill, effort, and attitude on and off the field," said Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas.  "Davis is a creative player and a strong competitor with the ability to play up top and on the wing. We are excited about his future with the club."

The current roster technically stands at 26.  The announcement of players 27 and 28 should follow shortly although the identity of the final two isn't much of a mystery.   

I'll be back later with some notes on yesterday's training session. 



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  • Tribune had an article about the Pantazapolous signing, nothing on Davis Paul.
    Nothing was mentioned on the Fire's site regarding Pantazapolous, just the announcement regarding Davis. Panazapolous isn't listed on the roster as yet.
    What gives?, another Fire mis-communication.
    It's assumed that there will be a Ferrari in the Fire's garage.
    Any more word about the alleged mystery international striker that Klopas was talking about?
    If this was mere speculation, he should have kept his mouth shut, the Fire fans have been jerked around enough.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    I agree,
    The Fire Organization has a lot to learn in Promoting, Advertising, and reaching out to the News Media and Fans.
    I am shocked how incompetent and inferior in they are in
    comparison to other Organizations in this area like Seatle.
    On a Scale of 1 to 10 Ten being the highest they are a
    miserable TWO (2). The Chicago Fire Fans deserve more than
    what they are getting from the Front Office Staff.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    They are doing more with less. This is what I see... They are doing less with less.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Thank you lc and Tiger. Now I don't have to be the "grumpy old man". See GR, I'm not the only one who thinks Frank needs some serious training in PR!!!

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    I definitely agree the Fire need PR training (am actually shocked at how poor they are in this regard), but not sure this one is on them. The Trib decided to write about Pari b/c he's a local kid and the article stated the deal isn't done...hence the Fire don't have it on their site or him listed on the roster. Davis is signed, but not as interesting a story for the Trib to cover, and we know they don't go above and beyond for Fire stories. Obviously if Davis was signed by any of the other major sports franchises in town there would be a write-up, but this, IMO, is on the Trib and not the Fire.

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    Drew-- I agree on the Davis - Tribune issue. I was more concerned/upset with Klopas prattling on about a new foreign striker. If there is one, announce it; if not shut up until you really have something to say.

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    I don't think the Pantazopoulos story hitting the papers is that big of an issue. It's pretty clear he made the team since he was at the Luncheon and continues to train with the team. The Fire have decided to hold off on an official announcement until the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted.....not that big a deal.

    As a far as mentioning the possibility of adding another international striker - that's a double edged sword. You can't complain when he says he's pursuing another striker before they actually sign him and then complain again when they refuse to speculate or discuss the possibility of adding more players.

    I'd rather that Klopas actually answer the question when asked about the possibility of another striker instead of just spewing a stock answer like "We're always looking to add good players" or something else just as vague.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I agree GR. I personally have no problem with them stating their interest in another striker, I actually quite like it. It's "news", something to contemplate, read about, get somewhat excited about that the team will be better soon. Talking gets people interested and excited, hiding things like they did with Puerari and Chaves makes people frustrated. At least they are open about their intentions of signing another striker.

    As for your last statement, that's pretty much how 95% of people in sports respond...with canned cliches. It's annoying as hell, and why I love Ozzie and Kenny.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I think we have to place some of the blame on the ownership itself. They do the hiring of the administration and can demand more from the front office if there is a desire to turn this club into a winning franchise. What are his expectations for the club, I suspect they are lower than we could hope for. What are his plans? This is a great market for soccer and there is a huge potential for profit if anyone had a clue or even a game plan to make this happen. It is one thing to come to meetings and fire up the faithful by telling us what we want to here, it is quite another to lead effectively and showing measurable growth and progress. This club appears to be run like it is in a precarious financial position and on the decline with it's unwillingness to market anything. The ostrich strategy is not cutting it here, will ownership step up and make this team live up to it's potential, or wallow in mediocrity?

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    Short passes,The problem isn't only Frank Klopas.
    The problem starts with Juilian Posada the Fire President. Frank Klopas, Carlos de los Cobos and
    the rest of the Front Office Staff all report to
    Julian Posada. He is responsible for the Actions of his Staff both Good and Bad. "So far in my opinion it has not been good."
    To date no Jersey Sponsor,selecting Peoria instead of some location in Chicago of which there are
    many, No mention of Fire u 18 VS Mexico prior to the Game only the day after on WWW.Chicago-Fire.com.
    I think Juilian Posada's grasp of Marketing Strategies in Promoting The Chicago - Fire leave a lot to be desired. "Very Poor Performance So Far."

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    I can see why people call us fickle as fans. We first complain that we hear nothing from them. When they give us a hint of what they are trying to do we tell them to shut up. lol

  • In reply to WBO5ElGuapo:

    We are not telling them to shut up; Just be honest and
    give us the correct facts. Promote the Team.
    There are Far More Soccer Fans in Chicago than there are
    in Seattle. "If the Fire were a Wining Team and the Front
    Office did their Job, they would be adding seats to Toyota
    Park to accommodate the Regular Sell out Crowds.

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