Fire Eliminated From Playoffs

San Jose defeated DC United 2-1 and Colorado earned a draw in Dallas.  That combination of results officially eliminated the Fire from any chance of qualifying for the 2010 MLS playoffs.  The most realistic chance of getting in involved the Fire winning their remaining three matches and Colorado losing their last three while making up a goal differential tie breaker.  Catching San Jose was never really an option since the Earthquakes remaining schedule included DC, Houston, and Chivas. 

If the Fire win their remaining three games (all three are very winnable) and Colorado loses to Los Angeles and Real Salt Lake the final tally will be agonizingly difficult to swallow.  They will have missed the playoffs by one solitary point.  The Fire can also eliminate Kansas City from playoff contention on Tuesday night with a result. 

San Jose and Seattle both clinched spots last night.  It's also interesting to note that six teams changed coaches over the last offseason.  Out of those six, only one - New York's Hans Backe is in the playoffs.  More on that later......


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  • I knew that was going to happen. Might as well play guys like Bone, Watson-Siriboe and Pineda. Getting a look at some of the younger guys to build for next year and can see Conde walk along with Brown and McBride retiring. As far as the Wizards go, aren't going anywhere either even though they have players like Kamara, Bunbury and company. Would you consider Chance Myers a draft bust..I never hear his name mentioned since his name was called in the Superdraft.

  • Congrats to busch and ward. ;)

  • Guillermo, Will we have posts throughout the off-season or are we going to have trek to Toyota Park to watch the grass grow?

  • In reply to Celt:

    I'll be here during the offseason too. There will be much to discuss I'm sure.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Aren't we already in the offseason?

  • In reply to cesba:

    Time to let Carlos de los Cobos go.
    The Fire only played three some what attractive games
    while he was coach. The win against the Gallexy, San Jose
    and the game against the Crew on friday.
    Carlos has made many poor coaching decisions and the promise
    to play an attractive attacking soccer wasn't delivered.
    The Professor and fitness coach Alvaro Birones has put the
    team in the worst fitness shape during the Fires entire 13
    year history. Don't want another disappointing season under
    Carlos de los Cobos it's time to let him and Alvaro Birones go.
    Give Mike Matkovich a chance with the remaing games this season.
    Jesse Marsh the assistant to Bob Bradley and former Chicago Fire player would be a good head coaching choice.
    Lets have a good season next year by getting rid of those that spoiled 2010 for us.

  • In reply to TigerJMS:

    There's not much sense in making a move this late in the season IMO. DLC has been saddled with a few problems one of which was a roster coming into this season that was not fully equipped to play the style of soccer he was looking for.
    The amount of injuries is definitely something that needs to be looked at very hard. Practice and training this season was alot more intense and lengthy than it has been in the past but it's hard to really judge how much that played a factor in some of the injuries. On the surface, judging by the sheer amount of quad and hamstring injuries one has to think there is some correlation.
    The future of De Los Cobos and whether or not he should be back next year will be a huge topic of conversation in the upcoimg weeks. I'll examine that here very soon.

  • In reply to cesba:

    What was wrong with the roster coming into the season? I cant think of very many problems with it coming into the season. We had 2 young wingers, 2 experienced strikers in John and McBride, 2 solid center backs and good enough outside backs to get by. Busch as our starter and solid enough central midfielders. When he took over he could have played a formation of:




    That was the lineup when he became the head coach of this team. He made the decisions to get rid of players and then bring players that he wanted into the mix. The players he got rid of (Busch, Mapp, Ward) are not worse than the players he brought in (Martinez, Umanzor). I dont know how much he had to do with Ljungberg and Castillo. I can't imagine he had alot to do with those signings. People need to see the door this off season and I think it needs to be DLC. Just imagine this team without Brown, McBride, Ljungberg, Conde, Krol. There is alot of work that needs to be done in the off season. If Freddie, CJ, and Wilman all don't come back we will have 1.2 mil in free cap space.

    Jesse Marsch is not the answer...

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    The problem with the roster coming into the season is that despite the young wingers they were missing a facilitator in the middle of the field. Mapp wasn't the answer and Thorrington was hurt in pre-season. The forwards on the roster also played the same position.

    Mapp and Ward were casualties of adding Ljungberg and Castillo to the roster. Those moves were above him but pretty roundly applauded at the time.

  • In reply to cesba:

    You said there were a few roster problems coming into the season for him. I was arguing that point because, coming into the season, nobody was complaining about the roster. When DLC took over, before the draft I believe, we had a great lineup. We then got Bone, KWS, and Johnson in that draft. Our team was loaded with talent in the pre season. We basically had 2 players for ever position on the field. Then in the middle of the season we get 3 upgrades in Castillo, Ljungberg and Segares. This team is too talented to not be in the playoffs and pushing for the MLS Cup this year. We are only going to be worse off next year with the lineup that we will be going with into the offseason.

    And I was one of the people that think those moves to get Ljungberg and Castillo were and still are great moves.

  • In reply to cesba:

    This was a rebuilding year after all wasn't it? ;-)
    McBride was a shadow of himself with the Fire, especially this year, John was out of form and not professional, Nery the same.
    CJ is getting old and is ok off the bench but not as a starting central back. Let Kwame and Robinson finish the season in the middle with Kinny & Sega on the outside.
    Let Bone start some games...til next year.

  • In reply to smiley:

    Makes sense to me to get a good hard look at KWS and Bone in actual game action during the last three matches.

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