2010 Season Player Ratings

At the midway point of the season the Fire sat in fourth place in the Eastern Conference with a 5-5-5 record.  They had just completed a 3-2 win in Los Angeles, they held a 3 game in hand advantage over most playoff contenders and the arrival of Freddie Ljungberg, Nery Castillo , and Gonzalo Segares provided some hope that the second half of the season would result in a big run.  Things did not turn out as hoped or expected and the Fire missed the playoffs for only the second time in franchise history. 

Back in July I totaled the numerical player ratings awarded after each match to come up with a mid season average rating for each player.  This time I've taken the full season into account. The results show that the average rating for most players declined during the second half.  No shock there given the team's performance and disastrous second half results.

Here are the total season player ratings from top to bottom in descending order:

Sean Johnson - Average Rating 6.3 (82 pts/13 gp)

Johnson ended up with the highest grade on the team in his rookie year after replacing Dykstra as the starter in the last game of the first half in Los Angeles. His overall rating dipped from the first half only because that LA effort was spectacular.  (FH: 8.0)

Patrick Nyarko - Average Rating 5.8 (157 pts/27 gp)

Nyarko suffered a concussion in early July and continued to play through an ankle injury which contributed to his dip in form.  His injury affected the performance of the team more than any other issue.  Without Nyarko at his best the Fire became very easy to defend.  (FH: 6.0)

Bratislav Ristic - Average Rating 5.8 (46 pts/8 gp)

A welcome addition who showed a willingness to do whatever was needed.  If he's not a starter next season he should be retained to provide much needed quality depth.  (FH: NA)

Freddie Ljungberg - Average Rating 5.7 (86 pts/15 gp)

Provided a spark immediately but results were slow in coming before big games at San Jose and Chivas. His miss on a break away at home against Toronto helped put the Fire's playoff hopes on life support.  (FH: 5.0)

Brian McBride - Average Rating 5.5 (142 pts/26 gp)

McBride ended up with the same rating as he did in the first half, which shows some consistency.  Some glimpses of chemistry with Ljungberg were few and far between. (FH: 5.5)

Marco Pappa - Average Rating 5.4 (136 pts/25 gp)

After making the All Star team and leading the team with 7 goals at the mid way point, Pappa disappeared for long stretches, seemed to struggle to mesh with Ljungberg's style of play, and failed to score in the second half.  (FH: 6.1)

Krzyzstof Krol - Average Rating 5.4 (98 pts/18 gp)

Only appeared in five second half matches so his rating stayed the same.  He can be an effective MLS defender but one has to doubt whether his loan deal will be renewed for 2011.  (FH: 5.4)

Andrew Dykstra - Average Rating 5.4 (92 pts/17 gp)

His performance in two matches to end the season at least assures the Fire that they have a competent back up if Johnson is the starter in 2011.  (FH: 5.4)

CJ Brown - Average Rating 5.4 (140 pts/26 gp)

Took a bit of a physical beating while leading the team in minutes played during his last season on the field for the Fire. (FH: 5.5)

Wilman Conde - Average Rating 5.3 (132 pts/25 gp)

Yellow cards, ejections, suspensions, and an all around lack of discipline marred his season. His performance in the second half should have the Fire weighing options in 2011.  When is he right he is still one of the top defenders in MLS, but will he be elsewhere next year? (FH: 5.6)

Logan Pause - Average Rating 5.2 (136 pts/26 gp)

Pause had a fairly solid and consistent year but I still believe Nyarko was the team's Most Valuable Player. Struggled early but bounced back to win the team's MVP award. (FH: 5.2)

John Thorrington - Average Rating 5.2 (26 pts/5 gp)

He adds another dimension when he's healthy but how often has that been?  (FH: NA)

Baggio Husidic - Average Rating 5.2 (114 pts/22 gp)

He can be a very useful role player in MLS.  Penchant for being in the right place at the right time netted him 5 goals this year. (FH: 5.3)

Kwame Watson-Siriboe - Average Rating 5.2 (57 pts/11 gp)

Showed some promise but also struggled at other times.  Should get a long look next season if Conde does not return. (FH: 5.0)

Dasan Robinson - Average Rating 5.2 (93 pts/18 gp)

Looked to be pretty comfortable while playing in the middle but hamstring injuries will probably keep him from playing outside again as a starter. (FH: 5.3)

Steve Kinney - Average Rating 5.2 (67 pts/13 gp)

Lacks pace but appears to be a decent option at right back Has shown to be dangerous on set pieces and is not afraid to get involved going forward.  (FH: 6.0)

Calen Carr - Average Rating 5.1 (72 pts/14 gp)

Provided a spark after returning from injury.  He can be an effective substitute if used correctly. (FH: NA)

Collins John - Average Rating 5.1 (81 pts/16 gp)

A hugely disappointing first season from the former Fulham striker.  His contract expires next June so it's make or break time for John if he returns. (FH: 5.1)

Peter Lowry - Average Rating 5.0 (75 pts/15 gp)

Much like Husidic, he's a solid contributor if used correctly. (FH: 5.0)

Gonzalo Segares - Average Rating 5.0 (30 pts/6 gp)

Segares returned to the Fire in the middle of his offseason and it showed.  He wasn't the same player he was in 2009. A full offseason with a proper training camp should see his return to form as one of the top left backs in MLS. (FH: NA)

Deris Umanzor - Average Rating 4.9 (49 pts/10 gp)

If Umanzor and Krol do not return the Fire will need a back up at left back for Segares.  He was slightly better in limited time during the second half of the season.  (FH: 4.8)

Mike Banner - Average Rating 4.8 (92 pts/19 gp)

Got more playing time than he should have due to injuries which exposed his weaknesses.  Could be a casualty of the expansion draft.  (FH: 4.8)

Corben Bone - Average Rating 4.8 (19 pts/4 gp)

First round pick saw very limited action and needs to impress in camp next season. (FH: 4.5)

Nery Castillo - Average Rating 4.6 (37 pts/8 gp)

That fact that a designated player ranks dead last on this list is a disturbing one.  To be fair, he tried to cram six weeks of training into 2 weeks and ended up injured.  Castillo has a lot to prove going into 2011.  (FH: NA)

Players No Longer on the Roster

Justin Mapp - Average Rating 5.3 (53 pts/10 gp)

Tim Ward  - Average Rating 5.0 (30 pts/6 gp) 

Julio Martinez - Average Rating 4.7 (14 pts/3 gp)

Stefan Dimitrov - Average Rating 4.4 (22 pts/5 gp)

Carlos De Los Cobos

Given the fact that two assistants were released after a disappointing first season, 2011 is a do or die year for De Los Cobos.  His contract expires at the end of the 2011 season and if the Fire don't get off to a good start next year he may not make it that far.  The team will be re-tooled with players that more efficiently fit the system he is trying to implement but they won't be able to play Chivas USA every game next season. 

FH=First Half Rating


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  • ESPNchicago report card.....


    Forward grade is too high....I'd go with a D

  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really think Carr is on the upside and I'm pretty excited to see what he can bring next season. I thought his second half was surprisingly, and increasingly, better than any I've seen from him. It seemed like somewhere there in the 2nd half he just "got it"... perhaps had something to do with Ljunberg? I think so. Anyhow, I'm encouraged.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    Let Calen Carr play for the Vancouver WhiteCaps or Portland Timbers. They still need a HUGE overall at the striker position. Since Kinney will be ready by April without any training, the Fire could go with these following options 1) Play Ristic at Kinney's position until he is fully healthy 2) Bring back Robinson on a short term basis as an insurance policy. I will give Bone Pineda a lot of plenty time to showcase their talent to break in the roster.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    FCD v RSL 1st leg game was a fantastic match

    wish the fire coulda played with the passion and effort that game had

    RSL gonna have to work hard to overcome 1 goal deficit and no javier morales for the 2nd leg

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    That return leg in Salt Lake City should be phenomenal although RSL's backs are up against the wall without Morales now.

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    From the twitter account of Krol's wife.....

    Big news to all of my husbands fans. He's officially no longer a Chicago Fire player!!! We are both so happy that he will play in Europe

    In the next 2011 year! We will be moving very soon!!! I'll keep u all posted!!! Best players play in Europe xx

    Good luck to Mr. Mikula in Europe.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I'm not suprised CDLC didn't like him from the beginning. Now I wonder if the Fire will try to bring in another polish player, but don't see the CDLC wanting one...

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I don't think it matters if the new additions are Polish, Mexican, or Martian as long as they can play. I don't think DLC's opinion of Krol had anything to do with being Polish.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I wasn't talking about race just he kept saying he's to slow to be a LB and never tried using him any where else. Umazor played like 3 differnet positions...

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Chicago Tribune looks at the offseason......


  • In reply to cesba:

    His wife sounds like a pain in the you know what and also very delusional. Krol lost his starting spot over a better player and yes best players do play in Europe and he is not one of them. She is the soccer version of Ana Benson

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    Carr is rubbish and has done nothing except score a playoff goal a few years back. He is not a striker or a midfielder and for all his pace is caught offsides more than any other fire player, when he plays which is rarely. I suspect no expansion team will take him off our hands but hope springs eternal. he has no vision or head for the game. The Fire have a handful of players worth keeping and Carr is not one of them. Krol had size and might have been converted to Center back but he certainly had more to offer than Carr, but I am not unhappy to see Krol go. Now for a dozen others.

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