Training Report / Injury Update

Training was definitely fiery and intense this morning as the team seems to finally realize that it's facing the possibility of missing the playoffs for only the second time in franchise history.  A full scrimmage followed by some spirited discussion is a good sign that the team is not taking things lightly, but the question remains whether the side can gel together in time to salvage the season. 

Some notes and observations:

  • Deris Umanzor trained at right back due to injuries to Steven Kinney and Dasan Robinson.  Robinson trained but is listed as doubtful on the injury report with a right hamstring strain.  Kinney is listed as probable with a quad contusion and a shoulder injury. 
  • De Los Cobos may opt for the 4-4-2 formation that worked better in the second half at Philadelphia.  Freddie Ljungberg may continue to play in central midfield with Logan Pause.
  • Options at forward include Nery Castillo and Patrick Nyarko or possibly Castillo and Collins John.  "I'm very excited with Collins because he is improving and working very hard", said De Los Cobos.  Castillo and Calen Carr is another option if more speed is needed.
  • Marco Pappa is back and ready to go.  "He looked very good in practice and he's excited to return" said the coach.
  • Brian McBride should be ready for Saturday but probably won't start.
  • John Thorrington did not train with a hamstring issue which he feels is not serious.  The team will evaluate him tomorrow.  He is officially listed as doubtful on the injury report. 
  • Regarding the Fire's formation and tactical approach De Los Cobos said "I need to adjust.  It's not easy some times.  I need to adjust our shape...our format because it's important for the team to play (Ljungberg and Castillo)."   "I need to find the formula with these two guys because I think it's necessary to play them at the same time on the field."
  • Bratislav Ristic is wearing #77 and De Los Cobos feels he can help now if needed.  "He has an opportunity to play because he has experience at a good level".   

Regarding Saturday's match De Los Cobos reiterated the need to focus.  "We need to go to Salt Lake with a good attitude and confidence. We have a very big commitment to the fans and the club.  We need to go to Salt Lake and fight and play with order."  

From the opposition's side Fabian Espindola is out, Alvaro Saborio and Ned Grabavoy are questionable, and Robbie Findley is probable.  Javier Morales is also out due to suspension.


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  • Here's a pretty cool video from about the MLS playoff right hand even makes a cameo in the video.

    Inside MLS : The Playoff Push

  • Another good watch....this one about the USMNT.

  • RSL going with most of their starters tonight in CCL play against Toronto.
    Rimando;Wingert, Olave, Borchers, Russell; Gonzalez, Beckerman, Williams, Johnson; Saborio, Findley

  • It's disappointing that it took this long for the team to realize it's time to step it up.

  • It would be interesting to have Nyarko and Castillo on top, the best driblers the Fire have, with Pappa,
    Freddie, Ristic, and Pause in the mid field providing feeds to the forwards.
    It could open up holes in the defense and maintain possession of play.
    On defense, Krol, Conde, Segares, and Kinney.
    On the bench John, McBride, Husidic, Lowry, Brown,Umanzor (hopefully not needed) & Dykstra(also
    hopefully not needed) With current injuries this probably would be the most dynamic and strongest lineup. With Ristic, Salt Lake couldn't over defend on Freddie.

  • no espindola or morales , the fire should win this one..

  • The Union has done the Fire no favors in the last few days. San Jose beats Philadelphia 1-0 on a Chris Wondolowski goal.

    The only thing worse than the result was listening to the blatant homerism and audio pom-pom shaking of the San Jose broadcast team. Makes one really appreciate Dan Kelly and Chris Doran.

    RSL slapped a 4-1 beat down on TFC.

  • RSL defender Robbie Russell left the match with a concussion.

  • The Fire have hired a new team president to replace Dave Greeley. He is Julian Posada, formerly the general manager of Hoy newspaper.,0,5391107.story

  • Interesting quote......

    "But you don't have togetherness in a team in just one or two months. It needs [time]."

    It wasn't said by anyone associated with the Fire. It was said by Thierry Henry about the Red Bulls.

  • Fire's release on Posada

  • In reply to cesba:

    Does he have any background in sports marketing or anything to do with sports, or he doesn't need any experience just overall business management?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I don't believe he has any sports marketing experience. Media will talk to him shortly.

  • In reply to cesba:

    From the "take lemons and make lemonade" school of thought, this is an opportunity for the team to strengthen their base. For MLS to survive, the teams must be able to successful financially even they have poor seasons on the field. Next year, more teams will miss the playoffs than will make them. Obviously, a winning team will be a bigger draw. But all teams, including our beloved Fire, must be able to attract crowds when playing poorly. Some of that will be marketing the visitors (Donovan, Marquez, ...), some of it is marketing the gameday experience (a la Wrigley Field). But, there also has to be the cultivation of attending games because that's what you do. The Lions went 0-16 and were still drawing crowds that would be considered good even for an exhibition game featuring a visiting European or Mexican powerhouse. I'm not a season ticket holder but it sounds like the response to the 2011 plans has been positive. I would also like to beat my old horse about English language radio as a way to nurture a growing fan base.

    Wait 'til next year!

  • In reply to oliotya:

    English language radio is something I plan to ask him about.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    A point for soccer hating mouth breathers like Rick Morrissey who claimed to dislike soccer because of players faking injury to earn calls....the Yankee's Derek Jeter faked getting hit by a pitch yesterday in order to get on base against Tampa Bay.

    "It's part of the game. My job is to get on base", said Jeter.

    I'm expecting another fine column in the ST denouncing Major League Baseball any day now.

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