Fire v Sounders Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Ristic, Brown, Watson-Siriboe, Segares

M Nyarko, Thorrington, Pause, Pappa

F Carr, Ljungberg

Subs: Dykstra, Robinson, Umanzor, Bone, Husidic, John, McBride


K Keller

D Riley, Ianni, Parke, Gonzalez

M Nyassi, Alonso, Sturgis, Zakuani

F Montero, Nkufo

Subs: Boss, Marshall, Scott, Fernandez, Seamon, Fucito, Levesque


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  • More line up changes tonight....Ristic starts at right back, Carr gets the nod up top with Ljungberg, Thorrington is in the middle with Pause, Watson-Siriboe ahead of Robinson.....sometimes I wonder if there's a dartboard in the locker room (I haven't seen it yet)....should be interesting.

  • Krystof, we hardly knew ye

  • love the energy, love the effort, love the attacking attitude so far

    once on a seattle turnover i even saw 2 chicago players immediately rush forward

    just wondering why nyarko with so much space on the flank keeps cutting in and slowing the attacks?

  • bleh, only lasted 30 minutes - looking like the suck chicago fire the last 15 min of the half

  • good few minutes of extra time at the end of the half tho

  • Attack looks better tonight than it has in quite some time. Pappa is lively today. Not a bad first half but nothing to show for the effort so far.

  • spacing on our attacks is not good. thats why theres not much happening in the final 3rd

  • wow big mistake by SJ .... and seattle blows the shot

  • well can't fault the effort, but the execution was more of the same. at least chicago played more positive today, i actually felt they had a chance to win at times

  • Umanzor..goodbye. Hope you enjoyed your time in Chicago.
    And why does Nyarko and John and Pappa all think they can dribble through 3 defenders all the time?

  • Man, what a failed season. What the heck happened???

  • Well at least we will have a better draft pick. CJ played terrible tonight. Calen Carr looked like Calen Carr. Watson-Siriboe played very well tonight. Johnson played well. Logan played well. Bringing on John for Pause was a mistake. I know we had to go for the win but Logan should have come on and Thorrington should have come off. Thorrington needed to play some defense in the new formation and wasnt doing it. It went from a 4-5-1 to a 3-6-1 with no holding midfielder. Seattle realized that and countered. CJ jumped like a ballerina and got SMOKED. Then he goes nuts on the rest of the team when it was his fault they scored.

  • Now, the Fire should play for the top five pick in the MLS SuperDraft because the forward/midfield core is very deep. They need forwards badly and also, Juan Pablo Angel and Kenny Cooper are available after this season. The last Fire goal was on Collins John's free kick vs. Galaxy. Logan Pause did NOT have a good game. When he touched the ball, it was scary to watch. When he was dribbling the ball, he either pass the ball backwards (like always) or shaking in his boots when a opposing players puts pressure in his face (and nearly costed a turnover). It shows you that he has no ball skills what so ever and very replaceable. He should be one of the players that the Fire have to let go along the likes of Banner, Umanzor, John, Thorrington, Conde, McBride and Castillo is on a short leash for doing nothing.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Logan will be the captain of the team next year. Pause, Watson-Siriboe and Johnson were the only players that did their job last night. Nobody else did what they were out there to do. Do you want Logan to try and dribble every time he gets the ball or would you like him to get the ball and play it to a player with better ball skills that should have the ball. Every player on the field has a specific thing that they are supposed to do. Logan isn't out there because of his ball skills and his creativity. He is out there to win the ball and keep possession. He does that and gets no credit for it. If he is so replaceable, then why is he out there when Husidic, Lowry, Thorrington are around. There is a reason why Thorrington is not the holding midfielder and it was scene last night. He doesn't know what he is doing in that role. Logan does.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Actually, Husidic played Pause's position earlier this season and he did a better job than Pause in terms of moving the ball forward and kept possession. Sure a defending midfielder wins the ball and keep possession but at the same time I don't want a player playing that position that panics if an opposing player puts pressure on him. If I want a defending midfielder, I want a Kyle Beckerman, Julian De Guzman (minus his contract), Pat Phelan, Rafa Marquez, Juninho and Geoff Cameron type player that plays that position. As for the Sounders game, Watson-Siriboe and Johnson were the bright spots and continue to play KWS and let Conde go.

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