Fire v Galaxy Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Kinney, Brown, Conde, Segares

M Nyarko, Thorrington, Pause, Banner

F Castillo, McBride

Subs : Dykstra, Krol, Watson-Siriboe, Bone, Carr, Husidic, John


GK Ricketts

D Franklin, Gonzalez, Leonardo, Dunivant

M Bowen, Kovalenko, Kirovski, Cazumba

F Donovan, Buddle

Subs : Saunders, DeLaGarza, Klein, Lewis, Stephens, Jordan, Magee


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  • Castillo gets the call at forward behind McBride.

  • That tie is a key result, good momentum going.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    We have the opposite of good momentum going. We come back against Houston, blow it in the end. We are beating Seattle, blow it in the end. We take the lead against LA in the 88th minute, down a man for the entire match, blow it in the end. The players got way to excited after the John goal. I think that result is what our season is this year and playoffs are a long shot.

  • Do they work on possession when they train, or is it just send it forward hoping for a break? You would think they could consistantly put together more than 4 passes by this point in the season...glad they got the point a man down but jeez...

  • It is so frustrating watching them give away points at the last second in these matches. They all but had 7 points in the last 3 games and have walked away with 2.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    Three games in a row while your trying to make a playoff run is pretty bad. The fire did outplay the best team with ten men though.

  • What was the deal with the balloons. I heard there was going to be a huge TIFO display, but it seems like at never came about.

  • In reply to rmakers:

    The Tifo display was a huge red and white umbrella thing right before kick off. The balloons were also part of it.

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