Brian McBride Retiring After 2010 Season



If there is such a thing as an American soccer icon, Brian McBride is it.  Before Landon Donovan and last minute heroics, there was McBride paving the way as an example of how the game should be played.  Fearless and relentless, he was also the very first draft pick in the inaugural MLS draft.

Current and future soccer players in this country owe a thank you to the likes of Brian McBride.

This video kind of sums it up. 

Forget Chris Evans.  McBride is Captain America.


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  • By the way, neither WSCR or ESPN1000 felt it was important enough to mention McBride's retirement during their hourly updates today. WSCR however did see fit to report on Manny Ramirez (one of the biggest d-bags in sport today) and his impending haircut.

    Just another example of the remarkable ignorance of local sports media around here.

  • In reply to cesba:

    That is pathetic how a local product is not mentioned in the local sports media. I can give a two bits of a rats behind about Ramirez and his hair due (snoozefest). At least mention McBride retirement on the update. WSCR and ESPN 1000...BAD!!!

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Notice that Jim Rose was at the press conference.

  • McBride is the best American player ever (barring keepers). In his prime he was better than Reyna, Harkes, Donovan, Dempsey, Lalas, Wynalda, Bocanegra, or any other player American you could compare to him. If you looko atboth his and Donovan's 3 month stints with Everton, you'll see that Mcbride did better.It's a shame the Fire weren't around in 1996. He embodied Fulham(my fav team next to the Fire) and the US team. You can't say enough about this player: MLS star, American hero, Fulham legend.

  • McBride will finish the season looking like the young great player he is...the fire will ride him to the playoff and winning the will have no choice but to put him on the front page. he will go out a champion and we will all be happy.....the end.

  • In reply to bert:

    Let's just hope that DLC makes it a point to do just that, send him out on top! Time to get serious De Los Cobos, make it happen!

  • Challenge: name someone better in the air than mcbride.

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