SuperLiga Misc Post Game

Here are a few miscellaneous quotes from Fire players on SuperLiga and Nery Castillo.

CJ Brown

On SuperLiga win vs Pumas:

"It brings everybody's spirits up.  At the end of day we've won nothing, you get a win and it boosts your confidence."

On the team's attitude:

"The last two games it was good.  It's not going to change over night.  It's something that needs consistency, just like on the field we need consistency.  The last two games have been good.  The guys are starting to work for each other and fight for each other, but it's two games and we have alot more games to concentrate on."


Collins John

On his play:

"I know time flies but it was seven weeks ago when I actually played.  I'm just a little frustrated because as a striker you want to score."  "Maybe Saturday against New England I should have played 45 minutes and take a rest to play 90 today."

On Nery Castillo:

"He's kind of the same player as Pappa.  I know him from my time in England.  I've seen him play a few times for Man City.  He's a tricky guy, small, quick behind a striker.  I think Pappa's a kind of similar player.  I'm very happy he's coming on board.  We need that kind of player on the team. He's a high class player."

Marco Pappa

On the win over Pumas:

"We have to take the positives.  We're eliminated but winning today at home should lead to more."

Wilman Conde

On his goal:

"More important than the goal was the win so we could get some confidence back." 

On playing despite being already eliminated:

"That's football.  They had something to play for.  In the first half we were better and in the second they held the ball and had some chances but we got the result."

On the improvement from game 1:

"I think every game is different.  This hasn't been a typical year for us.  In years past we've some good seasons.  This win is important to regain confidence so we can go forward in the last 15 games and get into the playoffs."

Does the team miss Blanco on the pitch:

"Temo helped us greatly.  I don't know that he would have made a big difference right now but he's a player that can create problems with the ball at his feet and space in front of him."








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  • CJ seems to strike me as the most likable guy on the team.He's been on the team forever and is a leader.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    There's a reason why he's lasted so long and is well respected.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Sam's injury report

    Calen Carr is back at training!

  • In reply to cesba:

    YES!!!! I can't wait for Calen Carr to return....LOL!!!

  • In reply to longoria3:

    on a funny related note, I was playing FIFA yesterday in Manager Mode and the Transfer Update crawl showed Calen Carr being bought by Inter Milan for some crazy huge fee... good for Inter.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    The Special One loves Calen Carr.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    I love that there's no complicated transfer rules in FIFA, so that I'm allowed to make moves that the Fire couldn't possibly make. And win everything.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    GR - I've been waiting for your Super Liga analysis post to submit the following but since nothing further on the Super Liga win seems forthcoming, here goes --- Sean Johnson needs to get his first MLS game ASAP. I was very impressed with his activity in goal. He seemed so much more authoritative in his decision-making than Dykstra. Also and more importantly to me, his distributions were quicker and more decisive. Often Dysktra has reminded me of old time GK's who spent minutes analyzing whether to kick or pass. I have never forgotten Dykstra's early comment about preferring the long kick to the pass and I think that his obvious preference for this type of distribution actually slows down his distributions which ultimately hurts our preferred strategy of carrying the ball out of the back. Overall Sean appeared to be much more comfortable with the backline and they with him. C'mon DLC give him a couple games to prove he can be the better GK. Dykstra has not authoritatively grasped this position, let's see if Sean can !!!!!

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    Speaking of goalkeepers, did anyone see Jon Busch's miscue in last night's game? He really muffed a Tristan Bowen cross that Donovan poked in for the goal in the 90th minute.

    I don't remember him looking that bad for the Fire.

    I should admit that he had a few very nice saves earlier in the 2nd half. The Galaxy probably should have won it.

  • In reply to Roti2000:


  • In reply to Roti2000:

    Salazar is on trial with the Fire

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    Sean Johnson trains with the first team

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    Will Nery Castillo be available to play against the Galaxy on Aug 1.

  • In reply to fire1020:

    He should be available August 1 against LA but given that he hasn't even started full training yet I doubt that he'll see much time if any.

  • In reply to fire1020:

    Jeff Crandall talks to DLC about the first half of the season. Comments on Sean Johnson.

  • In reply to fire1020:

    Great article -- thanks GR
    I'm impressed with DLC's handling of Julio Martinez. That could not have been an easy decision because of his personal relationship but also because it was an admission of a mistake. I want the Fire and DLC to succeed because I believe that they are attempting to do the most difficult of things in MLS --- play a skillful passing game out of the back. There are certainly easier ways to win a soccer game but IMO it's the most entertaining way to go. Keep playing that way, and win or lose I'm a Fire fan forever.

  • In reply to fire1020:

    Trib writer comments about Chicago joining the USA World Cup bid

    He even acknowledges that people in America might actually like soccer

  • In reply to fire1020:

    Save Phil Hersh!!!!! The Cossa Nostra got him.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    Hide the children.

  • According to this report the Fire are dipping into the Salvadoran well once more.

    Defender Manuel Salazar is reportdely on his way.

  • In reply to cesba:

    OH JOY....another Umanzor GREAT!!!!

  • In reply to cesba:

    I hope we don't go through the entire Salvadoran team...

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