SuperLiga : Fire v Monarcas Morelia

Line Ups


GK Dykstra

D Kinney, Brown, Watson-Siriboe, Krol

M Conde, Pappa, Lowry, Mapp, Banner

F McBride

Subs : Johnson, Ward, Umanzor, Bone, Dimitrov


GK Urbina

D Perez, Romero, Salazar, Aldrete

M Hernandez, Gastelum, Noriega, Droguett

F Sabah, Rey

Subs : Rodriguez, Garcia, Cruzalta, Lozano, Ramirez, Sansores, Lugo



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  • The Fire enter the match shorthanded on the bench. SuperLiga play allows 4 subs but the Fire have only 5 available as Husidic and Pause both picked up injuries in training.

  • this game is an embarrassment for the fire. i thot the superliga was "important" ?

    good thing we didnt care about the US cup


  • SuperLiga 2010 is off to a disaster of a start.
    Sloppy defending, horrid marking, and little offensively leads to a 3-0 half time deficit.

  • The Fire has no defensive organization in the first half-- the Monarchs had guys standing WIIIIIIDE open in the Fire's box on each goal they scored. Krol just stood around and threw his arms up after each tally. On the opposite end, the Fire had no one running around uncontested. I agree with dj- the coach needs to go.

  • The Fire started off in a true 4-1-4-1 formation with Conde at defensive mid, Banner and Lowry paired in the middle with Mapp on the left and Pappa on the right.

  • Midway through the half the formation changed by moving Lowry back next to Conde. Banner moved to the left with Mapp on the right and Pappa essentially playing as a forward next to McBride.

    That didn't work either.

  • team is unwatchable in its current state. either lack of tactical plan, inability to carry it out, or lack of will to try. maybe all 3 in the case of tonites game

  • Kwame Watson-Siriboe is subbed out for Umamzor in the 44th minute after an absoulute nightmare of a first half.

    Umanzor took over at left back while Krol moved to center back.

  • I don't know what's worse, getting throttled by Morelia, losing to the Battery, or the tenth best record in MLS. The Fire need to change SOMETHING soon. At least under Hamlett the Fire finished high in the league, made it to the semifinals for Superliga and MLS Cup, and could play DEFENSE. Hopefully they can show some dignity in the second half.

  • Half time substitution:
    Dimitrov for Krol. Conde moves to center back. Banner and Lowry are in the middle with Mapp on the left and Pappa on the right.

  • Steven Kinney socres to give the Fire some respectability and the Fire central defense fluses it away giving Morelia way too much space and another goal.

    4-1 Morelia. wow

  • This team is a disgrace.

  • yeah i second how really important superliga is when we losing 5-1 with 15 mins to go. Give me a break CDLC!!!

  • In reply to Adam25:

    new england took care of business... maybe its the heat? not

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Timmy back, good to see him again. I miss J.T.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Morelia makes it 5-1 after more shambollic defending and Kinney loses his mark.

    Ward is subbed in for Mapp in the 73'.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    maybe its their heart

  • In reply to Adam25:

    5-1.....Game Over.....mercifully.

    post game should be interesting.....back later with that.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I thought DLC was supposed to impliment an attractive, passing style of soccer... and now I'm afraid to watch them. Who ever had the idea of letting go of Jon Bush should be fired on the spot.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Busch was a mistake, as were the 2 Salvadorians. I think the jury is in on Collins John, and he is a bust. I liked that move but it hasn't worked out. Carr could never play and has been injured for 3 years but is in the squad. $600,000 goes to Brown and MacBride. Saracan and Hamlett were derided and yet were always competent with good drafts and deep squads. This is a team with very little, and while Toronto get a 29 yr old La Liga forward, and various Argentines enter the league, we have Belgian 3rd division tryouts. We are screwed.

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