Morelia 5 Fire 1 Post Game

Sloppy defending, inexcusably bad man marking and ineffective offensively.  That pretty much sums up a disaster of an opening to the 2010 SuperLiga tournament.  The Fire was hammered at home 5-1 by Monarcas Morelia and the loss was well deserved. 

Steven Kinney scored the Fire's lone goal which at least kept the home side from being shut out completely.  The Fire hierarchy has some critical decisions to make and some difficult questions to ask themselves after this mess of a loss.

1. Finishing has been a major problem for most of the season.  While goal scoring is a concern, the glaring deficiency and number one cause for dropped points so far has been the careless and sloppy defending that continously results in easy goals for the opposition.  Far too often, multiple attackers have appeared unmarked inside the box. 

2. Injuries are common place in professional sports.  The Fire currently have more than their share.  Multiple injuries are no excuse for the lack of defensive organization that was on display today.  Monarcas Morelia are a solid side but they're not Manchester United. 

3. Additional roster maneuvers must be completed.  A central attacker would be a nice addition but the defensive deficiencies must be addressed. 

4. The Jon Busch decision looks questionable nearly half way through the year but there was not much Andrew Dykstra could have done to reverse the outcome today. 

5. If one or two impact players are not added during the transfer window, the Fire organization must decide if this is indeed the rebuilding year they claimed it not to be.  Relying on the return of players with unreliable histories to suddenly return from injury (i.e. Thorrington, John) and lift the team is a gamble at best and blind hope at worst.  Bratislav Ristic and Miguel Caneo aren't exactly what most would consider impact additions. 

You can listen to the De Los Cobos post game press conference here.  I'm sure there will be some comments on the issues discussed and answers provided. 



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  • What must Bone do to get a game,or was he a bad pick. I would like to see what he can do.

  • In reply to Celt:

    I agree....Bone should have had a look last night. Especially with 4 substitutions available.

  • In reply to Celt:

    I feel bad for Corben Bone not cracking in the lineup but finally I get to see Steve Kinney get some playing time and making an impact. Notice every MLS player in the 1st round who got drafted from Wake Forest had either got some playing time or made an impact on the respected team. If Julio Martinez and Deris Umanzor can get some playing some, Corben Bone should get plenty of looks.

  • In reply to Celt:

    Wow, "The Jon Busch decision looks questionable..."? Guillermo, seriously?? That's the understatement of the century. We dumped arguably the best goalie in the league for certainly the worst goalie in the world. I have never seen a goalie above U12 AYSO make such a impressively varied collection of mistakes as Dykstra. Misjudging crosses, mistiming coming off his line, letting balls bounce over his head and towards goal, getting called for holding onto the ball for twenty minutes, bobbling every single shot that comes his way. He is a joke and he makes Klopas look like a fool. Certainly the rest of the defense doesn't help him any. Where did that great defender named Wilman Conde go? i haven't seen him at all this season. maybe he slipped away with his bff JCO.

  • In reply to manyou07:

    Chris Seitz has been worse than Dykstra for the better part of the first half season in Philadelphia.

    Calling Busch the best goalkeeper in the league and Dykstra the worst is definitely arguable.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Ok, Busch was *one of* the best in the league. I stand by my statement that Dykstra is the worst. I have only seen one or two of Seitz's games, and yes he was awful. But what has been so surprising about Dykstra, like I said, is in how many different ways he has managed to screw up. For example, that time the ball was slowly rolling out of bounds, and he managed to fumble/kick it so awkwardly that it went out for a corner. Oh, didn't he completely whiff in the RSL game and let the ball go out? And there was the time he tried throwing the ball without noticing the opposing forward right behind him, who Dykstra hit with his arm on his forward motion. I really wish, now, that I'd amassed a lowlight reel. I would put money on the fact that Dykstra has been worse than Seitz.

    Dykstra's one legitimate claim, though, could be that surprisingly few goals we've let in could really be blamed on his incompetence. I think most of them have been defensive errors. So his GAA is quite generous.

  • Last night was an absolute embarrassment, a complete lack of organization. Where is the pride? Where is the heart? Where is the leadership? Weren't we told that this coach was a technical guru? Last night's display says otherwise. Can't defend, can't posess, can't mark, can't finish... He'll they can't do a damn thing!

  • If Manchester United was watching, then there goes any chance of their players ever coming to MLS.

  • In reply to fire1020:

    Yes, I think Giggs is now considering playing his last football in New Zealand instead of MLS if he watched last night...

  • In reply to fire1020:

    why is it the Fire have a 5 man midfield, and yet still seem like they are outnumbered there? on most passes to a midfield player, it seems they are double-teamed and lose possession right away? is their tactical plan that transparent to the opposing team that they know where to mark before the pass is even made?

  • In reply to fire1020:

    Let's face it, kids: this is a poor squad. Year after year, the Fire lose their best players and replace them with raging mediocrities

  • In reply to fire1020:

    Has DaMarcus Beasley landed anywhere yet? He and Blanco (assuming that Mexico rumor is just a rumor) would make this team better -- and certainly more watchable -- right out of the gate. Maybe trade some combination of Mapp, Banner, Robinson and Lowry -- all of whom I like, but you've got to give to get -- for another defender?

    That said, I don't know that any of our nominal starting defenders are unskilled. The organization in the back is terrible, though. For me, that goes back to Dykstra (who no one seems to trust or listen to) and Conde (who makes too many poor decisions that leave the rest of the defense in the lurch, even as a midfielder). None of those problems look to be solved any time soon, seeing as how the team specifically replaced a coach because we were playing too much defense.

  • In reply to notabbott:

    Beasley is still out there but he ruled out a return to MLS a few days ago citing that he has other options in Europe at the moment.
    I agree with you on the defenders. There is some skill in the back but the repeated disorganization is confounding. The goalkeeper should be the general and the director. Dykstra hasn't grown into that role yet.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Could be bargaining. Could be that no one wants to throw DP money at him in MLS. Could be that I don't read as many soccer blogs as I used to. ;-P

    More to the point, Dykstra was screaming for someone to pick up that wide open man on the second goal (I think), but no one was listening. That speaks volumes to me, much in the way C.J. would avoid back passes like the plague for a while after Dykstra mishandled one badly earlier in the season. He's got to earn the trust of the defense if they're going to listen to him (except Conde, who plays like he's wearing sound-isolating headphones most of the time), and he just hasn't. Crashing into teammates on almost every corner kick will do that.

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