Fire v Real Salt Lake

Starting Line Ups


GK Dykstra

D Kinney, Watson-Siriboe, Brown, Krol

M Conde, Pause, Husidic, Pappa, Banner

F Dimitrov

Subs : Johnson, Umanzor, Ward, Lowry, Mapp, Bone, McBride


GK Rimando

D Russell, Olave, Borchers, Wingert

M Williams, Grabavoy, Morales, Johnson

F Saborio, Findley

Subs : Reynish, Beltran, Schuler, Alexandre, Warner, Espindola, Campos



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  • Conde gets the start in midfield next to Pause. I'm guessing Husidic starts at CAM with Banner on the left and Pappa on the right.

    Was there supposed to be some sort of basketball announcement today?

  • Tonight's referee is Terry Vaugh.

  • Half Time - RSL 1 Fire 0

    Not a bad effort from the Fire although RSL had the better of the scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, Terry Vaughn still has trouble figuring out what should and shouldn't be a penalty kick.

  • now i remember who Banner reminds me of. Finley. speedy, decent with the ball, but fucking clueless in the box

  • man Kinney robbed twice... i am liking the effort tho

  • dykstra is actually playing well

  • chicago totally outplaying RSL cant get it in net tho :(

  • damn shame the fire look like they gonna lose this game. they deserved a draw at the least :(

  • That was an unfortunate penalty call. The Fire dominated the second half and were extremely unlucky not to earn at least a draw. Kinney did very well defensively and going forward. The Fire need to find somebody who can bring some energy and light a spark in this team. Could that be Blanco?

  • In reply to fire1020:

    Stay tuned.....

  • In reply to fire1020:

    The PK looked like the right call to me at the game. We couldn't expect to win with the lineup we started. We dominated the 2nd half with majority of our starters on the field. If they can play 45 min, why can't they play 90? Why was Banner in the middle and Mapp on the outside. Husidic is not an attacking mid.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    huh? "The PK looked like the right call to me at the game." Um no it wasn't the right call. Terry Vaughn is known for calling ticky tack calls in the penalty box. I was at that game and it was a horrendous call. The rest of the fans who sat in front of me in that section felt the same way I did on that call. I want to see more Steve Kinney and take a seat Dasan Robinson and enough of the Banner and Dimitrov experiment; it is bad soccer with both of those guys.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Overall, this was the best game that the Fire played all season in terms of effort. It just came down to Terry Vaughn's ridiculous call on CJ Brown's foul in the penalty box that resulted in PK that was executed by Robbie Findley. I would love to see more Steve Kinney at RB; he was busting his tail off. CJ Brown mentioned that Kinney would had gotten more action if he did not get hurt early in the season. The Achilles heel for the Fire is lack of depth on top.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    You're comments are always so off what i think lol. I guess thats a good thing since we will always blog. I thought we played very well the 1st half. The benefit to mcBride is he gets the calls that Dimitrov won't get. thats unfortunate because a foul is a foul. Kinney could be our new RB.

    Where were you sitting that you that that was a pk? lol It wasn't a foul.

  • In reply to jking:

    It's all opinion my friend and it makes it enjoyable to come back here everyday. I would say I was at a 45 degree angle behind CJ, who looked lazy and lunged in at a quicker more agile Findley who got touched and went down. Sure he sold it but CJ lunged in and pushed the upper body on a small guy that was smart and went down. Kinney did look good and deserves another shot at RB but I would also like to give Ward a shot at his spot back. I think he deserves that. Let Kinney play in the Superliga game coming up and hopefully he can play like that again.

    What made you think they played better in the first half. Was it the lack of chances? Maybe us "booting" it up field for no reason at all. Or how about the switching the field and letting it go out of bounds 3 or 4 times because they can't make a 50 yard pass under no pressure. Or was it the lack of possession for 45 minutes. Or not one shot on goal. Did we even have a corner in the first 45? But in the 2nd half we only hit the post twice. Had 5 or 6 corners. Controlled the ball for the entire half. Made them pack it in and hope we didn't score. Made them just kick it anywhere to relieve some pressure. I guess I would rather have the Fire play like they did in the 2nd half and you would rather the 1st. You would rather have Blanco, I would rather a cone.

  • In reply to fire1020:

    I think the Fire played better in 1st half then second. I think that was a soft foul didn't deserve a PK from where I was sitting. No one on the team was willing to bring the ball in to the box or at least try to keep the ball in the box. Twice hit goal post shame. I would say Dystra had a good game but he almost forgot to beg the ball and had to chase it. At least no more games of MSL play in July...

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