Fire v Crew Match Day

4:00 cdt

Justin Mapp did not make the trip to Columbus but Baggio Husidic will be available. 

6:20 cdt

Starting Line Ups


GK Dykstra

D Robinson, Brown, Conde, Krol

M Pappa, Pause, Banner, Husidic, Nyarko

F McBride

Subs: Johnson, Umanzor, Watson-Siriboe, Bone, Kinney, Lowry, Dimitrov


GK Hesmer

D Hejduk, Marshall, Iro, Padula

M Gaven, Carroll, Moffat, Rogers

F Schelotto, Garey

Subs: Gruenebaum, Brunner, O'Rourke, Francis, Ekpo, Lenhart, Renteria



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  • I see the Sun Times continued their excellent soccer coverage again today with no mention of the Fire-Crew match tonight. At least the Tribune provided their miniscule 2 sentence game preview.

  • 2-1 Crew at halftime as some sloppy defending late costs the Fire. The defense seemed to stop running on the first Columbus goal perhaps because they figured Dykstra would hold on to the initial shot.

  • Fire lose 2-1 after a scoreless second half. The Fire will simply not be able to beat the better teams in the league with the current roster.
    I'll be back tomorrow with the game recap and player ratings. Until then feel free to share game comments here.

  • I was listening to the game on radio in the 1st half while I was on the road, the Fire announcers on 1200 AM are terrible. When it is tied 1-1 winding down in the 1st half, the announcer yelling "GOOOOLLLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOLLLL!" I assumed it was the Fire, then the announcer shouted "AMARILLO DE COLUMBUS!" I was like what the world is this. What a way to direct your audience. If you are going to be emotional for a goal, be on your team side. The 1st goal that the Fire allowed was Dykstra's blunder on holding to the ball which has been his Achilles heel all year and sloppy defense all around. Where was Peter Lowry to sub in for Banner? Also, the Watson-Siriboe for Robinson was an interesting considering looking for a spark. That Dimitrov should not be on this team; he, Calen Carr and Mike Banner should be cut.

  • If the reason that DLC fielded such a bad line-up against Charleston was to keep the team fresh for Columbus, well it failed. The team was horrible tonight. It may not seem very loyal, but after a performance like that I just feel like hating on them. McBride either missed or lost the ball every time it was passed to him. It is clear from his miss why Nyarko can't play forward. I know 14 year olds better with their opposite foot than Pappa is. You know it's sad when Banner does the bestof anybody on the team. And however much money they saved from releasing Busch, it definately wasn't worth it. Even late in the game when they were losing the Fire players were slow and lazidazicle in their efforts going forward. I don't understand why DLC always takes McBride out when we are losing.

  • In reply to fire1020:

    First Fire regular season loss in Columbus since 2004. Now they are more than 3 games behind he Crew.

  • In reply to fire1020:

    I lost all hope for the Fire to make the playoffs this year.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    You do realize that we are 1 point out of the playoffs with 17 games left and 2 games in hand with the 8th spot. Let's not get carried away. All that matters is making the playoffs and being on a little hot streak. NYRB and Salt Lake were the last seeds, if I'm not mistaken, and both were in the finals the past 2 years and Salt Lake won it last year. Sure they are not playing well but, with the MLS schedule, it doesn't really matter how you play in April, May, June or July really because all you need to do is have more points than half of the other teams. Then you have just as much of a chance to win the whole thing as any other team.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Very true , Real Salt Lake for years has been one of the worst road teams around and they won in the playoffs last year in Columbus and Chicago and they won the MLS cup on a neutral field. Anything can happen in the playoffs if you get there.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Fire will need at least 12 wins to get into playoffs they have 4. I don't care if there is 17 games left. The way they are playing there will be 6 west teams and 2 east teams in playoffs. I see on passion on the field just few individaul efforts that some times come thru.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    no passion

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Thats last seasons standings.

    40 points made the playoffs. 11-12-7 won the MLS Cup... That means we need 23 more points in 17 games. 4 points between us (10th) and Dallas (5th). If you're a glass half empty kinda guy then we should sell Conde and try and give back Krol and start playing Watson-Siriboe so he is ready for next year. Try and trade McBride to a contender and see if we can get some good young talent for him now before he retires. CJ too.

  • dj, good point but flashback to the 2008 New York Red Bulls? Their goalkeeper in the MLS Cup championship for them that year was Danny Cepero..WTH!!! 2 years later, Danny Cepero is out of the MLS and plays for Division 2 team, Harrisburg City. 2009 Real Salt Lake went to playoffs the previous year and were heavily favorites in the Western Conference Championship that year which the Red Bulls won that game. Yes, anything can happen but at this point, the Fire don't have the urgency and the depth to qualify for the playoffs.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Don't have the depth? Thats exactly what we have. Everyone would say that Robinson is doing pretty well at the moment, right? He is our backup right back. We have Pause, Lowry, Husidic, and Thorrington all capable of playing in the middle. John and McBride can play up top. Nyarko if necessary. Banner, Pappa, Nyarko, Mapp, Bone to play as the attacking mids. We have the best roster on paper in the league. We just need it to perform on the field and they will.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Saying they have the best roster on paper might be a stetch but they do have some depth. Problem is the depth at forward is thin (due to injury and underperformance) and they still don't have one single true central midfielder despite the sheer number of midfielders.
    I would say they have some depth (as far as MLS rosters are concerned), but the depth doesn't necessarily translate into wins unless there are some real difference makers in key positions.

  • In reply to cesba:

    What other team has a better roster top to bottom than ours? Sure we might be "thin" up top but that is because they aren't performing to what we want/expect. Going into this season with McBride and John on the roster, nobody was complaining about depth. We have a good starting lineup with very serviceable bench. That's all you can ask for for an MLS team. They just simply need to play better. The only real problem with our roster is the keeper. He just isn't good enough and it makes it really hard to hold leads and tires out defenders that are always worrying about shots on goal. A good keeper is worth about 7 or 8 points a season. Bad keepers cost 7 or 8 points.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Joe, Fire's defense, I will give you that in terms of depth except for Umanzor but the midfield position I have doubts and the forward position is not good. Midfielders: Pappa: Best on that team. Husidic: Descent player. Nyarko: Nice player speed but has problems finishing. Mapp: Has the talent but he has slack off for the past couple years due to injury or not performing. Pause: Doesn't scare anybody but I would rather have Lowry at that spot. Lowry: See under Pause comment. Banner: Backup at best; don't want to see him out there except for friendly games. Bone: Not proven. Thorrington: Good when healthy but he is frustrating when the team needs him. The forward spot with McBride showing his age, John has not been a factor and Dimitrov, well let's leave it that. Depth at goalkeeper is not too impressive. This is why they are 4-4-5 and they don't have the impact players that they need. You want to talk about depth in terms of MLS rosters are concerned, see Los Angeles, Columbus and Real Salt Lake. All three of those teams have depth and they have a lot to show for. Who would you rather have as a starting goalkeeper: Dykstra or Saunders?

  • In reply to longoria3:

    We don't need Pause to scare anyone. That is not his role. That can be debated forever. We need him to stay in front of the defense and win the ball back. Going into the season nobody was complaining about depth. The reason for that was because we have depth. They just aren't performing at the moment. If we were winning, nobody would be complaining about depth. And sure those teams are good but thats only 3 teams, that means there are 5 spots left to get in the playoffs and once your in, anything can happen.

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