Blanco to Irapuato?

According to this article Cuauhtemoc Blanco has chosen to play for Mexican second division side Irapuato.  Blanco made no mention of Irapuato during his radio program yesterday although the deal was reportedly reached last night. 

The article does mention an offer on the table from the Chicago Fire.


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  • That's OK, we can get someone better like that Argentine player someone mentioned a few days ago.

  • To make matters worse, Henry is officially a Red Bull!!!

    How are we to compete with teams like NY LA and Columbus who are advancing the level of play on the pitch while we're doing nothing to get better?!

  • I, for one, am excited for Henry to play in the MLS. Yes, it's for the Red Bulls, but the more quality names like that can only help the league IMO.

    That said, I'm right there with you JohnG that I'd love to see the Fire actually sign someone who can make an impact on the field. If they had (or do) signed Blanco, I'd only be partly on board. He's not the type of signing that would really excite me at this point.

  • In reply to Drew:

    I'm not because I'm Irish.

  • It is good for the League but bad for the Fire, our FO needs to realize the MLS is becoming legit, the days of winning cups with a team fronted by a washed up star backed by semi pro players is done. In the next decade or so we will see more and more teams getting much better. Last years World Football Challenge proved that their is a huge market for Soccer in America, but we want to see QUALITY PLAYERS. Civic pride and the tribal culture that the game brings will draw in the die hard fans regardless of record but if you want to capitalize and make real money as an organization you need to spend money on real talent. New York is willing to roll the dice and if their model works, maybe the Fire will follow suit, I just dont want to suck for several years before they do. We have grown to expect our club to compete every year and have a tradition of winning, I'd like to maintain these expectations and traditions.

  • That tradition had continuity from Bradley through Hamlett and then was broken. The Fire were always good and with depth but now look threadbare. Every team in the league have better foreign players than the Fire, and more of them. Except for Pappa, Conde and perhaps Krol what quality is in the other foreign slots?

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