Blanco to Irapuato Official

It's official.  Cuauhtemoc Blanco will not be returning to the Fire this season. Blanco confirmed on live televsion (Fox Soccer Espanol) this evening that he will be playing for Irapuato. 



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  • "La Decision" has finally ended. Blanco will end his career in Mexico but on the flipside they should pursue Nero Castillo. I will take him over Dimitrov and Banner any day of the week. They should pursue that Argentina midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme. Imagine Castillo and Riquelme on the same field together.

  • BRING ON CASTILLO!!!! Ristic + Castillo = Hope

  • Thank goodness!

  • I love Blanco and there were alot of opportunities this year where Blanco could have scored, but ultimately he is not capable of being someone we can look to build around. If they announced Blanco as DP, it would mean we'd win a couple more games and be in another rebuilding year next year. I like Castillo, I also heard Marquez' name mentioned. I think Marquez would be awesome as well, we can dump Umanzor, and start Brown, Kinney, Marquez and Krol and keep Conde in the midfield so that our best players are on the pitch.

  • In reply to JohnG:

    the way conde played as DM vs monarcas morelia i not sure i want him playing DM again

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    I wouldn't rush to that conclusion. Everyone had a terrible game against Morelia. That's a fact. Against RSL Conde was an enforcer and played very well in the DM.

    So give him a few games at DM. I think Kwame will def improve. Kinney is a mainstay for sure.

  • Since Blanco isn't coming back to the Fire....can we please take his picture off our front page? He hasn't been on the team for sometime now and is not coming back so put one of our "stars" up in his place.

  • In reply to smiley:

    Unfortunately I don't have control over the graphics on the page. I did ask Chicagonow to remove Blanco and replace him with April.

  • In reply to smiley:

    OK - so Blanco is not coming back. fine. but we still need somebody who can get the ball to Castillo, McBride or John (if he can ever get healthy).

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