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Wednesday's USA v Algeria match will take place at the same time as the England v Slovenia match.  ESPN will air the USA match at 8:30 am while ESPN2 carries the Brits.  We'll know the fate of Group C by 10:30 on Wednesday....I'm counting the minutes. 

It seems Bob Bradey is contemplating moving Clint Dempsey up top in lieu of Robbie Findley's suspension for two yellow cards in the first two matches.  Although it's not publicized as much due to the glaring botch up of a call on the Maurice Edu goal, the yellow card call against Findley for a handball earlier in the Slovenia match was a horrendous call by Koman Coulibaly. Replays showed the ball hit Findley in the face and not in the hand.

The officiating in general throughout the first week and half of the tournament has been horrendous.  One Chicago Now writer thinks FIFA should address it immediately or it will damage the 2010 World Cup permanently.

Kader Keita, the Ivory Coast defender whose ridiculous dive and acting job after a bump from Kaka resulted in the Brazilian's second yellow and subsequent ejection, should be fined and suspended for the shameful display he put on.  Garbage like this only blackens soccer's reputation and fuels the soccer hating mouth breathers nonsense.  ESPN's Jeff Carlisle writes about the officiating in this game as well.


Defender Ryan Nelson, a starter for New Zealand during their 1-1 upset draw against Italy is a former DC United player.  Nelson played for United from 2001 to 2005. 

Tomorrow's schedule of three matches is the last day of three match competition.  Beginning Tuesday, four matches will be played each day before the Group stage concludes on Friday.  The only bad thing about that is that the first matches of each day will be played concurrently so junkies won't be able to watch each game in full while they're being played live.  On Tuesday at 8:30 am Mexico will take on Uruguay while France takes on South Africa to close out Group A. 

The French side has been a disgrace while underperforming and bickering amongst themselves. The entire French squad decided to boycott training yesterday after a dispute which lead to the resignation of the team's director.  Nicholas Anelka was sent home earlier after some sort of dispute with clueless manager Raymond Domenech.  Anelka reportedly told Domenech to go "F himself".  Personally I like seeing the French embarass themselves.  To qoute the great mastermind Diego Maradona on Wednesday, "We all know how the French are, and Platini is French and he believes that he is better than the rest."  Hilarious.

CONCACAF neighbors Honduras will play Spain tomorrow at 1 pm.

I'd probably rather keep Dempsey where he is and start Edson Buddle in Findley's spot.  Bradley's dilemna is that he does not have another forward with Findley's pace to play the "Charlie Davies" role in the line up.



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  • There has only been a couple games where the officiating was below par. There isnt anything FIFA can do. These refs are the best of the best and go through crazy fitness tests and training. Refs have made bad calls forever. How could FIFA make the refs better? They can't go back and change calls because then every team that was wronged will want that play that happened changed. England will want Maradona's hand of God goal back. Ireland will feel that they should be in the World Cup. People just have to get over it.

  • last few games i've seen a lot of cards going out for elbows & arms up in the air. most were not with intent to injure but the refs are calling it tight and not giving the benefit of the doubt. plus a lot of acting & diving to draw cards. dempsey tries anything in the algeria game and he will be sent off. US has to play it cool in the upcoming game IMO

  • More ridiculous officiating and acting in today's Chile-Switzerland match.

  • I didn't actually mean that MLS refs were better than World Cup refs. My point was that MLS refs are better than Koman Coulibaly and the clown who ref'd the Germany v Serbia match. If those two guys are deemed good enough to oversee a World Cup match then they shouldn't have a problem nominating an MLS ref since their performance couldn't possibly be as bad.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Nothing beats the buffed up one, Ricardo Salazar.

  • Can't we appeal Findley's yellow? Seems like a pretty easy review to win.

  • In reply to cweimers:

    He's better off on the bench. They should play Buddle or Edu. Findlay has stunk up the place.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    Amen with that.....I would like to see Gomez, Buddle or Edu at that spot instead of Findley. United States missed Charlie Davies contributions.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    i agree, findley might actually be able to use his speed against a tired defense coming off the bench. so far in the games he has started he has been ineffective and been uninspiring to watch

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    "Although it's not publicized as much due to the glaring botch up of a call on the Maurice Edu goal, the yellow card call against Findley for a handball earlier in the Slovenia match was a horrendous call by Koman Coulibaly. Replays showed the ball hit Findley in the face and not in the hand."

    the other horrible mistake the referee made was not tracking injury time. slovenia player was down for about 2 minutes during injury time, but when play resumed, a lousy 15 seconds went by and then the game was whistled over. i think the ref wanted the game over as soon as possible because he knew he had done poorly

  • from what i understand, they usually don't change any cards on appeals unless the card was given to the wrong person in the game (for example: findley fouls but the card is mistakenly given to altidore)

  • you should get a card for putting your hand up and asking for an card

  • In reply to bert:

    I've seen alot of that including from the US side

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