MLS 2010 Salaries Announced

The MLS Player's Union has released this seasons list of player salaries

The Fire's list includes rookies, minimum salary player increases, and raises for some of last years players. 

                                                Base Salary          Guaranteed Compenstion

CHI Banner Michael D                $ 40,000.00            $ 40,000.00

CHI Bone Corben M                   $ 75,000.00            $136,200.00

CHI Brown C.J. D                       $ 95,760.00             $100,560.00

CHI Carr Calen F                       $ 71,250.00             $ 75,500.00

CHI Conde Wilman D                 $180,000.00            $200,000.00

CHI Dimitrov Stefan F                 $ 40,000.00            $ 40,000.00

CHI Dykstra Andrew GK             $ 40,000.00            $ 40,000.00

CHI Husidic Baggio M                $ 75,000.00            $117,000.00

CHI John Collins F                    $160,000.00           $181,875.00

CHI Johnson Sean GK               $ 55,000.00            $ 88,000.00

CHI Kinney Steven D                 $ 40,000.00            $ 40,000.00

CHI Krol Krzystof D                   $100,000.00           $100,000.00

CHI Lowry Peter F-M                 $ 40,000.00            $ 40,000.00

CHI Mapp Justin M                   $245,000.00            $280,000.00

CHI Martinez Julio M                $120,000.00            $126,000.00

CHI McBride Brian F                $378,000.00            $403,333.33

CHI Nyarko Patrick F               $ 80,000.00            $160,000.00

CHI Pappa Marco M                $108,000.00            $108,000.00

CHI Pause Logan M                $160,000.00            $168,125.00

CHI Robinson Dasan D            $ 49,200.00             $ 49,200.00

CHI Thorrington John M           $177,000.00            $189,500.00

CHI Umanzor Deris D              $ 72,000.00             $ 72,000.00

CHI Ward Tim D                      $ 55,000.00             $ 55,000.00

CHI Watson-Siriboe Kwame D  $ 40,000.00             $ 40,000.00


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  • When was the last time we had a guy who was a true goalscorer, a guy who was one of the league's best at finishing and had one of the league's best number of goals? Was it Blanco the first or second season he was here? Was it Andy Herron or Chad Barrett? Was it Chris Rolfe? Ante Razov? Who?

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    If we're talking a guy who among the league leaders and a contender for the golden boot...then Ante Razov. It's been a while.....

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Ralph was good too.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Scratch another name off the possible DP list. Looks like Juan Roman Riquelme is going to sign a two year deal with West Ham.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I was going through the salaries for all MLS teams. Columbus Guillermo Barros Schelotto is only making 250K this year compare to 700K that he was making last year(he is 37 and McBride is 38 and makes 400K). Looking at the Fire salaries, I see a few players on that roster they can cut (Martinez, Umanzor, Banner and Dimitrov). They desperately need a DP that can the midfield to booster up the team. I wish some source that can give a list of DP from the other leagues whose contracts expire like in baseball has the free agent list.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I agree Longoria3, GBS is a steal at $250K! I heard chatter of us trying to snatch him away from the Crew, but that didn't happen. We should have kept Busch and made Dykstra earn his starting job. When you look at all the $ riding the pine and players making big $ that don't deserve it...Busch wasn't making that much and is worth the $, he's a difference maker that we need. Dykstra has been very shaky and isn't ready to be the starter.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Dasan Robinson not making $50K is a insult, Ward who had a good year last season making $55k is a insult. Mapp making big $ is a insult, he's getting better, but still it's an insult!

  • There is no way mcBride should be making 400k, no way mapp should be making 280+k. The fire need to fix these problems for next year. thats money we can use to get good players.

    I thought Damani ralph was a decent goalscorer.

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