Mid Week Injury Report

The Fire have released their early injury report for the Philadelphia match.

CHICAGO FIRE -- OUT: FW Calen Carr (R quad strain); MF John Thorrington (L quad strain); DF Tim Ward (L calf strain); PROBABLE: DF CJ Brown (bilateral quad soreness); FW Brian McBride (R groin strain)

With a short turnaround after Philadelphia and a midweek game on June 9, I would expect that we won't see Ward and Thorrington back until July.



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  • I wish someone would explain to me how Thorrington can have a quad strain that has lasted since March. No way a muscle strain takes over two months to heal. He walks into every game without a limp and I have to think there is more to his injury than the Fire are sharing. We desperately need his aggressive style in midfield.

  • In reply to bigredmachine:

    Isn't it a coincidence that Thorrington get better just before the playoff time? hmmm
    I do smell a conspiracy.

  • He tried to play through the injury in preseason which set him back. An MRI revealed more damage than they initially thought. He's been running but hasn't resumed full training so it wouldn't make sense to rush him back at this point since they have an additional two week world cup break ahead.

  • Where does he fit in our lineup? He isn't an offensive mid and hes not a defensive mid. He should not take Pause out of the lineup because he is a terrible defender and he doesnt have the passing ability of Baggio. Most people didnt like Pause and Thorrington in the mid together but if Thorrington is our defensive anchor in the midfield then expect 3 or 4 red cards this season.

  • No McBride? So...Collins John lone striker for 90 minutes? Or will it be John and Nyarko again?

  • In reply to cweimers:

    i agree with Gman. McBride should be ready by game time. Old fogies like myself are always getting pulled groin muscles. Nothing like a little Icy Hot it that area. wow!! CJ also, I don't know about Icy Hot for him though.

  • In reply to cweimers:

    Dudes What is up wit KK (Calen's nickname for me). Eduardo de Silva Ashton Villa is already making his comeback? Whats the Dilly Yo?!

  • I would expect that McBride is ready to go by Saturday.

  • That would do it!

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