Fire vs Rapids Starting Line ups


GK Dykstra

D Robinson, Brown, Conde, Krol

M Pappa, Husidic, Pause, Mapp, Nyarko

F McBride

Subs: Johnson,Umanzor, Watson-Siriboe, Banner, Lowry, Martinez, John


GK Pickens

D Wynne, Baudet, Moor, Earls

M Cummings, Ballouchy, LaBauex, Larentowicz, Clark

F Casey

Subs: Joyce, Palguta, Lopez, Smith, Thompson, Amarikwa, Akpan


Collins John is back in the eighteen and available.  Omar Cummings is listed as a midfielder.  It will interesting to see where they line up and what side Nyarko starts on.


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  • very good 1st half. chicago passing is crisp and accurate - even the long balls outta the back

    chicago definately the more aggressive team. quicker to the ball. lots more chances, the defense has held up quite well other than condes slip

    nyarko taken more shots this half than he taken all year maybe?

  • Good first half for the Fire. Controlled the run of play and had opportunities for more than 2 goals. Unfortunately Conde's slip provided Colorado with their only good chance and it resulted in a goal.
    Fire outshot Rapids 10-3.

  • Nyarko, Husidic, Pappas? No BMB, Collin? DLC pushing out the old guys. He likey the young boyz! Now off to the 2nd Half!

  • grrrrr

    chicago deserved better, but they gave colorado too much space to deliver dangerous balls in the last 10 minutes. i was afraid that was gonna happen :(

    dominated 1st half, outplayed em for 50-70% of the 2nd half, and got 1 lousy point, blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Man! I can't leave these guys alone for a minute to watch the Black hawks win the Stanley Cup, before they blow the lead.

  • Terribly disappointing finish and another dropped 2 points at home. Back later with post game......

  • There is no reason to take off Mapp and put in Banner. Mapp controlled the ball and passed it off and one tackles in the midfield all game. If he was going to take Mapp off he should have put in Lowry to clog up the midfield instead. Banner has no business being on the field for us. We played a great 90 minutes tonight. It was maybe the best we played all year and I just had a terrible feeling Colorado was going to score at the end. And of all people, Connor Casey...

    And the point they got was 100% because of Matt Pickens.

  • Colorado goalie pickens had a great game, really. look at the highlights, he saved some damn good shots by chicago.

    dykstra needs to step it up - he had one vy nice save, he wasnt horrible, but he can do better. if you look at the goalie performances alone, its clear pickens did a better job

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Because he had more to do. Dykstra had nothing to do ALL game and had no chance on the 2 goals. Can't blame him for this game at all.

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