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World Cup Bracket Pools

The World Cup begins on Friday so anyone still wishing to get in on our World Cup Bracket Pool can email me at for the password.  The pool is located on ESPN's World Cup Bracket Predictor.  The winner receives a Nike 2010 USA World Cup jersey. 

The Fire is also sponsoring a World Cup Bracket Pool on ESPN's World Cup Bracket Predictor with tickets to the Real Salt Lake and Monarcas Morelia matches as prizes.  Click here for details. 

World Cup 2018 or 2022 in the US

Since Chicago is not on the official list of host cities as part of US Soccer's bid for future World Cups in America I've decided to back the next closest host city as a finalist.  Click here to sign the petition to bring the World Cup to Indianapolis. 

We've Come A Long Way.......'s Jeff Carlisle wrote this great piece on the history of the United States qualifying successes and failures. 

Moreno and Barra Brava

Jamie Moreno goes Krol on Saturday.  For video click here.

Greeley talks to Crain's

Fire President Dave Greeley talks to Crain's Chicago Business about the effect of the World Cup on US Soccer.  Video here.  Enjoy the trippy background visuals.


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  • Why, again, was Chicago excluded from the Cup Bid?

    The US isn't going to get a bid without Chicago

    It is the geographic center of the country, has an excellent tourist infrastructure.

    Indianapolis and Kansas City are the only midwest cities?!?! Give me fricking break!

    FIFA is going to laugh at any US bid that excludes Chicago.

  • It's even more unexplicable given that the USSF headquarters are in Chicago.

  • Yeah, I bet they just forgot.

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